Is Auto Trader Alpha a Scam?


Check out this review of Auto Trader Alpha.
Is Auto Trader Alpha software a scam?
Read this revealing review of Auto Trader Alpha and get the facts.

Every day more people are benefiting from binary options trading because it’s one of the easiest ways to make money from home. However, some people don’t realize that you don’t have to consume tons of news and financial data to get started. Many are opting for automated trading robots to ensure that their investment amplifies into something much more promising. One of the newest systems to be released on the market is the Auto Trader Alpha. It claims to be the perfect answer to achieving financial freedom, promising $2,000 profit every day.

However, is this a life-changing opportunity or is Auto Trader Alpha another blown-up scam? If it sounds too unreal, you’re probably right.

So here’s the sum up if it’s possible to get rich in one-click with the Auto Trader Alpha binary options trading system: Our investigation shows your money could be at risk! There is no available evidence to vouch that the software is safe for investors. As the final verdict, we cannot say Auto Trader Alpha is a reliable or secure trading robot for new or professional traders.


Auto Trader Alpha Review

Tim Gold, who claims to be a successful trader himself released the Auto Trader Alpha system. Does this one-click binary options trading system get you rich quick? It claims to be able to generate $2,000 per day for you at the press of a button. For each winning trade, the Auto Trader Alpha claims to earn you as much as 96% return in a matter of 60 seconds. It uses a secret algorithm developed by Wall Street and Silicon Valley professional that supposedly helps earn you profits on a daily basis. Auto Trader Alpha is free when you sign up and just plugs into your broker’s trading account.

Auto Trader Alpha Scam Review

We cannot emphasize this enough: Generating $2,000 a day is not mathematically possible when you deposit a small amount of $250. Many online scams claim to make you massive amounts of money that will pour into your account within hours. Realistically speaking, new binary options traders can earn on average $500 to $700 in a day with a minimum deposit, but it also depends on how much time you are devoting in the beginning when you learn how to trade. Good auto trading robots cut down the learning curve and help you profit when there are profitable trading opportunities. Also, keep in mind, reliable trading tools don’t make big promises of thousands of dollars on your first day because they know that it’s not possible and well-seasoned traders can cut through the fog of lies. So if you’re a new trader, don’t just jump and join a system that makes such exaggerated promises like Auto Trader Alpha.

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With that said, let’s proceed. Is the Alpha Auto Trader an easy-to-use system that can earn you real profits – or will you be throwing your money down the drain? Find out the truth if the Alpha Auto Trader is just another online scam or not.

Is Auto Trader Alpha – Scam or Not?

Binary options traders should not rush to join a trading software because it has a fancy name or guarantees you wealth. There are too many fraudulent trading systems making their way online, and they’re sucking away traders’ money. The Auto Trader Alpha system is one of the many binary trading robots that has entered the market making big money promises on their website yet isn’t providing proof of performance.

The founder, Tim Gold, presents the software in the introduction video as the easiest way to make money online. However, the quality of the video appears to be terrible quality, as if they bought off Mr. Gold showcases his lavish lifestyle from the millions of dollars that he claims to have made through using Auto Trader Alpha. Just on the surface, a software video that utilizes fancy cars, jets or any luxury lifestyles is distracting you from the actual product. In this case, it appears that’s what the Auto Trader Alpha is doing. It feels as though it just sells you a lifestyle and fails to provide you hard-core data about the software. After spending many hours in online forums and searching the web to find out about the software’s framework, we could not find any data about how it trades.

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Should you be wary of trading robots like Auto Trader Alpha, that don’t inform you about their technology? How can you make sure it’s tapping in the right assets or even predicting accurately? Auto Trader Alpha appears to be keeping secrets. Therefore you’re much safer trying a reliable trading robot from our list that is proven to work.

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How The Auto Trader Alpha Works?

The Auto Trader Alpha trading software tells you that its money making abilities comes from a secret algorithm that it has formulated. This unique algorithm was developed a Wall Street insider and offers guaranteed risk-free trades with no cost. Now, just to get things straight, trading robots that operate automatically mostly use algorithms – so this in nothing impressive. Also, reputable trading robots don’t keep secrets from you. So this ‘secret algorithm’ that the Auto Trader Alpha mentions appears to lack credibility.

As soon as a new user signs up for the Auto Trader Alpha and deposits $250 to their trading account, all a trader has to do is activate the robot. After that, the Auto Trader Alpha will place trades on behalf of the user automatically. The software claims that on your first day you will generate $2,000. The overall registration procedure is standard amongst trading robots, and we admit the initial deposit if very fair. However, $2,000 on your first day is almost impossible based on a $250 deposit.

SPECIAL NOTE: When traders begin trading with such a little amount, they should realistically expect to earn double their money in one day. Of course, only tested and trusted trading robots ensure you earn double your investment.

Just watching the Auto Trader Alpha video, some of you might be thinking that it’s completely fake and a copy of many other scams. You may be right. However, although our team remains unbiased, we believe the Auto Trader Alpha is a shady business. It does not appear to provide legit information about how it functions nor are there traces of real accounts making money. Tim Gold only shows us his check from an American Bank, and never shows his Auto Trader Alpha account. For all we know, this check could be from some other work he does and not from his trading system. It also appears this check could have been done in PhotoShop since scam developers are very clever to do this. Therefore, we highly advise you turn your back on this system if you don’t want to be at risk.

The Final Verdict

riskAfter our thorough investigation on the Auto Trader Alpha robot, it seems like there is no prospering or moving forward financially if you decide to sign up. The website makes claims that appear to be false and cannot be proven for the time being. There is not enough evidence or positive reviews to conclude Auto Trader Alpha as a trustworthy system.  We believe the founder is misleading binary options traders by making big profit promises yet fails to fulfill them. Trading robots that resemble the Auto Trader Alpha, developed by greedy criminals who just want to steal your money, will only harm your trading account and not offer you tools to help your trading strategy.

Binary options trading should be a profitable opportunity for anyone that gets started. However, you need to be careful not to invest in a shady service that’s been developed to steal your money. Make sure to trade with better and more reliable trading software that can get you ahead financially, not set you back.

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