Is Alive in 5 a Scam?


Check out this review of Alive in 5.
Is Alive in 5 software a scam?
Read this revealing review of Alive in 5 and get the facts.

Traders in need of a helping hand to successfully trade binary options turn to trading robots to enhance their outcomes. Better profits are achievable and the risks are lessened with the help of good trading software. With today’s technology advancements, many new features are being added to the trading software to optimize a user’s experience.  One of the ones that claim to benefit online traders in as little as 5 minutes, is the Alive in 5 software by Brandon Graham.

However, does it really have a trader’s best interest – or is it being deceptive? If you are curious to find out, we’ve compiled the facts that you need to know before depositing even one cent in the Alive in 5 system.

There have been numerous online warnings about the Alive in 5 software lately. But we’re not solely basing our judgment on these warnings. The actual software itself raises many red flags, and for this reason, we cannot recommend Alive in 5 as a safe binary robot to traders. We highly advise you a safer method or use Alive in 5 at Your Own Risk!

The Alive in 5 System Review

Naturally, new investors that have just begun trading binary options are nervous about selecting a good trading robot since so many scams promise big results in a small time-frame. Many make big claims of you being able to become a millionaire in just a matter of days or weeks. They even guarantee it, which infuriates us as they trick traders into signing up.

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There is a big hype in the industry with many controversial reviews regarding Alive in 5’s trading results. According to the welcome video, you can earn your first $1,000 in only 5 minutes. Since the trading app is still new and hasn’t been very long on the market, there are few things you should know prior top investing your money in the software. Keep reading to find out if you can really make $1,000 in a few minutes with the Alive in 5 system or if it’s another online scam that’s deceiving you.

Alive in 5 – Is It Legit or a Scam?

UPDATE: There aren’t free binary options software that can make you a millionaire in a matter of days. Remember, binary options aren’t like playing the lottery. You need to monitor and understand the conditions of the markets. It’s good to have an idea about the financial influences that could affect the stock’s value, however, newly advanced trading robots tap into market trends faster than news releases.

For the time being, the Alive in 5 system has not shown or provided any genuine profits. The website claims of a $1,000 in 5 minutes have yet to be fulfilled and there haven’t been real customer reviews indicating positive results. Due to the lack of proof, and data about traders making substantial profits with this software, we cannot say it is safe or reliable.

When we proceed to investigate any software, we always act as a customer in order to get the real experience and define potential challenges. It appears as there is no evidence to answer the question if a trader can really profit when they login to the Alive in 5 system. What’s seems more distrustful is that the company itself appears illegitimate as  we could not find its authentic registration – so be careful. After this experience, we think it’s better to go with a reputable trading robot that is already proven to be an effective solution for profitable trades.

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Does The Alive in 5 Software Work?

It’s no surprise to our team of experts that this software provides an automated mode for trading binary options. Nowadays, all trading robots include a mode called auto-pilot, which places the trades on behalf of the user. In order to access and login to the Alive in 5 app, you will need to complete the registration process and then download the software to begin trading. After that, the minimum and maximum investment amounts will need to be arranged according to the amount you plan on trading for an asset. Once everything is configured, the Alive in 5 app will take the lead and make the trades for you. So if you were curious on how the Alive in 5 works, it’s no different than any other software – except it appears not to have actual profit results.

We find it strange though that the website does not mention the algorithm it uses (if any). So how does it generate accurate predictions? This is a good question that remains unanswered and should have you pondering if it’s a real software. Trading software that helps you earn profits inform you of the algorithms being used that is understandable for even those without a technical background.

Additionally, it’s difficult to say that there are any special features to the Alive in 5 software since the website only provides limited information. Our team believes that the website does a poor job at providing the important information necessary for a trader to understand how the software works. How can a trader profit with such a vague software? This a question that should have a response, but we were unable to find it in the Alive in 5 software.

Is Alive in 5 Free To Use?

The Alive in 5 can be accessed free-of-charge. Although this sounds attractive, you should know that most trading robots are free when you sign up, so this isn’t anything impressive. To activate it, you go through the standard industry process which means you sign up, download Alive in 5, then fund your trading account to activate in order for it to place trades automatically. One of the major differences between Alive in 5 versus the reliable trading robots we know, is that the brokers working with Alive in 5 are very questionable. You don’t want to risk not being able to withdraw your money because you opened an account with the wrong broker. This is just a word of caution to fellow traders and some advice you should keep in mind.

TIP: There is no need to sign up for a trading software that charges a fee as there is also accurate free automated software that makes incredible profits and doesn’t cost a thing to access.

Trader’s Top Trusted Robot of 2017

Because the Alive in 5 system is new on the market it doesn’t have a vast amount of reviews in order to say it is a total scam. The current trending feedback is more negative than positive and is being shared by traders in online investment communities. Online findings show many complaints about the withdrawal process when users requested their profits from the broker. There a couple scenarios that could be the cause of the complaints: 1. The brokers are not legit and unethical 2. The robot doesn’t actually generate real profits, it’s just a trick. However, these are just possible scenarios based on our understanding of real user experiences. Due to these suspicious findings, we cannot recommend it due these serious negative reviews.

Should You Sign Up? 

If you are up for taking a risk with the Alive in 5 software, we didn’t say we didn’t warn you. Nonetheless, due to our objective review here are the steps to access the software:

  • Sign up by filling out the registration form on the site.
  • Begin trading after registration is complete and you deposit funds in your broker’s account. Alive in 5 will plug into your broker’s trading account and then you can activate autopilot trading.
  • The withdrawal minimum depends on the broker’s specifications. However, we did find it to be very challenging, plus getting a hold of an Alive in 5 customer support representative was very difficult.

The overall registration process wasn’t any different than other trading software, so this was standard. However, we can only emphasize that the partnered brokers don’t appear genuine and we are unable favorable for traders. Our trading results were not impressive, to say the least, and our team was unable to  withdraw our breadcrumb profit. This resulted in a loss of poor profit as well as our initial deposit. If you would like to avoid losing your deposit, try a safer trading software that works with trusted brokers.

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Alive in 5 – Profit Withdrawal Challenges

For those who are unaware, the withdrawal of earnings falls under the binary options broker; not always the trading software. So if a trading software is not working with trustworthy binary options brokers, your funds could be at high risk. This will result in you not being able to withdraw your profits and could have you experiencing severe losses. Unfortunately, this occurred as per our team’s experience and a few other customers who have shared their feedback online.

Currently, we cannot vouch that the binary options brokers that are working with Alive in 5 are trustworthy. The fact the trading software lacks credibility would not surprise us if the partnered brokers were also not legit.  Usually, these two things go hand in hand. So we only warn fellow traders to be careful.

The Final Verdict

riskThe trading software Alive in 5 appears just to make dishonest promises in order to take traders’ money. Based on our test run of the software, we failed to make $1,000 in 5 minutes, nor did we find any real trader who claimed to make real profits. For this reason, we believe these website claims to be fake and you should steer clear of this one. Although we cannot say this is a total fraudulent scam,  we have concluded that Alive in 5 is not 100% safe for interested traders.

Overall, the Alive in 5 app does not have any special features nor does it seem to perform effective trades. There is a wide range of customer complaints regarding the withdrawal process and the loss of initial deposits. The company further doesn’t provide legit registration details, which raises high suspicions of scam behavior. Until proven otherwise from traders, we cannot confirm this software is suitable as a Binary Robot.

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  • Web-Based Platform
  • Mobile & Tablet Friendly
  • No Current Regulation
  • Earning Withdrawal Difficulties
  • Advanced Trading Knowledge Needed
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