Is The Brit Method a Scam?



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The internet has been flooded lately with new systems which claim to allow you to make money from home, and “The Brit Method” is one of the more common ones popping up lately. These systems are actually binary options robots, designed to trade Binary Options automatically for you based on an algorithm that detects trends in the market.

While trading binary options robots can be very profitable, you do need to make sure you use a reliable trading robot, and not to fall for a robot that is actually a scam.

If you were asking yourself if “The Brit Method” is a worthwhile money making system, or just a carefully crafted scam to take money out of your pocket – you came to the right place.

If you’re just interested in the final verdict, then you were right – after performing a thorough check on The Brit Method, we can’t recommend it as a safe and profitable system. We advise you to choose a safer method or use The Brit Method at Your Own Risk.

If you’re looking for more reliable alternatives, you might want to check our list of recommended trading robots.

The Brit Method Review

It isn’t very clear what this system is all about, so we will only tell what we know, and what our traders and analysts have to say about it. As for rumors, we have heard quite a bit of them about the Brit Method, some even refer to it as a virus floating on the web. What we can say for sure is that the system was developed in 2015 by a man named Jason Taylor.

Jason claims that people can make millions of dollars trading binary options with The Brit Method. It further preaches that without any sort of experience on your back, you will generate huge profits in only one hour. Although this would be great, our team assures you that such claims are unrealistic and almost impossible to achieve. Maybe someone with years of experience can do this, but for someone who is a beginner is highly unlikely.

Binary Options Robots can generate profits, but certainly not millions like the Brit Method claims, and certainly not within hours of work. On a website of a real binary options robot you will not find claims of making money within hours of work, or false promises of the “get rich quick” kind. You will however find a valuable, trustworthy trading tool which will help you to quickly detect market trends and act according to them, whether you choose to do it automatically or not.

Jason claims that people can make millions of dollars trading binary options with the BritMethod. He also claims that with no financial background or investment experience, you will be able to generate crazy profits within hours. This sounds very promising to the common user, but it is very clear that without experience, you will probably end up losing your capital or scammed. Our traders and analysts have tested the system from every aspect, and our conclusions are very simple: This system cannot be trusted, and neither can be the gentleman behind it. We were not able to find any information about Jason Taylor, every investment firm we have asked assured us they have no idea who he is and he is probably not even using his real name.

After checking the website, we found that the minimum investment required is of $350, which is much higher than the market’s standard. However, in a standard trading robot, $250 is more than enough to get started.

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Is The Brit Method a Genuine System?

After our team thoroughly examined the Brit Method, we can honestly say that The Brit Method is not a trustworthy binary options trading robot. Scam or not, right now this system isn’t offering anything worthwhile – if anything at all.


Our team discovered another website that actually has the same exact information as the Brit Method. The only difference is that the other website has another founder. The Brit Method feels very suspicious as we uncover more information. Another thing which raises a lot of red flags with The Brit Method are the testimonials and comments. It is very clear that those comments are from fake profiles and that the testimonials photos are just some random people. This certainly does not add any feeling of trust.

How Does The Brit Method Really Work?

The BritMethod software is free but, you will be required to deposit $350 to login and access it. You also need to choose one of their recommended brokers. So far this sounds ok as it’s the same case with other more trusted binary options robots.

But when it comes to trading in the financial markets, you need to make sure you use the latest tools and that the date provided by the tool has up-to-date market data required in order to make smart trading decisions. If you check any of the tools mentioned on our list of trusted binary options robots you will find such information.

However, The Brit Method offers nothing of the sort when you login. So is the user supposed to invest $350 really without knowing what the tool actually does? The website fails to provide us the details behind the framework of the system. So how the Brit Method actually works is a big question mark for the readers of

So far it looks like the Brit Method claims are just a one big advertisement with a strong marketing technique, but really without any proof if it actually works or not .

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Is The Brit Method System a Scam or Legit?

The founder, Jason Taylor, states that the BritMethod is a relatively old binary options trading system on the market. The purpose of the system is to assist traders in achieving huge profits trading binary options. The website states that millions can be earned in a very short time without any experience. As soon as you open an account and login, you will gain access to the BritMethod instantly and can begin being a money-making machine.

How can I be a money-making machine if I do not know what I am doing? Am I supposed to trust a system that has provided no information on the way it operates? Basically, no one knows what the algorithm of this system does (if it even exists). You are basically investing $350 in a fancy name instead of a solid trading system that will show trading patterns that actually makes sense.

Conclusion – if you choose to invest your money here, we cannot guarantee that you’ll get anything in return. We advise you to stay far away from the Brit Method system unless you enjoy losing money. And for this reason, we will not include The Brit Method in our list of trusted binary options robots.

The Brit Method Outcome – 97%, really?

Jason Taylor says when he came up with this method, he was thinking as a user. The marketing tactic is very persuasive and the concept is very good. It further claims to provide auto trading executions that can reach an accuracy level of 97% (???). This accuracy level is impossible to achieve even if you use the tools and algorithms of top investment firms in the world. So a free tool that provides no insight on how it works, will definitely not yield this kind of results!

We admit that we were quite puzzled why people have been trading with The Brit Method, when it’s not really clear if this system works at all. If Jason actually was thinking like a user, he would have included much more information about how it actually makes vast amounts of profit. In addition, we researched on Google Trends and found that the Brit Method ranking was very low, in addition to the fact that there isn’t really a lot of available information about how The Brit Method really works, and the fact that the website itself makes a lot of claims which we don’t feel they are able to support, gives The Brit Method a definite negative rank on

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The Final Conclusion


The Scam-Rank team uncovered too many complaints and negative reviews on the Brit Method system. There are many cons surrounding this binary options trading software, and we are still unsure if it is a total virus to your PC. There have been user reports of this software infecting computers with a virus, so a word of caution to you.

  • No Need to Download Software
  • Unresponsive Customer Support
  • No Educational Materials
  • Interface Is Difficult To Navigate
  • Too Many Complaints
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