Is Brooks Blueprint a Scam?


Check out this review of Brooks Blueprint.
Is Brooks Blueprint software a scam?
Read this revealing review of Brooks Blueprint and get the facts.

Have you received an email from Brooks Blueprint? This new auto trader is spending lots of money on their marketing emails which might have been entering your Junk box. New binary options traders are their target, as well as traders who have been disappointed by other trading robots. It’s sudden release and mass emailing have many questioning if the Brooks Blueprint software is a scam or not.

Due to the high volume of requests lately from Scam-Rank subscribers, we took on the challenge to do a scam investigation and to dig up the truth. The facts and proofs we are reporting may not come as a surprise to some traders, but others should count themselves lucky landing on this review. It’s important you protect yourself from scams by keeping up-to-date with honest reviews – which is what we do.

Briefly speaking, the Brooks Blueprint does not appear to be a software you should trust. Our investigation indicates that your money could be at harm according to the facts and proof we uncovered. Due to these findings, we cannot advise the Brooks Blueprint as a good trading software.


Brooks Blueprint Scam Review

There’s a new flashy automated trader that’s been released as of July 2016 and its flooding traders’ email boxes announcing their release. The Brooks Blueprint binary trading software is designed by Steven Brooks, which is also the presenter on the website’s video. The Brooks Blueprint claims it that has been making people $50,000 to $200,000 a week with a mere $250 deposit. So far, our team has never encountered a trading software that could generate $7,000 to $28,000 a day like the Brooks Blueprint promises. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Should you believe these claims or run the other way? It was a challenging scam investigation, but we got to the bottom of it. Read our 100% honest review to find out the real TRUTH behind the Brooks Blueprint’s intentions.

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About Brooks Blueprint – Who is Steven Brooks?

The founder of the software Steven Brooks, tells us about his poverty lifestyle, and that the Brooks Blueprint system was the solution to his financial freedom. However, Steven skips the details about how he created the software and only mentions that people have been making hundreds of thousands of dollars with it (when it wasn’t publicly available, mind you). The question is: HOW were people using the Brooks Blueprint software when it wasn’t available online? These details were never addressed by Steven. This is a major red flag for a probable scam…but there’s more.

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Additionally, Brooks never provides information about the software’s framework nor the strategy he uses to make tons of money. The website video basically just shows his expensive cars and various fat bank accounts. It appears as a shallow story with no real information to prove its method. This causes our team to believe that Steven Brooks could be a fraud and a liar. However, since the system has only been out for a couple of months, we cannot say the Brooks Blueprint software is a 100% scam yet. In comparison to other online scam trading robots, though, there are shared scam similarities from our perspective.

Brooks Blueprint – Is It a Scam?

The Brooks Blueprint website displays a few photos claiming to have been positively reviewed and featured on Smart Review, Mob World, Startup 100, etc. However, when we investigated these sites, we failed to find anything about the Brooks Blueprint software. It appears as these are just fake credentials trying to gain a trader’s trust.

Moreover, there is no real evidence to support Brooks Blueprint makes actual profits. The only proof Steven Brooks offers are beta-tester users (that seem like paid actors) claiming they use the Brooks Blueprint to make a ton of money. These users hold up checks showing off their one-month earnings of over $100,000. However, there is something shady about these checks. We notice that these earning checks are signed by Steven Brooks. If you are a newbie to trading, you might not catch this flaw but, experienced traders know there is something wrong here.

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When using a trading robot, your withdrawal of profits come from the binary options broker – NOT the trading robot. And so, your earnings check would not be coming from your personal account but a brokerage account. This is the standard acceptable procedure; not the one that the Brooks Blueprint software shows you. Therefore, the check earnings on the video cannot be real. Steve could not be paying you, the broker would be giving you your earnings. It appears that there is a scam behavior in the Brooks Blueprint system – better stay away.

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There is something else that was strange about those checks; they are dated May 2016. However, the software came out July 2016 according to the website domain credentials, therefore Brooks Blueprint wasn’t available beforehand. This does not match the evidence on the checks being shown on the website video. There is sufficient evidence to prove that Brooks Blueprint is a possible trading scam on the market. These distrustful activities do not allow us to favorably rank Brooks Blueprint on our list of trusted and safe trading robots.

Does Brooks Blueprint REALLY work?

How Brooks Blueprint makes you money is still a mystery. We contacted their customer support team via email and was shocked to find out it doesn’t work. Since we could not connect with the founder to verify his strategy, we are left in the dark. This is not a pleasant sign if you were thinking about contacting their customer service for more information. How can you trust a trading software that doesn’t have a working email address? If you experience problems, who do you contact? Because these questions are unanswerable, it’s believed the Brooks Blueprint lacks credibility. Therefore, we cannot rank this software on our list of reliable trading software 2016.

How Does Brooks Blueprint Make You Money?

When our team of professional binary traders compares trading systems, the first thing we check is the robot’s settings. How customizable are the settings? What easy is it to arrange the trade amount preferences? After the login screen of the Brook Blueprint software, we went to the settings and found that it only offers one thing only. You can control the size of the trade and that’s it (???). Based on the limited setting options, the Brooks Blueprint system probably doesn’t use the proper technical analysis and just generates random numbers. With such a strategy, you probably can forget to make $100,000 with this software. It appears to lack the legit information necessary to make binary options trading a profitable experience.

There are a handful of trading robots that promise you special features but, as soon as you log in, it’s disappointing to see that there aren’t any. One of our high ranking robots actually offers some very helpful customizable and adjustable features to help new and professional traders succeed in binary options trading. These features help minimize your risk and can provide over 500 signals to ensure you profit. So if you’re looking to avoid scams that look like Brooks Blueprint, we advise you look at more trustworthy robots.

The Final Conclusion

riskIt’s difficult to navigate the binary options market and find a reliable trading software. Even seasoned traders have a hard time distinguishing between legit and scam software. As time goes on they appear to get cleverer and try to disguise themselves with fake reviews and customers. However, eventually, they get exploited, which is our job to keep traders protected.

Our scam investigation shows that Brooks Blueprint is an unsafe trading robot. We honestly believe that your money could be in danger if you decide to deposit even $1. The creator does a poor job explaining the trading system and how it actually makes money. There is no real data to support its claims or profit making system. Also, the earnings the software claims to generate is unrealistic. There is no available free binary software to generate $100,000 in your first month!

The Brooks Blueprint system fails to provide legit positive reviews and the featured reviews they claim cannot be found on the sites listed. Furthermore, the beta-users appear to be actors as their earning checks are impossible and inconsistent with the real withdrawal procedure of receiving earnings.

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