Is AlgoMaster System a Scam?


Check out this review of AlgoMaster.
Is AlgoMaster software a scam?
Read this revealing review of AlgoMaster and get the facts.

Does AlgoMaster System Software work or is it just a scam APP? What is AlgoMaster System about? Many questions are floating around, and our team has seen it our duty to get you the hard facts and protect you against fraudulent profit making systems.

Getting around the binary options sphere trying to find a suitable trading robot isn’t getting easier. There are so many hoax profit amplifying systems hiding in the dark spaces of the web that can fool you. It’s completely understandable why users start to find it more and more strenuous to come across a real and legit trading software.

As some of you may be aware, the binary options sphere is always updating with new automated trading software. New income generating solutions are emerging daily and trying to draw people’s attention. One of the newest additions is the Algo Master System. It is supposedly developed by a man called James Torn, CEO of the company behind it. But does AlgoMaster System really give you the best profitable outcomes or it is just another scam?

SCAM RESULTS:  According to our investigation, as well as customer reviews, we believe that the Algo  Master software may just be another scam system looking to take advantage of binary traders. There is no credible information about how the Algo Master system works on the website or anywhere online whatsoever. Additionally, the thing that shocked us is that their customer support team is unresponsive, which they claim is the lack of employees, but we feel it was due to incompetence as our questions were left unresolved. Therefore, we cannot recommend the AlgoMaster System as a safe binary robot.

We highly advise you a safer method or use AlgoMaster System at Your Own Risk! For more security and better performance, browse the list of our TOP ranking auto binary options systems.

AlgoMaster System Review

It’s hard to navigate through the binary options sphere since there are so many scam profit promising methods lurking on the web. Traders start to see it difficult in finding a legitimate trading software. New profit generating binary options systems are created every day and attract people’s interest. A recent addition to binary options trading solutions is AlgoMaster System by James Torn.

Perhaps you’ve stumbled upon the AlgoMaster System Binary Options Software claiming it can double your money. Many investors are wondering if it’s truly a legitimate system. James torn explains that he has devised a way to generate 77% to 89% profits through this system.

Algomaster system scam

As this system has only been recently released in 2016, many users are curious about its safety and if it can really generate $15K per week. Just based on such these high-profit claims, we can firmly advise that it’s very unrealistic. The question is: Does AlgoMaster System offer the best trading opportunities or is it just another scam? Learn the answer in our full review to find out.

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About the Algo Master System

The AlgoMaster system operates completely automatically when trading binary options. There is a choice also to trade manually, but the purpose of its development is to keep it on autopilot mode. According to the developer, James Torn, his system uses efficient computer generated algorithms that can process data in 1/1,000,000 of a second. Additionally, it is said to achieve a 94.6% winning rate, and it only took 12 months to develop this system. As impressive as this may sound there is some doubt about the AlgoMaster system’s legitimacy.

We were unable to find the owner’s social media profiles and almost no information about the Algo Master system was available. Also, such a revolutionary trading robot would have to take way more than a year to develop, so 12 months seems impossible. It is unlikely that a trading system would achieve such a claimed accuracy given the short amount time it’s been on the market (September 2016) AND the fact that it is practically impossible to be 94.6% accurate! Don’t buy into it.  Trade asset predictions are based on previous trading patterns and historical trading information; this one is too new to even be close to a 70% (proof in our experiment below).

Not only for the reasons mentioned above but, overall we believe that this auto trading robot falls short of its promises. We do not believe it to be highly efficient nor precise for binary options trading. We suggest caution when opting for a trading robot, and to seek other automated systems with proven results.

Is Algo Master Software Website Legit?

Scrolling to the bottom of the AlgoMaster website page, you’ll find a warning noticing stating that binary options are not a suitable investment for everyone. Thus, it suggests you read their risk disclosure statement to understand the risks involved. Although this may look like a “nice” gesture, there is something tricky.

Image result for algomaster disclosure

There is no link available at the footer to navigate you to risk disclosure page. There is also no privacy policy, yet they claim professionalism. Obviously, there is a lack of credibility with these missing links. Not to mention, there is no reference where they attained these awards. If Algo Master has only been around since September 2016, when was it possible to get all these awards? They appear as mere decorations since the icons are not clickable and there is no reference who awarded them for their performance.

So the question is: How can you trust the AlgoMaster website or whoever is running it? The team behind it are directing visitors to read what’s not there. But why is it not available? The theory points to the direction of Algo Master not being a real genuine software.

