Is the Brit Method really a scam?


You've heard about it, now know exactly what The Brit Method is. Can The Brit Method really make hundreds of thousand of pounds in the first month? Know exactly the answer to that question and more right here.

Media and news channels are continuously talking about algorithm powered trading robots that are analyzing the markets and producing incredible results. Even the most experienced traders are struggling to equal such impressive profits and they are getting better every year. The Brit Method has been popping up everywhere making big claims, but are they the real deal? We at Scam-Rank have been reviewing brokers and bots for years and spotting a scam is getting easier and easier for one simple reason: They all look the same. Legitimate Robots with a proven history can greatly increase your trading performance, especially those that are continuously updating their algorithms to compensate for market shifts. The Brit Method is not one of those at all and we suggest you give them a wide birth. Here’s why.

The voice of Jason Taylor (unlikely) greets you with and immediate guarantee that you will make hundreds of thousands of pounds in the first month.

Let’s be clear right from the beginning. Scam-Rank have investigated some of the best bots in the business, and there are two things you can be sure of. You cannot become a million in a matter of months unless you are investing hundreds of thousands. Secondly, anyone who says they can guarantee results are not to be trusted.

How can we be so sure? Those developers who actually have effective algorithms spent years developing them robots and they maintain them continuously. There is usually a department full of tech-savvy people working day in day out to stay ahead of the competition and keep their signals above 90%. The Brit method does not have any such infrastructure. There are no software specifications, in fact, there is nothing to suggest that the BritMethod even has a robot at all. Every company has a base of operations full of employees. They need licenses and registrations to make that happen.

The Brit method does not have a licensed business in any of the usual channels we went through. They do not have an office, there is no customer support line. Social Media has zero results for employees who proudly work for a company that claims to make their clients millionaires. The only online footprint that the BritMethod usually includes the word SCAM. Speaking of Social Media. The testimonials on the page are fake. We made a simple search and were unable to find a match for any of the clients who gave glowing reports.

Jason Standbing was not the only bogus trader. Still not convinced? Take a look at their live trading table. We opened there website… uhum, page, on both Saturday and Sunday to find live results and updating profits. As you know, the markets are not open over the weekends, enough said about that.

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The Brit Method does not resemble any of the well-established and progressive Trading Robots in any way. There is nothing to indicate any legitimate business, and the false identities and outlandish promises have the stench of scam all over them.

Don’t lose heart. Trading is an excellent source of additional income and there are many reputable and effective robots to choose from. Making money from home is not a distant dream, just make sure you get off to a good start with the right broker and a robot that stays updated, and you too can enjoy the excitement and profits of trading online.

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