Is Binary Freedom Formula a Scam?


Check out this review of Binary Freedom Formula.
Is Binary Freedom Formula software a scam?
Read this revealing review of Binary Freedom Formula and get the facts.

The popularity of binary options trading has skyrocketed over recent years. All over the world, online brokers are providing traders and investors at all levels with the quickest, easier and more rewarding access to 24/7 trading opportunities in history. But at the same time, the popularity of the trading robot is also accelerating rapidly. With the potential to automate the trading process by market trends and data analysis, bots like Binary Freedom Formula are causing quite a stir. The only problem being that in too many instances, these bots turn out to be scams.

If you carry out just a little research online, you’ll immediately find countless entries stating that Binary Freedom Formula is a scam. In fact, it’s comparatively rare to come across a Binary Freedom Formula review that has a great deal positive to say about what’s on offer. Despite only having been around for a short time, we already know enough about Binary Freedom Formula to make a relatively educated decision.

Binary Freedom Formula Review

Well, first of all, it’s a little concerning that quickly after Binary Freedom Formula went into business in January 2016, the company was apparently forced to move to a new domain due to misconduct. There’s talk of them falling out of favor with their hosting provider, who apparently didn’t take kindly to how they operated. This doesn’t necessarily confirm a fraudulent system but does nonetheless raise a number of important Binary Freedom Formula questions.

We were rather concerned with the number of customers who after working with Binary Freedom Formula reported dangerous malware making its way onto their systems. This isn’t something we can confirm or refute personally, though is nonetheless a point of genuine concern.

As is often the case, the launch of the Binary Freedom Formula software was preceded by a massive email marketing campaign to generate interest. Nothing wrong with this specifically, though there was a pretty big discrepancy regarding reviews and recommendations. Suffice to say; there were plenty of positive reviews and write-ups from customers – penned and published before the software was even released. So…how exactly? The answer – clearly not from genuine customers.

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About The Binary Freedom Formula

There’s a pretty slick Binary Freedom Formula video to introduce what’s on offer, but there’s just so much more forced content than there is anything to believe in. First of all, we hate seeing these kinds of sites and services talking of ‘limited spots’ available. And in the instance of these guys, they talk of a $947 fee to join up, if you do so when all the available places have been taken. Needless to say, this seems to be a complete and utter fabrication and a common tactic to fool prospects into signing up. The program itself is the work of one Glenn Hascall, the founder – an apparent industry veteran for whom there doesn’t seem to be any real information available online. As far as he’s concerned, the answer as to how much Binary Freedom Formula can make is a simple one – $1,300 per day. What’s more, he also says this money is 100% guaranteed and risk-free.

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This is where things go from forced to what appears as pure lies and deception. The reason being that anyone with even a shred of experience in binary options will know that there is no such thing as guaranteed profit. Not only this, but it’s also impossible to guarantee a certain amount of profit in any given period. While it’s perfectly possible for high-quality automated software and trading bots to help minimize losses and maximize profits, these kinds of promises simply cannot be kept. And nor are they, which is why the Binary Freedom Formula system comes across as one not to trust. If they can’t be honest about what the system can really do, what else might they be lying about?

Binary Freedom Formula – Scam or Legit Software?

Scroll down a little lower on the Binary Freedom Formula website, and you’ll find yourself presented with a handful of what appear to be 100% fabricated reviews. These resemble the popular actors sourced from Fiverr to read a script produced by other online scams. So while they might be polished and professional at first glance, they don’t exactly tell the whole truth…or even half of it. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the page is littered with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

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 Does Binary Freedom Formula Work?

Also, worth highlighting is the fact that no mention is made at all as to what happens if the guaranteed $1,300 per day doesn’t happen. Do they pay the difference themselves? Or do they simply ignore your emails? There’s no answer on the Binary Freedom Formula website, so we can only wonder for ourselves. Real or fake, it’s not the most reassuring picture of things in general. Their claim of an overall success rate of 93.5% is also a little difficult to swallow. While it’s possible for quality trading software to hit say 85% over the course of a couple of weeks, anything over 90% is to be taken with a very large pinch of salt. How can Binary Freedom Formula work miracles when others can’t do the same? It’s simple really…it can’t according to our experts.

Something that does come across as reassuring at first is the list of live trades at the bottom of the front page. Constantly in action, it shows a real-time list of the trades that are going on right now, along with exactly how much cash is being earned from each respectively. While we cannot verify its authenticity one way or the other, pretty much all the Binary Freedom Formula reviews we’ve come across to date insist it is nothing more than a pre-programmed widget displaying nothing but nonsense.

The Final Conclusion

riskWhen you work with a binary options robot, you invest both your money and your trust in the provider behind it. Which in turn, means you really must only ever work with systems that earn your trust from the word go. In the case of Binary Freedom Formula, the biggest problem is the way in which they lose all trust and credibility in an instant. The founder makes promises that cannot be kept, there’s a huge lack of professionalism, and you can see through the falsehoods with ease. As such, you’re hardly going to go so far as to download the Binary Freedom Formula app and hand over your cash.

Binary Freedom Formula appears not to have even managed to cover their tracks when it comes to the actors they hired to read out their video reviews. So even if we’re not actually looking at a full-scale Binary Freedom Formula scam, it’s still difficult to see anyone who knows what they’re doing taking what’s on offer seriously.

As already mentioned, there are so many outstanding quality trading robots out there that taking chances with brands like the Binary Freedom Formula really doesn’t make a great deal of sense. And while it might be true to say it’s free to get started, you’ll need to invest at least $250 to set the wheels in motion – there’s a strong chance you’ll never see again with Binary Freedom Formula.

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  • Free Signups
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Unrealistic Promises
  • Fake Video Testimonials
  • Unprofessional Website
  • Most Customer Reviews Very Negative
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