Is Code Fibo a Scam?


Check out this review of Code Fibo.
Is Code Fibo software a scam?
Read this revealing review of Code Fibo and get the facts.

Are you wondering if it’s safe to invest with Code Fibo system? It does look promising, especially for new traders. So can you make unbelievable amounts of profit? Good question – and the evidence is in this review.

Coming across a reliable trading bot these days is tricky. It’s not that there aren’t plenty of them out there, but more due to the growing number of scammers and con artists. If you’re going to hand your cash over to a broker or service provider of any kind, it’s in your best interests to ensure they’re legit before going ahead. And that counts double when working with trading bots.

To work with an elite trading bot is to have the opportunity to make outstanding profits, without having to lift a finger. By carrying out an in-depth analysis of market matters and global data, bots can help ensure the very best decisions are made at the best possible time. As it’s all taken care of on your behalf, it’s imperative that the bot you choose is 100% legit.


CodeFibo System Review

Why begs the question – how does the CodeFibo system work? Is the Code Fibo auto trader the real deal, or just another easy way of letting your money get away from you?

Well, the first thing you tend to note when looking into Code Fibo software is it certainly seems to have a strong following. But you should know, that trading robots like CodeFibo, which have only been available since July, make it hard to believe that they could be so popular. There are plenty of positive reviews, which suggest that Code Fibo is certainly doing something right in the minds of some – or they’re paying their way for better marketing (!?!).

They claim to use the Fibonacci Code to deliver impressive success rates of 77% to 89%. The lower end of this at least is far more realistic; however, the claim of 90% appears to be a lie. So in this respect, Code Fibo results seem to be believable enough, and after using the software, the high success rate appears impossible. Keep reading to find out more details about what our experts discovered about the Code Fibo App.

CodeFibo App, Professor Matthew Lewis – Real or Fake?

According to those responsible for the software, Code Fibo is the brainchild of one Professor Matthew Lewis. As a chap with supposedly very high regard for the average earner and struggling household, he turned to nature to come up with an incredible system for minimizing loss and raking in huge profits. And despite giving away Code Fibo free of charge, he claims it can make anyone thousands of dollars a day, every single day. Too good to be true? Of course, it is!

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First of all, things start to go wrong when online research shows that the ‘Professor’ indicates that Matthew Lewis is an actor from Portland. Why does it seem that CodeFibo is making up characters to sell what it is they’re selling? The founder even appeared as a public ‘tester’ for a video previously published by the same company for a prior trading bot Code Fibo launched. If it was good enough, would they really need to make up fake academics? Of course not.

The way we see it, you’d be far better off working with an auto trading software that’s truthful and honest from the word go. If you are looking for a real trading robot for binary options, you’ll notice that they don’t make unrealistic promises. They let you choose a trustworthy broker, and you can customize many aspects of the software for better control.

Also, about 15 seconds into the website video you’ll be presented with a series of impressive statements, apparently from a variety of influential publications and individuals. To verify if these claims were legit or fake, we dug deep to uncover the statements appear to lack reliability. It is very probably that Code Fibo’s claims are all 100% fabricated. According to our investigation, the sites and publications mentioned have never said a word about Code Fibo in any way, shape or form. This isn’t enough alone to confirm a Code Fibo scam, but it certainly demonstrates dishonesty.

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Is Code Fibo App a Scam?

Putting things into specific figures, the founder goes on about the fact that your very first week using the software could earn you net $6,900 in pure profit. Suffice to say; any experienced binary options trader recognizes that this just isn’t going to happen. Furthermore, it is believed that these precise projections demonstrate nothing but irresponsible operations.

TIP: New traders should understand that it may require time before making anything above $6,000 per week. It is possible however if you dedicate some time to studying the market and learn to analyze charts to get ahead. It’s safe to say that $2,000 your first week is more realistic with the help of a reliable trading tool and by committing to a couple hours a day. Of course, investors with more experience have the potential to earn much more.

