Is Centument Ltd. A Scam?


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Is Centument Ltd software a scam?
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What’s they hype about the Centument Ltd trading software? Is Gerald Reed telling the truth? Well, the story that goes along with the Centument Ltd system might shock you – or sounds unbelievably fake.

It’s a shame so many scam systems are issued on the market to trick traders into joining bogus trading programs and giving them nothing in return. It’s well known that binary options trading is not new or a fad. The only reason it’s getting so much hype these days is that in the past, only professionals could trade binary options. Now everyday people can access the financial markets and earn extra income with the helping hand of a trading robot. But, there is much competition and finding a reliable trading system isn’t easy anymore.

That’s why our mission is to help protect people from lurking scams trying to steal money from traders. We understand the disappointment many have faced and we try our best to upload scam reviews on the newest software as fast as possible.

Centument Ltd. Trading Review

The Centument Limited (Ltd.) was developed by a young ex-Wall Street employee that makes binary options trading an automatic process. Regardless of a trader’s background, he is given the opportunity to profit with this system. These are the claims on the website made by the founder, Gerald Reed.  Furthermore, he states traders can begin making immense profits as soon as they sign up. There are lots of flashy news clips posted on the site and many success stories from clients claiming they made tons of cash.

We can understand how the Centument Ltd system would be very appealing to potential traders but, Gerald Reed doesn’t seem to be telling the real intentions behind his system. For this reason, we had to dig deeper to find out the truth. After our examination, we have unveiled some very surprising facts about this automated trading system which are provided here in our thorough review.

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The Centument Ltd. Website – Fake Promises?

The Centument automated trading system is a very new binary trading robot that has been released on the market. After researching their website domain name, we found that it was created in January 2015 by a man named Gerald Reed. This binary robot is still extremely fresh to the industry. For this reason, it perhaps justifies its weak social network presence and very low popularity among online traders. There are only a few real reviews online regarding the Centuments Ltd. trading software, so proving its validity and performance is difficult based on our experience. review

Gerald Reed, claims to have created this web-based trading robot based on algorithms to formulate successful trading predictions. The founder developed this system during his career working for Wall Street with a goal to create an easy to use automated trading software. This system claims to take “smart risks” and is suitable for novice traders.

The website showcases that it has helped numerous customers make their millions. When you land on the site, you are welcomed by an introduction video featuring a Lamborghini, expensive yacht, women and so forth. Based on our past investigations, this is just a strong marketing tactic to allure traders into signing up. Unfortunately, the entire video mimics other scam binary options robots looking to attract new customers. According to the Centument Ltd. website, it claims to have been published in various online news channels stating it helps generate millions. However, when we went to verify these articles, the search results were empty as you can see. Also, the articles on the website are not linked for you to read the full version. This is a strong indicator that these articles are fake and were just uploaded by the developers. Lies and false news? It seems this way.

We advise a word of caution when it comes to researching binary options robots. Unfortunately, the popularity of online traders has awakened many scam trading systems to enter the market. So if you’re serious about getting started in binary options trading and you’re looking for a legit trading solution, check out our top recommended binary robots.

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About Centument Ltd. Trading Software

There are high suspicions of fraud around the Centument asset trading software since this software version was taken off the market.  This trading software claims to have been developed by some programming specialists outside of the finance industry. However, it appears they didn’t do a proper job securing the platform since it was hacked – or so they say. The software is web-based, so no downloading is needed. Also, the winning rate is said to be up to 80% although there is no proof.

Our team cannot vouch that is a reliable binary trading robot for you to sign up with and isn’t available any longer since the 2.0 version was released.  We have also not received real user feedback to share with you in order to provide genuine trading feedback. We had only found users complaining that when they accessed this software, they lost their investment. Perhaps it was the dirty brokers who hacked the system or it’s because the Centument Ltd trading software doesn’t work.

Is Centument A Scam?

According to the introduction video on the website, anyone can make huge profits with only a smudge of capital to invest. After watching the video, it is not adequately explained how these algorithms work. Gerald Reeds just seems like an arrogant person trying to convince you that his software is the best. Not to mention, it’s such a long video that takes almost forever to get straight to the point. You are just told they will make you lots and lots of money. It seems like any other scam trading system we’ve reviewed – same promises yet no results.

This raises suspicions as the framework of the software are not explained, and only strong marketing tactics are utilized. The video uses luxury cars, women, yachts and more fancy stuff to capture interest. But it’s important to understand how a trading system functions; not just the results. If a trading robot can not sufficiently explain its framework, then start getting nervous.

There was also a claim about being able to make $12,000 in a day from a mere $250 investment. This is an impressive profit – but extremely unlikely. Centument also refers itself as an investment firm and has grown the company to have 200 employees. Our question is why are their social networks so poor then? On the website, there are no social media links and no LinkedIn profile. All reputable and large scaled businesses nowadays have a LinkedIn profile, why not this company?

We cannot conclude Centument is 100% a scam, but there are some very big red flags about this trading bot. We recommend you steer clear and opt for more established and trusted binary robots.

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What Are Centument Customer Reviews Saying?

On the website you will be impressed will the published success stories and testimonial reviews. They have customers from all over the world praising this binary system’s profits and their new wealth. There are YouTube videos and written comments from supposedly current users, so we had to investigate if these are indeed real testimonials. review

When we searched these accounts and names, we were unable to find evidence to verify their claims. This raised our eyebrows after seeing so many reviews posted to convince naive traders that this system works. We uncovered that many are just actors that were paid to praise this automated trading system. Besides, we also found that their online reviews were also paid advertisements, so the real truth behind this system is questionable.

You’re encouraged to do your own research when seeking a safe trading robot, as many are just posers. Just because you find many positive reviews, make sure you check the sources as some are paid advertisements. Base on our investigation, we strongly recommend you consider more reliable trading robots and not just well made-up advertised ones. Centument Ltd could be hazardous for your hard earned money. These new companies can disappear as quick as they appeared on the market, so be careful.

The Final Verdict

riskAfter a thorough examination, we have concluded that the Centument Ltd software is not a safe Binary Robot for interested traders. Not only because this version has been removed from the market, but the Centument 2.0 version has number scam reviews flooding the web as well. So we don’t feel it’s right to tell you anything but the truth.

Despite the fact the Centumner Ltd asset trading system has been discontinued, we can only say that it’s original promises appear to be false. The success rate didn’t seem to go above 40% and the fact it was hacked means it’s not secure. If the Centument software were real, imagine how many users might have lost their money. From another angle, there are many theories claiming that users experienced losses due to the software under performing. Perhaps that’s why Gerald Reed couldn’t fully explain the infrastructure of the Centument Ltd. system – there’s no secure backing behind it.

Lastly, to sum it all up, the Centument Ltd. company appears to be non-existent after doing our research. It might claim it employees 200+ people, but there are no social profiles to back up its legitimacy. Probably because it’s not a real company. So even if you’re checking out the Centument 2.0 version, you might be in for just another scam by Gerald Reed.

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  • Minimum Deposit $250
  • Web-Based Platform
  • Fake Success Stories
  • No Company Details
  • Software Shut Down
  • No Proven Performance
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