Is Binary Interceptor a Scam?


Check out this review of Binary Interceptor.
Is Binary Interceptor software a scam?
Read this revealing review of Binary Interceptor and get the facts.

Is Binary Interceptor  a legit software or should you AVOID it? It claims to help binary options traders earn more than $10,000 in only 5 hours with its powerful operating system. It’s automated trading software intercepts the markets and identifies successful trading outcomes for its traders – OR so it says.

Binary options trading is gaining much more exposure as more and more people realize that it can indeed bring heightened income benefits. Even more so now with the help of trading robots, as they use artificial intelligence to forecast better trading outcomes and execute trades automatically.

However, not all trading robots work for the trader. Selecting the right trading software can be a tricky task when there are so many scams lurking around every corner and spamming your email boxes.

If Binary Interceptor has recently emailed you, don’t sign up just yet. There is concrete evidence showing that Binary Interceptor is a potential scam scheme that could make you lose your money. Read this critical review that exposes the Binary Interceptor software that is making hundreds of investors believe it can offer huge returns. Binary Interceptor may not be the best tool for any level trader according to collected evidence. DON’T PUT YOURSELF AT RISK!


Binary Interceptor Scam Review

The Binary Interceptor by Robert Harper and his team of professionals is not a new trading robot in the binary options market. In fact, it claims it is around for three years, although we cannot appear to find reviews or feedback before 2016. Lately, though, Binary Interceptor has been bombarding many binary traders’ SPAM boxes trying to convince them to sign up. Our team received an email from Binary Interceptor claiming that it could generate $1,000 the same day we join. Our team, having such vast experience and being seasoned traders ourselves, can identify a dangerous scam on the spot. Based on the compelling emails and website promises we were up for the challenge to investigate into Binary Interceptor to see the plot behind the software, if there really is one.

binary interceptor scam review

The Scam-Rank team feels as though Binary Interceptor has attempted great lengths to cover up their true intentions with their software. The app raises major red flags as per our findings. This review will clearly show why you should steer clear of the Binary Interceptor App. Find out the TRUTH now if Binary Interceptor is a scam or legit trading system.

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About Binary Interceptor

The Binary Interceptor trading software is designed and founded by Robert Harper; a claimed alleged binary options traders. The website states that it helps investors make more profitable trades and earn more than $300,000 every month. Binary Interceptor contends that it intercepts new financial data on the internet, then filters out promising opportunities to provide you the best trades. All trading activities are automatic, so users do not have to monitor the assets price fluctuations from their computer screen. Its automated trading capabilities are 100% accurate, meaning you will never lose not even one single trade. It only gives 50 licenses a year to new beta testers according to the site’s details and countdown timer.

P.S.: The Meaning of Binary Interceptor: It is just a fancy name for the binary signals generated when a robot hacks or intercepts real-time market data. Advanced trading robots tap into the market and find the right “loopholes” to provide binary signals to execute successful trades.

If you have come across binary options trading robots that offer you a no-loss guarantee, chances are you have been burned and lost money. We understand, it is very attractive when trading robots make such huge promises and guarantee that you will win. However, it is unrealistic that a free trade inceptor can generate thousands of dollars and never lose. Even the latest artificial intelligence stock-picking robots used in the most influential investment firms are not guaranteed 100% like Binary Interceptor does. We advise you: Do not trust such huge promises from automated trading systems like the Binary Interceptor App.

Does Binary Interceptor App Work?

Based on our test run of the Binary Interceptor trading platform we found a few factors that we believe traders should be aware of before they start trading. Binary Interceptor uses signals for you to trade. However, the app does not provide sufficient data on how it arrives at these trade signals. We believe the system’s framework is structured in a way that traders do not completely understand what makes them lose. The software itself does place trades automatically according to the set parameters you choose, but its simplicity and returns make it doubtful that it does ANY trading. Even its forecasts in price fluctuations are not factual as we compared it with an actual well-performing trading robot.

binary interceptor scam review

There were no profits earned in our experience, and the 100% accuracy rate appears to be false. To address these concerns, we proceeded by contacting the chat support to find out about the system’s operation. However, the support team was not helpful in informing us about the actual system and its mechanics. Even though we experience continued losses, the support only told us to invest more. Does this make sense? Why would someone invest more as he or she loses? There were not helpful strategies or assistance from the customer support team.

WARNING: Binary Interceptor could be a scam tricking you according to the online trading community. Since our results were negative, we suggest you think twice before even trading $1.

Is This The Best Binary Interceptor To Make You Money?

We spent weeks trying to answer the question if Binary Interceptor can legitimately generate earnings. Unfortunately, this issue remains a mystery as the system failed to earn our team profits after various test runs. To validate the experiment, we dug deeper into online forums and read other customer reviews only to find negative feedback. The only time Binary Interceptor generates profits is in the free demo trial period, which is not real money you can withdraw.

Many scams offer free demo accounts and rig winnings to allure new traders onto their platform and make them think they are best binary interceptor. This scam scheme looks as though it has been implemented in Binary Interceptor since no real customers have experienced making profits after downloading this system.

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How much does Binary Interceptor Cost?

To access and download the Binary Interceptor software is free. If you decide to sign up, then you can download Binary Interceptor and login into the platform. However, to begin trading, you will need to open a trading account with one of the working binary options brokers and fund your account with $250.

The Binary Interceptor sign up process looks legit on the surface, and most trading robots require these typical steps to enable the software. After completing the process and linking Binary Interceptor to your trading account, the trading signals will be used to place a “CALL” or “PUT” for an asset. However, the live trading signals it provides did not appear as accurate as Binary Interceptor pledges. Even the executed trades seem to be random, and the live chat support was not helpful in bettering the trading strategy. We do not feel there is anything to make traders feel good about investing in the Binary Interceptor software.

We come across many trading robots almost every day but, we only recommend the best systems after testing them and receiving positive reviews from our members.

The Final Conclusion

riskAccording to our investigation and gathered data, Binary Interceptor is not a recommended trading software to achieve maximum profit potential. It appears as the trading signals it provides are not on target with the real world market fluctuations resulting in incredible losses. Putting money into this platform could have traders taking a major risk without the proper money returns guaranteed.

The Binary Interceptor app appears to resemble other online scam trading robots that lack a real backbone to its operation. There is not enough online data that explains how the trading robot intercepts binary trades nor is there a proper explanation about the algorithms it implements for hacking the market. The only individuals it probably benefits is the developers and founder of the trading platform – not the actual investors.

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