Is CFD Society a Scam?


Check out this shocking review of CFD Society and find out if people are really making 60K per year with only 20 minutes of work per day.
Is CFD Society software a scam?
Read this revealing review of CFD Society and get the facts.

After an intensive investigation, we have discovered that the Chris Chase CFD Society software is nothing more than another Scam-style advertising cliché. If you are looking for a way to improve your trading skills, we suggest you stick to the trusted robots.

We provide you with the necessary evidence to validate our claims in our honest review and investigation, so you don’t need to spend hours surfing the net.

Yes, the CFD Society sales pitch is great, but don’t let this fool you into believing they are authentic. After signing up, we were immediately directed to the accounting section of binary options broker software named 10 Markets. The truth is, this manual signaling system (not a trading robot) doesn’t in any way relate with CFDs and has nothing to do with binary options. So what’s wrong with CFD Society? Let’s just take it slow andfocus on why it can only be called a fraudulent signaling system.

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If you by chance/mistake receive a SPAM email invitation asking you to “Join now,” unsubscribe immediately and don’t click on any links. The presentation may sound cheap because of no presenter, but quite the opposite is right. They are very great at misleading, pitching and baiting innocent traders (like you and me) who only come online to earn an income from trading binary options.

The image below is that of Chris Chase. We took it from the CFD Society main sales page. Chase himself is yet another image bank actor being used as the face of a non-company, so the real people behind this farce don’t have to show theirs. The second image below shows some fake social profile added to the sale page to throw you off balance. We can see Carl Iron and Erik Thomson who are actual Kristoffer and Timur for hire. As usual, we also have some fake testimonials from the cheapest sources. One of them calls himself “simplysoccerpro,” known by us as soccer pro, who can and will sell his soul for just $5.

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Are the CFD Society Claims Real?

What Chase was trying to do is sell us a proven signaling system that draws off several thousands of dollars from the stock market.  He claims that it is legal and you’re only taking away 1% from the richest people. This actor claims to be a success in the trading world for over 18 years. He alleged to have managed funds of more than 80 million dollars. He also claims that he built a CFD signaling system as a solution to beat the existing scams, and he did it because of his passion to create a fail-safe way for his clients to make a profit. Instead of an automated app, he chose the signaling system to help give power back to the traders and for them to have full control over their trades. “In another way, it’s more like having your adviser whisper trades in your ear,” he says. The software also claims to analyze the market on all asset classes. He claims the average level of the accuracy is 97%, and with just 15 minutes of work a day, you can make $11,000 EXTRA income every 30 days.

What Does the CFD Society Software Do?

This signaling system is made up of a closed circle of the traders which are referred to as the CFD Society, and they are said to profit every day and wins are practically guaranteed. After making a profit of over 20 Million dollars for the CFD Society, Chase is now “lifting the velvet rope” and giving 100 new members the chance to get a free copy of his underground signaling system that promises to help them make a passive income of at least $60,000 in just a year. But this one time opportunity is only for action takers and will close after the registration of the first 100 members. Honestly, it’s so obvious we are only dealing with a scam-style operator after your hard earned income. We have the obvious telltale signs such as fake testimonials, an overhyped guarantee of profits, inflated bank accounts, and complete lies and fabrications designed to deceive you into funding a trading account under false pretenses.

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It’s okay if you are confused and deliberating about which is better for you. Our clients have emailed us several questions as regards to which system is more suitable. Fortunately, we recommend all the best and most consistent money-making apps, so you can always check them out on our site.

The conclusion

We feel that the CFD Society software by Chris Chase is a perilous investment matching all the other scams that are set up by deceitful people with the aim to catch your deposit and run. We cannot endorse and absolutely do NOT recommend this CRF Society. If you still believed that this app is genuine and wish to invest your hard earned money into it, just be prepared never to see your opening investment again.

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