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Scam-Rank to the rescue!

Our primary goal is to help binary options traders recognize the best and most trusted brokers and trading systems on the market, while exposing rip-off scams that could bring tremendous losses. Our team of experts has spent countless hours distinguishing the good, the average and the scum floating around the web. It’s our job to properly research, examine and test binary options brokers and systems to expose their truth and legitimacy.

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Who’s a Scam & Who’s not?

Not everything is as it appears on the surface. The harsh truth is that there are many fraudulent trading systems promoting over glorified results and unrealistic profits. Scam-Rank cuts through the fluff and fraud, providing you quality reviews based on trial runs, intensive research and analysis on a spectrum of binary options brokers and systems. Due to the vast amount of brokers and software out there, you need to know precisely which one to trust and what to expect. Our team has over 30 years of combined experience and we’re here to help you recognize the sneaky crooks and avoid falling into their traps.

Learn to Identify Scam Pitfalls


The most important thing you need to make sure is that your preferred broker is legitimate. Do your online research by checking complaints and reading positive reviews. You also should pay careful attention to the broker’s terms and conditions when you decide to open an account to begin your trades. Ensure that their bonuses are also valid and listed in the terms and conditions as well. Credible and trusted brokers have licenses and are regulated by authoritative bodies, so if the appropriate documentation is not available, mostly like you could be the victim of a scammer.

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Choosing The Right Broker?

ssl-secureNothing is more important that opting for a highly-rated binary options broker to ensure you are on the right road to success. Nowadays, it is tough finding reputable binary options brokers and credible systems as the market has become oversaturated and it’s not easy to recognize which ones are insincere. Scam-Rank is here to help resolve your curiosities and provide you real reviews. We let binary options traders know who their safe options are and which ones to avoid completely.

Do you already have a broker or are you looking for a trustworthy one? We highly suggest you browse and read our list of 100% legit and trustworthy brokers: