Is 1K Daily Profit a Scam?


Check out this review of 1K Daily Profit.
Is 1K Daily Profit software a scam?
Read this revealing review of 1K Daily Profit and get the facts.

Every binary options trader wants a trading tool they can trust when they walk away from the computer. Sometimes, though, traders fall for robots because they have a catchy name like 1K Daily Profit. It appears to speak for itself right? It’s a fact that Binary Options robots are very beneficial tools that increase profit for both new and pro traders, however, not all robots on the web are trustworthy.  Many recent ones that have arisen just want a piece of the pie – and your money. You’re probably wondering if the 1K Daily Profit software actually generate $1,000 per day or is it a lie? Well, if you have even the slightest hunch that there might be something suspicious behind this binary trading system – you might be right.

SCAM OVERVIEW: 1K Daily Profit Trading System is recognized for promising very high and fast returns to new traders who sign up. However based on our investigation results, we cannot recommend 1K Daily Profit as a safe Binary Robot. If you are looking for more reliable alternatives, you might want to check our list of recommended trading robots:

1K Daily Profit Review – What is it?

The developer John Becker had one main goal in mind, and that was to create a trading robot what would help online traders to earn at least $1000 every single day in profits, without knowing anything about binary options trading. According to the 1K Daily Profit’s video, John explains that his trading software uses a sophisticated algorithm to tap into the money markets to help predict binary options. He further admits that the 1K Daily Profit has a winning rate of 99.8%, which is unheard of in the industry. Traders only need to manage their desired risk and the investment amount they would like to trade with. After that, the software takes over and automatically executes trades according to its generated market signals.


After our recent investigation, we are sharing with you some surprising facts about this trading software that should have you second guessing about signing up. Read our honest review to find out if the 1K Daily Profit is another online scam or a legit trading robot.

1K Daily Profit – Is it a Scam?

If you are having difficulties getting started trading binary options or need a good tool to ensure profitable outcomes, consider finding a reliable and safe trading robot. Make sure the trading software you choose entails trustworthy and reliable binary options brokers or else your money may be at risk.

The 1KDailyProfit system is not highly reviewed in the online trading community due to the insufficient explanation of how it operates. There seems to be no official statement about how the framework functions and how it can tap into the financial market to guarantee success. If you don’t know how a system works, how can you trust it?  The website also raises suspicion because the published success stories and promises seem anything but authentic. The claims this automated trading system is making appear exaggerated and it lacks the proof to support its assertions. For these reasons,

The website also raises further suspicion because the published success stories and promises seem anything but authentic. The profiles appear to be fabricated and cannot be found anywhere else on the web. This makes us question if these customer reviews are even 10% legit. Perhaps $1k Daily Profit never had a real success story according to our research. Additionally, the claims this automated trading system is making appear exaggerated and it lacks the proof to support its assertions.

For these reasons, our team does not find 1K Daily Profit app a trustworthy system. Although there are suspicions of it being a scam, we cannot say it is 100% safe for you.

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1K Daily Profit – How Much Does It Cost?

Many traders are pleasantly surprised to find out that the 1K Daily Profit system is free when you sign up and access the software. You don’t have to download or pay anything for the software itself, but there is a catch they don’t mention. We find this a bit sneaky on the developer’s end. Once you sign up, you are required to deposit money with one of their recommended brokers (which is a usual procedure but 1KDailyProfit fails to explain this to you). However, the binary options brokers that are partnered with $1K Daily Profit don’t appear to be the most trustworthy in the industry. That means you probably won’t every get to see your earnings transferred to your bank account. These are the common user complaints and reviews that are trending in the online trading forums: withdraw challenges and unobtained earnings.

Just be aware, although it’s a common practice for an automated trading software to require a trading account from a broker, we would find it more ethical if the software was more upfront about the process. Many scam models promote their trading software in this manner like 1K Daily Profit, and we just find it completely misleading. In real honesty, we recommend you choose a more straightforward trading system that already has proven performance.

Does The 1K Daily Profit Work?