As for the CodeFibo software website itself, it’s certainly a polished and well-presented design that looks the part and runs well enough. There are what look like links to some interesting articles and resources on the site too, but none of them work – not a single one. Additionally, the website appears all flawed by sham testimonials, recommendations and fake video reviews from supposed ‘real’ customers. Searching online forums and trying to trace these individuals became an impossible task to validate that their earnings were indeed legit. Sadly, they’re nothing of the sort – we uncovered that these users are the same actors you’ll find reading scripts for a few other trading systems who pay them to do it. While we know that reviews are important, and it’s rare for a service like this to get by without them, making them up and bringing in actors doesn’t exactly scream professionalism.

Given the importance of what’s at stake, working with an honest, transparent and reputable trading bot really is the only way to go.

Does the Code Fibo Software Work?

Something else that suggests there’s a Code Fibo scam system at work because the numbers just do not add up. The more the ‘Professor’ talks about earnings, percentages and so on, the more you realize they don’t seem to have done the math properly. There is always the option of manual trading with Code Fibo, but that’s obviously not the reason you are looking for a trading tool.  If you were just to trade on your own with your own knowledge, why use CodeFibo at all?

However, just to be sure, after watching the entire CodeFibo pitch video, we signed up to check what the “amazing” system does. It was a major let down, to be honest. It resembles an outdated auto trading software that has been recycled many times.Image result for codefibo

There are only 3 features a user may control – risk, trading volume and strength above. That surely is not enough to guarantee you’ll be making huge earnings as the founder claims. If you are serious about binary options trading, consider an advanced binary robot that has customizable features to better aid you in your strategy.

What’s the Cost for CodeFibo App?

You sign up, you pay the minimum of $250 via a separate broker and you leave the rest in their hands. The CodeFibo sign up process to download the software appears legit and a standard process like any other trading system. However, when you download and use Code Fibo, you’ll notice it’s a very outdated software that looks like it’s been reused by other scams on the market. If you’ve been one of the unlucky ones, you’ll see it in a second.

Moving on, if you’re wondering why this “amazing” system provides free access, well there is a caveat: It’s only free for 90 days. After, this 3 month period, you’ll be charged $600 every month! If an automated trading software actually had plenty of positive reviews and it was generating high income, then it’d be worth it. However, actual customer reviews tend to be mixed about CodeFibo, but there are just far too many reports of heavy or total losses in no time at all. Even in the list that supposedly gives you the latest on the most recent winners – the images seem to have been taken from elsewhere, and the names made up.

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Should You Avoid Code Fibo?

Here’s a shocking fact that could have you questioning if Code Fibo app is legit or a hoax system. At least our team was stricken by the fact that the company behind Code Fibo is the exact same firm that previously ran Compound Trader and Fast Cash Club. Our investigation shows that other unbiased binary robot reviewers have added these trading systems to the ‘blacklist,’ therefore a word of caution to fellow investors. Because investing forums and reviews concluded these systems were frauds and of low repute, the company disappeared from the face of the Earth and later released Code Fibo software. As such, some believe that it’s only a matter of time before Code Fibo disappears too.

Finishing on a relatively positive point, while the Code Fibo seems indeed guilty of making over-the-top claims as to success rates, the fact that trades can be entered into from as little as $25 is attractive. This means that if you are a newcomer, you might feel that you won’t have to put too much on the line. However, that could be just another trap. There are many tales of cash just disappearing without a trace by a few too many customers mean that depositing in the first place alone could carry its own risks.

The Final Verdict

riskPutting all the pieces together, it’s hard to give the Code Fibo app anything but a very low rating based on testing and research. While there’s much to be said for the positive reviews doing the rounds, it’s hard to ignore the rather worrying stories of those watching their money disappear into thin air.

Not only this, but we are never particularly won over by sites that choose to lie about who they are, what they do and what they’ve accomplished – which seems to be obvious in Code Fibo. From the ‘Professor’ to those comments from the media to the video testimonials and so on, way too much appears fabricated to trust Code Fibo. So before deciding to download Code Fibo, consider one of the industry’s very best trading software first, which are also free.

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  • Low Trades Available
  • Decent Web Platform
  • Fabricated Reviews and Content
  • Promises More Than Can Be Delivered
  • The ‘Professor’ Doesn’t Really Exist
  • Poor Company Reputation
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