Is the BinaDroid Software a Scam?


Check out this review of The BinaDroid.
Is The BinaDroid software a scam?
Read this revealing review of The BinaDroid and get the facts.

BinaDroid is recognized for pledging very high and fast returns to traders. However, does this Binary Option Robot hold its reputation for its promised performance? Currently, we are not able to deem Bina Droid as a safe Binary Robot. We highly advise you a safer method or use BinaDroid at Your Own Risk!

BinaDroid Software Review

This software is a binary options auto trader that promises to generate you a ton of cash. The platform claims to be one of the “world’s best” trading tools ever developed that will reduce potential trading losses to any level trader. BinaDroid does not provide a specific amount that you can estimate to earn, nor a time frame for accumulating earnings, which aroused some suspicion to our team.

Our team did not find the website very informative and deemed it our duty to get to the bottom of this system. We did not feel that website provided sufficient information to be considered safe for online traders, thus we investigated our curiosities. Read the Bina Droid review to find out if you should trust this autotrader with your money.

BinaDroid Results & Performance


If you know anything about the financial markets, they are closed on the weekends. No trades can be made on Saturday or Sunday – that’s a fact. It states that you can trade over the weekends, which is a big fat lie. According to the software, you can continuously trade and make money over the weekend. Let’s just say, you might think that this app will bring you great results, but when you log in to BinaDroid, you’ll be very disappointed. This scam software is making money. So, don’t expect results with Bina Droid.

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Is BinaDroid a Scam? 

Initially landing on the Binadroid website, you are welcomed by an introduction video presented by the founder himself, Mr. Travis Everet. We assume this software had to make the video take up 90% of the screen since there are no other details provided besides the intro video and a sign up form below. Watching the video, you will never actually see the software of this autotrader nor any results. You will only see Mr. Everet talking on and on and on.

The fact that the website has no helpful information, no demo to show and only provides a poor quality video does mark it towards scam material. Also the number customers providing negative Bina Droid reviews is growing more and more in online forums.  As soon as they login to the BinaDroid software, results are disappointing.  We are able to tell you for sure that BinaDroid is a scam.

The BinaDroid Software’s Brokers

One of the major factors to consider is what broker is assigned to an auto trading software. You must do your research to ensure that the broker you will be opening an account with is trustworthy and reliable. Initially, look to see if they are regulated or licensed, especially by Cyprus Security’s Exchange Commission (CySEC). Any binary options broker regulated by CySEC make industry brokers comply with strict rules and regulations to promote safe transactions.

We are not sure with the number of BinaDroid brokers but it’s no surprise they are not regulated nor licensed. They use CherryTrade as a broker, which has only been in operation recently. We have reviewed this firm and have deemed it a risky investment for anyone concerned since they are not reputable enough. BinaDroid states that CherryTrade is indeed legit, obviously a lie because we have hard evidence that they do not hold a license. So after you sign up with BinaDroid and open an account with CherryTrade, say ‘bye bye’ to your deposit.

BinaDroid Customer Support

It’s highly worth noting that on website, there are no BinaDroid contact details what so ever. This should look very strange to you, as you will not be able to call the company. Furthermore, there is no registered business details available. Looks like a scam? Well these signs speak loudly. We decided to check up anyways on their customer service system as we uncovered a phone number and email listed. We found highly suspicious evidence that BinaDroid is a scam. First off, the email provided is a Gmail account! Respectable and legitimate auto trading software do not have Gmail accounts; this is completely against successful business standards. BinaDroid customer reviews show that the contact team was unresponsive to their requests and questions via email. When you see such an instance, start questioning the trustworthiness of the company.

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Moreover, after a number of attempts trying to contact the customer support line, we were unsuccessful reaching anyone. It seems as though this trading bot’s customer service is missing in action. Again, we warn you to stay away from this auto trading software.

How To Get The BinaDroid App?


If you are still not convinced that Bina Droid is a scam, and want to sign up, here is the process:

  • Open a Free Account – free sign up on the website, choose a broker, and deposit the initial amount of $250. Unfortunately the broker is not highly recommended and is a risky endeavor, along with this software.
  • Place Trades – once you fund your account, you’ll have access to the BinaDroid robot, which will be plugged into your broker’s account to start seeing the signals.
  • Getting Your Profits – to withdraw your earnings you will need to submit a form online, however the payment methods are not provided, so take this at your own risk.

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 Final Thoughts

The BinaDroid app is not recommended to any level of binary options traders. Their website so-called auto trader software is a scam. The company fails to provide any details and credentials on their website. Even if you opt to contact a customer support representative to address any apprehensions, who will not find their telephone number listed on the site. This makes is very strange and should leave you questioning the reliability of this app.

Furthermore, a company that does not have an appropriate company email address probably means they are not a big success.  It uses a Gmail address which we deem as very suspicious since supposedly, it’s one of the best binary options systems in the world. Of course, we cannot express our opinion enough about their lies regarding a broker of theirs, Cherry Trade. BinaDroid states that they are legit and regulated, where as actually they are not licensed at all.

We again, highly caution you in proceeding with the BinaDroid app. This is 100% a scam and a trading software not to be trusted.

 Final Overview

riskAfter thorough examination, we have concluded that this Binary Robot may not be 100% safe and secure for interested traders.

Overall, this auto-trading system provides misrepresentation, and profits are not optimal. Until we are provided positive feedback from traders, we cannot fully confirm this software is suitable as a Binary Robot.

We Advise You to Carry on Securely and Avoid Dishonest Systems by Choosing a High Rated and Trusted Robot on

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  • Web-Based Application
  • Unavailable Customer Support
  • Poor Website
  • Inaccurate Market Data
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