Does Algo Master Software Work?

On the Algo Master website (, it claims to amplify profits in a short period effortlessly. According to the James Thorn, it took many months of trial tests to achieve the desired 94.6% success rate finally. Our team finds all its claims to be a bit exaggerated since there isn’t anything unique about the trading robot. Furthermore, the success rate has not been proven and is just a promise made by the creator.

Algomaster system scam

The website states that $15,000 week is possible, which is entirely unlikely if you’re just starting out. You are pushed to believe that you can make this vast sum of money quickly because it’s has been created by top mathematicians and programmers who are infallible. Not the case base on our outcomes. We attempted just 10 trades to test out the Algo Master system and found out that only 2 came out right. A 20% accuracy only – that’s it. It seems as thought the Algo Master software may just be pulling your leg and trying to lose your money for you.

Honestly, we highly doubt this system is optimal for such high-profit margins. Our team recommends signing up for a more reliable and trustworthy trading robot with a proven track record of trading returns.

AlgoMaster System– Is It a Scam?

Our team strived our best to come up with findings to verify if Algo Master is a scam or not. Unfortunately, the available information about this auto trading system is very limited; therefore we cannot promise this is a safe trading system. The fact there isn’t enough resources that discuss how this trading robot operates worries us. Additionally, the success stories on the landing page seem to be dubious and falsified. We are incapable

Additionally, the success stories on the landing page seem to be questionable and falsified. Our team google searched the images and came up with results of “Mike F.” being a stock photo. Now, why would a trading system use fake testimonials? Does this mean there aren’t real users using the Algo Master trading software? This is one theory and it’s very popular amongst scams to decorate their website with bogus testimonials. We don’t want to directly point the finger at AlgoMaster and say its a total scam system, however, the question still stands.

The only thing we can advise to serious traders is that you avoid auto trading systems that have such tendencies to post fake reviews such as the Algo Master app. Due to the evidence we uncovered, we are incapable of suggesting this trading robot to fellow traders due to the lacking credibility.

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Should You Sign Up For Algo Master System?

In reference to the website, there are limited spots available to access this trading system. In fact, only 50 licenses are available for those who access the landing page. In general, our team is not a fan of pressure tactics and know of many scam models that only provide limited spots. Although we cannot guarantee the AlgoMaster system is a scam, this strategy seems suspicious. A legit trading software doesn’t pressure visitors to sign up in a rush because there is no need for them to prove that they work. It should be the trader’s freedom to use an auto trader to ease the trading experience – which you can find on these top performing robots we’ve rounded up.

Compared to the standard procedure to access an auto trader, the overall sign up process is simple. To access the AlgoMaster trading system, you need to provide your email address and a telephone number on the website’s form. Then, you will be redirected to another page to open a trading account with one of their recommended binary options brokers. However, we are unable to verify that these brokers are safe. According to various online reviews, the brokers working with the Algo Master robot appear to not be reputable or trustworthy.

If you decide to risk opening a trading account with one of their brokers, an initial deposit between $250 and $3000 is required to begin trading and operating the Algo Master system. Based on our experiences with such frameworks, we are unable to guarantee that your deposit is safe here. Make sure not to risk more than the minimal amount of $250 and be careful of their offered bonuses. The binary options brokers affiliated with AlgoMaster may be untrustworthy and unethical and try to bind you to their bonus terms. In this case, we find it highly probably you may be in unsafe waters and on the verge of losing your entire investment.

The Final Verdict

riskAs much as AlgoMaster may be presented as a genuine system or has paid reviews giving it praise – we have cut through the fluff. There is nothing to cover up its poor performance of a 20% success rate and the use of untrustworthy brokers. Not to mention, the fact the founder is nowhere to be found on the web leading us to believe he is a made up character. How can you trust a software that has a non-existent founder? Our experts wouldn’t.

Additionally, the use of what appears to be false success stories also is something our team highly looks down upon. Regardless of how you came across the Algo Master binary trading software, we urge you don’t trust your investment in this auto trader. Overall, we cannot promise that your trading experience will be safe with the AlgoMaster system.  Although there is still a small possibility that it may not be a scam, right now we cannot recommend that you rely on this trading robot for high profits.

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  • Standard Sign Up Procedure
  • 100% Automated Trading Software
  • Fake Success Stories And Awards
  • CEO Appears Non-Existent
  • Missing Customer Support
  • No Risk Disclosure Statement
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