Is The Aussie Method a Scam?



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What’s the TRUTH behind the Aussie Method by Jack Pertu? Is the Aussie Method a scam or Not?

If you’ve declined the “secret invitation” to join the Aussie Method system. You are probably in the know of things going on behind the scenes. If you’ve given your personal details to the Aussie Method sign up form, we hope you’re not constantly spammed.

“I want you to make hundreds of thousands of dollars in the next 30 days!” as the founder Jake Pertu of the Aussie Method says. But is he telling the truth? We doubt it, and we have proof.

There are some binary trading software that don’t work and some that are just full blown scams. Our experts have come across both cases, and we’ve reviewed close to a hundred systems. We’re all about being professional and exposing the hard core facts of every binary trading software that claims it can make you a mogul in the blink of an eye. If you can remember you one thing, there is no auto-trader on the market right now that that can make you a millionaire by next week.

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Let’s get to it…Should you try the Aussie Method? Is it legit or another scam available on the web?

SCAM RESULTS: It appears that the Aussie Method is using all the same tactics that are common in many fraud systems. We’re not pointing the finger directly at the software, but the developers seem to have different intentions behind the whole scheme. The snapshots in the video appear not to be credible as the dates are before the software was released. The founder also guarantees profits, which seems a bit too push as we were unable to find genuine reviews of customers making the amounts of money they claim. If that’s not all, the creator appears to have no credibility as we cannot find a trace of him. This is just the beginning of the evidence we uncovered during the Aussie Method investigation. If you want to learn more shocking facts, you can read the details in this review. However, after understanding that the Aussie Method may not have your best interests and you’re still interested in risking your investment – we can’t say we didn’t warn you.

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The Aussie Method Review

What looks like a profit-making solution on the surface doesn’t mean it is. In many recent cases, binary options traders are unfortunately getting fooled by clever scam systems due to their compelling marketing tactics. As more and more bogus trading software are getting exposed by honest scam reviewer, these scum on the market try to put on a better façade. Luckily, eventually, they all get exposed.

Now the Aussie Method system is a new binary options trading software that claims it’ll make you wealthy in no time flat. It is designed by a guy named Jake Pertu who developed a software to make the binary trading experience easier and very profitable. Jake even guarantees winnings, which realistically is almost impossible. So, this arouses many suspicions from the get-go.

aussie method scam

The Aussie Method by Jake Pertu is catching much attention from many folks in Australia. Unfortunately, it may not just be attracting their eyes but appears it trapping their funds. Read this Aussie Method Scam review to find out the truth if it’s a fraudulent system trying to steal your hard-earned money.

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Who is Jake Pertu? Have You Seen Him Before?

On the website, you are welcomed with auto play video presentation in which you never see Mr. Jake Pertu, the founder. So just going by the photo on the website and a google search, we found that he is the founder of various other so-called scams like the Brit Method and the Canadian Method. He appears to change nationalities and voices (???).

Ask yourself if you can trust any method – not just the Aussie Method- with a founder that is supposedly a scam con-artist. Anyone looking for a good-standing trading robot would say absolutely not. Why on earth would you want to jeopardize your investment? So, be careful when you come across instances like the Aussie Method and what appears to be a fake founder.

The Aussie Method – Is it a Scam?

While watching the video, you are introduced to users like Eddie Waltz, Rosie Green and other testimonials who claim to have landed big bucks with the Aussie Method software. Few serious problems have been caught making the testimonials seem fabricated.

First off, the dates on the snapshots are taken way before the system was even released. This causes a bit of confusion as for how did these people have access to the Aussie Method software when it wasn’t technically available. Secondly, no one would leave almost $500,000 in their trading account. After making a few thousand dollars in profit with a good-standing binary bot, people withdraw their earnings. Of course, the withdrawal takes place with the broker, so having a trustworthy broker will ensure you receive you a nice sum of cash.

aussie method scam

However, with the Aussie Method, it appears obvious that the earnings are not real. Just seeing that they posted an image with a Sunday date, makes us nod our head. There is no way you can trade on a Sunday.

Not to mention the recommended brokers working with the software are ones that should be avoided. Checking the brokers’ profiles, we found that they are poorly looked upon and have caused much trouble for traders. So, it’s not in your best interest to trust any system that uses dishonest brokers, like in the case of the Aussie Method.

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Does the Aussie Method System Work?

Jake Pertu claims you can earn $700 a day and he’ll even guarantee it by paying you $10,000 if you don’t in 30 days. WOW, that sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, unfortunately, it appears that you won’t make the daily amount promised nor will Mr. Pertu happily give you $10K. We’ll explain why.

First off, you are told if you don’t make hundreds of thousands of dollars in the next 30 days, you’ll be compensated with $10K. This statement is very misleading. We’ve investigated the comments from users who attempted using the signals from the Aussie Method app and found more losses than wins. Luckily, many realized there was something suspicious on the back end and gave up the system before losing more money within the 30 days.

What’s very strange is that the Aussie Method doesn’t say how you will be able to claim the refund. There should be instructions somewhere giving policy details, but the founder doesn’t explain it in the video nor will you find any information on the website either.

So as far as we know, the Aussie Method appears incapable of generating hundreds of thousands of dollars. And many users have closed their accounts before risking more losses. What does this tell you? It shows that you probably should not give your details away to Aussie Method sign up form. Not to mention, you’ll receive a ton of spam mail from them.

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The Final Verdict

riskIt didn’t take long for our team of trading gurus to figure out there appears to something shady behind the Aussie Method. We have seen many methods almost identical to the Aussie Method website and therefore, we cannot recommend it to fellow traders.

The founder, Jake Pertu seems to be pitching the same story in various other systems that he has been spotted on. He promises loads of money not only to people in Australia but others in the UK and Canada. The same image on the website has been caught on the other scam sites as well. So to answer the burning question if the Aussie Method is a scam or not, we feel this is not an optimal solution for anyone seeking profitable outcomes. Although the founder may claim he’ll give you $10K from his pocket, tNew
here is no further information on the site’s policies or how this will happen. This shows that the Aussie Method appears to be performing good business practices.

As per the conclusion of the Aussie Method review, if you’ve received a secret invitation, it’s best you don’t join. We suggest to avoid any temptation in joining the Aussie Method as you will be on the road to jeopardizing any earning potential. So we see you have two options: Either risk losing money with the Aussie Method or enlist the services of some of the top free binary robots around.

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