Is Bitcoin Money Machine a Scam?


Check out this review of Bitcoin Money Machine.
Is Bitcoin Money Machine software a scam?
Read this revealing review of Bitcoin Money Machine and get the facts.

PROFITS of $264K in JUST 2 weeks with the help of Bitcoin Money Machine? Really? Our team of experts was just as shocked as you. However, expert traders already know the answer. But if you’re a new trader, want to find out the truth to this claim – you’re in the right place.

Right now, more people than ever before from all over the world are using trading robots to make money. Using the very best trading robots on the market can make binary trading and achieving healthy returns a realistic possibility for anyone. By working with market signals, real-time data and so on, the intelligent software works out exactly how, when and where trades stand the strongest chance of succeeding. And in many instances, it works.

However, the problem lies in the thousands of scam sites and services offered by those who are simply out to defraud their customers. In the case of Bitcoin Money Machine by Warren Young, we cannot conclusively confirm scam tactics, though we have come across more than a few points of concern. There are so many Bitcoin Money Machine reviews already insisting it’s a full-blown scam – we thought we’d check things out from a neutral perspective.

SCAM RESULTS: As enticing as the software may appear, based on our findings we cannot recommend the Bitcoin Money Machine software as a safe and legit trading method. Due to the high volume of negative feedback and unachievable promises made by the Bitcoin Money Machine website, we suggest you turn your back and save your hard-earned money.

Bitcoin Money Machine Review

In terms how Bitcoin Money Machine by Warren Young works, those behind the software market it as a fool proof system by which to stack up a fortune in bitcoins. It’s effectively a new take on the trading bot standard – you invest your money, they use your money to bring home healthy profits and everybody comes out rich. Only in this case, they work with fluctuating bitcoin values to continually improve the bank balances of customers. But the most important of all Bitcoin Money Machine questions of all – does it work?

In a word, no. Or at least, not to the extent they’d have you believe.

The first (arguably biggest) of all warning signs comes before even downloading the Bitcoin Money Machine app. Quite simply, the fact that they claim to be able to earn their customers profits of $264,000 in just two weeks is nothing short of ridiculous. When you think about it, if it really was this easy, every one of us would be a millionaire within the next two months. Even the world’s most experienced and capable traders would struggle to keep up with the alleged ‘$922’ per day earned by customers of Bitcoin Money Machine.

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Suffice to say, it just isn’t going to happen. When you work with a leading trading robot, there’s nothing to say that huge daily and weekly profits aren’t entirely possible. It’s just a case of being realistic with how much you expect to earn, in order to avoid falling foul of deceptive promises.

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Bitcoin Money Machine – Another Scam?

A big problem we believe with the Bitcoin Money Machine system is the way in which they’ve gone for the highly-annoying ‘limited places’ approach, to try and persuade new traders to sign up. The website video itself tells you that ‘thousands of people’ are right now trying to find this ‘hidden’ page and take the last available spots. At the time of our review, the front page reported just 12 places left. Better hurry, right? Wrong…it’s seems like total garbage. First of all, the site is not in any way hidden – why would it be? Secondly, there’s no limitation on ‘spots’ whatsoever because when the page is refreshed in the browser, the spots open up again – so you can ignore that. And if there was a limit of 100 global spots available, why wouldn’t they have filled them by now?

Scroll a little further down and you’ll find something else that never fails to put us right off brands like these. While a presentation of 6 Facebook reviews from delighted customers comes across a reassuring, it all appears to fall apart when you realize they’re 100% fake. And we feel the Bitcoin Money Machine reviews are pieced together from external bits and pieces including fake names, non-clickable links. This makes it evidently look 100% fabricated. They’re also badly written with plenty of errors. Which in its own right paints a poor picture of the Bitcoin Money Machine system – even more so when you ask – why didn’t they use real Bitcoin Money Machine reviews? Is it because there aren’t any to be found?

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According to our research, we were unable to trace the published reviews and failed to uncover real users who actually made those high of profits using the Bitcoin Money Machine app. There appears to be deception and seems like the evidence is pointing in the direction of a scam.

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Should You Trust Bitcoin Money Machine?

Moving on, we feel that the Bitcoin Money Machine also does a very good job of proving the point that it’s not quite legit with the promises it makes regarding success rates. While it’s normal for the market’s very best trading bots to offer and deliver success rates in the region of 80%, the Bitcoin Money Machine app promises a whopping 98.2% success rate. Whichever way you look at it, this is completely unachievable.

The Bitcoin Money Machine’s success rate cannot be delivered and therefore we believe should not be promised. The fact that they’ve published such a high success rate, yet in the trading world it’s unrealistic does paint an ugly picture of a Bitcoin Money Machine. Or, an automated trading system that isn’t exactly committed to telling the truth.

Does The Bitcoin Money Machine Work?

For those interested in making use of the Bitcoin Money Machine tools available, it’s the usual case of opening an account which is free of charge, before being asked for at least $300 of your own money. You’ll be told your cash is 100% safe due to the guarantee of healthy returns, but you’ll struggle to find any information concerning how this guarantee is enforced. Assuming, of course, it is, which it might not be. Also, the fact that the deposit has to be made via an unregulated broker isn’t exactly reassuring. The long and short of it being that if your money vanishes, there’s really nothing you can do about it.

WARNING: The reason your money may not be safe is because the binary options brokers working with the software do not have a good reputation according to various investment forums. Your earning withdrawals do no come from the trading robot but, are released from the broker. Therefore, if you use a system like Bitcoin Money Machine, who doesn’t seem to work with reputable brokers, you might never see your profits.

Word on the street among traders who have been working with Bitcoin Money Machine online doesn’t paint the most reassuring picture in general. Having been initially won over by the Bitcoin Money Machine video, users that have signed up complain to find things not to be quite as expected. And as for Warren Young – the founder responsible for creating the Bitcoin Money Machine – every search we’ve carried out has resulted in the same…nothing. No online references are indicating that Warren Young exists. Based on our findings, the founder appears simply to be a made up character and played by an actor on-camera. So once again, a slightly troubling picture of how business is done here.

The Final Verdict

riskThe primary argument against Bitcoin Money Machine is relatively simple – there are far better trading bots out there to choose from. There’s no denying that the bitcoin element of the offer is tempting enough – there’s certainly plenty to be made from savvy bitcoin trading right now. It’s just that in the case of Bitcoin Money Machine, they promise far more than they can deliver.

For any trader, the number-one concern when it comes to choosing a platform or broker should always be trust. If you cannot trust them to tell the truth, you certainly cannot trust them with your money. In this instance, while we cannot fully confirm a genuine Bitcoin Money Machine scam, we can certainly confirm a lot of misleading information. Quite simply, our experience left us with more Bitcoin Money Machine questions than answers.

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  • Fast and Free Signups
  • Low Minimum Investments of $50 and $100
  • Unrealistic 98.2% Success Rate
  • Too Many False Promises
  • Fake Facebook Reviews
  • Negative Press Among Customers
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