For novices who are new to binary options trading, a robot trading tool is a very popular instrument many traders use to help them trade. These binary robots are making trading an automatic process. To clarify, they find good market opportunities and trade on your behalf. For such a trading system to properly work for you, you need to know which trading robots are reliable and accurate.


John Becker claims that the 1K Daily Profit system automates trades, but there is also an option to manually trade. The system fundamentally collects and analyzes market data and indicates if the stock’s value will increase or decrease. After that, a signal is generated to indicate a trade to be placed and notifies the trader. There is nothing special about the $1K Daily Profit trading software, as this is a standard feature in even the most basic auto traders on the market. However, it does appear to share the same resemblances with other online scams we’ve reviewed since it claims an impossible success rate of 99.8%.

RED FLAG: Even the most skilled binary options traders know that no automated trading system on the market today can promise you such a high winning rate. Thus, we advise you don’t fall for it!

Unfortunately, this system lacks a performance track record according to a vast amount of real users. Thus there is no evidence that it is accurate. Our team signed up for $1K Daily Profit and was not surprised that they lost 8 out of 10 trades. Are you shocked? Some of you may not be.Usually, trading robots that try too hard to convince you that they can earn you mass amounts of money in a week or month are usually bogus.

Moreover, we’ve read real customer reviews about their experience running this system and have found that it is not accurate and trading results are disappointing. Although 1K Daily Profit is simple to use, the performance is lagging. Customer reviews show that this system does not generate profits. It does a better job losing trades and your money.

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Should You Sign Up for 1K Daily Profit? 

Usually, trading robots that try too hard to convince you that they can earn you mass amounts of money in a week or month are usually bogus systems. Especially trading software that even guarantees you that you’ll make thousands of dollars in a day are very dangerous.  If you are still interested in testing this trading software and willing to risk your money, we didn’t say we didn’t warn you.

The sign-up process is standard compared to the industry. We’ve registered with many robots in the same manner. Initially, you go to the website and sign up with your email address. Then, you choose one of their questionable brokers, fund your account and then plug in the 1K Daily Profit software.

As soon as you access the 1K Daily Profit software, you will need to adjust the parameters for your desired trading strategy and hope the robot is accurate in its predictions. As mentioned before, our test runs were not promising and the results were disgraceful for a system that promises $1,000 in one day.

If somehow you manage on making a profit, which will probably happen only if you manually trade, then you can request a withdrawal of your profits. But if the broker is not a reputable one, you may have some difficulties ever seeing your earnings.

So is it worth the risk to try 1K Daily Profit? We don’t think so as we have recently tested and approved a new trading robot that is very promising and safe.

Are There Any Special Features?

The 1K Daily Profit software makes a bold statement about its uniqueness providing accuracy and reliability like no other trading system on the market.

To our surprise, though, there are no additional great features to support its uniqueness. No risk management or customization on the $1K Daily Profit App – so what’s so amazing? The trading features are extremely basic and not impressive compared to other more reliable trading robots we’ve highly ranked.  Even when comparing it to medium performing trading robots, the 1K Daily Profit software STILL falls behind.

The Final Verdict

riskDo people earn a nice income trading binary options? Sure. But are you guaranteed to make 1K per day? No, according to our investigation. Just like any other money-making investment opportunity you come across that guarantees that you’ll make huge profits with no experience and zero work, your scam alarm bells should start ringing loudly about now regarding the 1K Daily Profit System.

Overall, the 1K Daily Profit website seems not credible as the customer success stories appear fake and the software’s framework is not explained enough to be legit. The success rate is unachievable, not only from our test runs but also from real users who have tried the system.  After a thorough examination, we have concluded that this Binary Robot may not be 100% safe and secure for interested traders.

You’re best off avoiding the 1K Daily Profit software altogether if you want to keep your hard-earned money from disappearing.

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  • Automates Binary Option Trades
  • Easy Access
  • No Special Features
  • No Proven Performance
  • Inaccurate Signal Indicators
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