Is Binary Brain Trust a Scam?


Another trading robot making outlandish claims is Binary Brain Trust, and it also promises to make its users huge profits of up to $5000. So is this just another scam or does Binary Brain Trust really work?

This robot for binary options was studied by a team of experts we put together to get to the bottom of what was starting on shaky ground, and from what they discovered, online trends doesn’t seem to be rating it very highly and doesn’t say anything significant about Binary Brain Trust other than tread carefully. Binary Brain Trust is not recommended by our team as sufficiently safe to invest in. As always, we strongly suggest you choose one of the verified and trusted trading robots.This negative conclusion was reached because we do not have sufficient data for proper analysis and verification – a very common situation when looking at criminal enterprises of any industry.

Binary Brain Trust: Auto Trading Software Review

The Binary Brain Trust is a yet another addition to the numerous dubious trading systems making impossible guarantees and ridiculous claims.

It is not particularly popular, however, some traders are concerned about its legitimacy and whether their funds can be entrusted to the Binary Brain Trust’s system or not.

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Regardless of what we will mention in this review, the one thing you can be absolutely sure about is that no robot or trading system can create $180,000 in a one month.

We’ve decided to respond to the many questions surrounding its existence and understand its basic features by carrying out a more detailed study.

Is Binary Brain Trust a Scam System?

One of the main features that seems to pop up with the Binary Brain Trust system is its website. After all, this is what the potential client gets to see first. However, the Binary Brain Trust website looks rather incomplete. Yet another red flag and common mistake made by scams who just don’t have real data to share.

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 You’ll find sign up instructions like most other websites, then there’s some sort of advertisement that’s supposed to be unbiased information about Binary Brain Trust listing the advantages – doesn’t really sound unbiased though. Also, this website doesn’t have information regarding the assets you will use Binary Brain Trust to trade with. In addition to this, one important feature – customer support – is not available on the site.Reasons for this are quite simple. It’s either currently unavailable, or Binary Brain Trust developers believe that not a single problem will be encountered by any trader.

Is the binary brain trust system a scam? If it isn’t, we would be interested to know why it was marketed using the most common scam tactics of today. A legitimate company would not make lofty unrealistic guarantees of profit.  Binary Brain trust has been advertising for less than one year, but they claim they have been paying their members for five years… hmmm! Then there’s the scam favorite membership countdown which gets stuck on 01, but resets every day.

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What Is The Cost Of Binary Brain Trust?

It doesn’t cost you anything to own the Binary Brain Trust system, all you have to do is deposit with a rather questionable broker to use the alleged software for free. What it means is that there is a minimum deposit that has to be made. Without this, the Binary Brain Trust system cannot be made available to you.

Results & Accuracy of Binary Brain Trust System

There is really no difference between the principles by which Binary Brain Trust works and the trading systems of other platforms or software, assuming there is a real trading platform at the end of the runaround. In essence, it claims to collects data, and generate signals like any other trading software out there. Normally the trader then has to make a decision based on these signals but with Binary Brain Trust the automated system takes the wheel. Hardly comforting!

The Conclusion

Based on the research carried out by our investigating team, we must take a negative position. We do not endorse Brain Trust. After visiting many forums and crawling the web, we’ve come to find that this signal provider hasn’t satisfied traders in the least. The website, or rather sales page, is thrown together will little-to-know valuable content that could indicate legitimacy. Every scam tactic from false testimonies to stock images, outlandish claims, obvious and insulting countdown meters and shield symbols have been used.

We recommend you review the latest list of verified robots that have survived the rigorous Scam-Rank review.

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