Is Alderley Code a Scam?


Check out this review of Alderley Code.
Is Alderley Code software a scam?
Read this revealing review of Alderley Code and get the facts.

A new binary options software has been released and it has many of our readers questioning: Is the Alderley Code ANOTHER scam? Can it provide the best trading results?

They say curiosity killed the cat. If you’re curious to sign up with the Alderley Code program – it may kill your wallet. At least these are some the real customer reviews we’ve uncovered in our investigation.

SCAM RESULTS: The Alderley Code does not earn its place on our list of trusted binary robots for 2016 (and maybe never). The trading software promises profits that are not realistically possible this day and age based on the necessary start-up cost. Additionally, the founder promises that Alderley Code is 100% insured, which is not the case and we’ll show you why in this Alderley Code scam investigation. If you are serious about trading binary options, we cannot recommend the Alderley Code as a safe option for anyone.

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The Alderley Code Review

In the market of binary robot development, the options are plentiful, but not all can be trusted. There are many people confused about which auto-trader is legit and won’t provide any difficulties or sabotages trading. The confusion is mainly because many scam binary bots have certain keywords in their company name such as “method” or “code.” Many scam software in the past has included these terms. Thus it’s no surprise that people are hesitant to sign up with a brand called the Alderley Code.

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Our general advice is to stay away from software that has the terms “hack,” “method” or “code” until there is actually a system that emerges with a good reputation.

The Alderley Code software is designed by Grant Alderley which claims his software is bullet-proof. Not to mention, he also guarantees that his beta-users can generate more than $2,000 every day. Should you believe this? Based on our findings, we’d say you shouldn’t. Read this Alderley Code Review to see the real purpose of why this system exists.

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Who is Grant Alderley?

Grant Alderley is the developer and creator of the automated trading system he named after himself – the Alderley Code. He also acclaims that he founded the Alderley Wealth Group, which our evidence shows that this company appears not to exist (we’ll discuss what we uncovered in a bit). When visiting the website, you’ll meet him in the presentation video where he tries to convince you that his software has your best interest because its 100% insured (!?!). Mr. Alderley progresses by explaining to you that his system is the first and only automated system that can help you generate tons of money. Since the auto-trader is still relatively new, he explains that the Alderley program is only accepting new beta members from 8 countries.

But does the Alderley Code work? Should you trust Mr. Grant Alderley?

After a simple Google search to find out if the Alderley Wealth Group is legit or not, we reveal that our results were negative. The Alderley Wealth Group appears to be a made-up company and the owner also is not reported. If the company was real, our team could have tried to contact them with questions regarding the software. But since the company appears to be non-existent, it jeopardizes the credibility of the Alderley Code software. We smell a scam waiting to trap new binary traders.

Overall, Mr. Alderley is not a credible individual in the trading community. There are not external resources pointing to trust his developed software. Thus we cannot say that it’s safe to invest here. We can only advise you stick to better robot options that already have been proven and tested on the financial market to optimize the binary trading experience.

Alderley Code Software – A Scam or Not? Truth Revealed.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen a dime a dozen binary software founders offer its users the moon and the stars as profits, but guess what? They all end up being scams that steal an investor’s money and then end up disappearing. This is the problem with scams – they’re here one day and gone the next (with your money).  So the big question about Alderely Code: Is it a scam?

Well, we cannot guarantee it’s a 100% scam. However, we’re able to share indicators of danger ahead with traders who are curious about the Alderely Code and if it’s a fraud or not.

As mentioned earlier, the fact that the Alderley Wealth Group nor CEO (Grant Alderley) can be traced on the web makes it very questionable. Should you trust a company that cannot be found? This should be an obvious answer.

Do you really get a $1000 bonus?

Does the Alderley Code Work? Can it Make You ANY Money? The Alderley Code appears to resemble other scams that try to lure you into signing up and depositing money. On the Alderley Code website, they offer an enticing $1000 bonus which you can claim as soon as you give them your personal details. The site tells you this is “free” money, but the dark truth is… You actually won’t be able to spend these funds nor withdraw them. We tested it ourselves and were quite boggled why they would offer a bonus that we couldn’t use. Other naïve traders in trading forums claim that the bonus is a scam. So don’t fall for their tactic.

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ADVICE: Sign up bonus are usually offered by the broker, not the auto trading software. Therefore, it looks a bit suspicious if the software developer is providing the bonus for users that sign up.  Bonuses do have their perks, but you should understand the broker’s policy before accepting. If you keep winning trades with your bonus, you’ll enjoy some free money.

Nonetheless, the Alderely Code system does not appear to offer a genuine bonus. The only thing they are trying to do is hurry you up to access the software and probably, just hurry your losses. After you sign up, you’ll be given a random broker in which will not give you the bonus. We found out the hard way. Thus we advise you not to believe the Alderley Code’s bonus offer.

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What Does the Alderley Code Cost?

To access the Alderely Code trading platform is free when you visit the site, however, there are limitations. It only allows 15 new beta users to sign up from the supporting 8 countries provided. However, we changed our VPN addresses to more than the 8 listed countries and found that Alderley Code site appears not too truthful. All countries were accepted and also not to our surprise; the countdown timer gets reset when your refresh the page. So don’t rush to lose your money all at once.

Our experts have seen a plenty of scams that use this pressure tactic for users to gain access to a trading software. The truth is that trustworthy binary bots don’t rush you into signing up – they don’t have too. Trading tools that have a good-standing reputation on the market understand it’s a trader’s choice to utilize its forecasting abilities.

Now, back to the Alderley Code scam review. Although the software claims to be free, as in the case of most online trading software, there is a catch. The affiliated brokers appear not to be regulated by CySec or have negative client feedback. When we attempted to sign up on the Alderley Code website, we noticed that the software did not offer a decent amount of broker options nor were they credible brokers worth trusting. Customer reviews show many difficulties in the withdrawal process, therefore indicating that the whole thing could be a big trick.

For now, we strongly suggest that you avoid dealing with Alderley Code. It’s in your best interest to opt for reliable and genuine income-increasing solutions, instead.

The Final Verdict

riskOur findings show that there is no substantial proof to prove that the Alderley Code works. The claim of more than $2,000 in daily profit are not attainable, and we cannot reassure ANY profits are possible.  The sign-up bonus seems fake as soon as you open a trading account with a random and non-legit broker. Any experienced trader is knowledgeable to know that such far-fetched daily profits are unlikely and developers can’t offer bonuses.

Overall, the Alderely Code may  empty your account the same day. This is an important warning for those thinking about joining the Alderley Code program. Do not trust companies like the Alderley Code system that appear to have a non-existent company they claim is real. There are better investment opportunities in the market, and we’ve reviewed some of the best trading software.

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  • 100% Web-Based Platform
  • Min. Deposit $250
  • Free Download of App
  • Company is Non-Existent & Not Registered
  • Profits Cannot be Achieved
  • Founder Appears to Be Fake
  • No Guaranteed Profits (Bogus Promises)
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