Is Compound Trader a Scam?


Check out the Compound Trader Review that tells the shocking truth about the Compound Trader Software.
Is Compound Trader Scam based> Read the Compound Trader App review and get the facts,

With growing concern, Scam-Rank has once again found another shocker to expose, and it’s called Compound Trader. Read this important information before you consider investing or even sharing your email address with them. Scam-Rank does not endorse Compound Trader as an effective Trading tool. If you’re looking for a reliable method of making a real income online, you might want to check our list of recommended Robots.

The Compound Trade Review

We get the feeling that when the presenter says he personally made over $8 million, he’s actually talking about how much somebody made from the poor unsuspecting traders that didn’t bother to do a little investigating.

It’s an obvious swindle to us at Scam-Rank and all the questionable tactics used to mislead and entice are looked at in this review. Compound Trader is following the rule of just about every scam out there right now. It’s making our job easier here at Scam-Rank since all the scams seem happy to follow the repetitive but predictable telltale signs that we are going to reveal now.

Scam or not a scam is an easy question to answer. $12,000 per day? That’s over $1 million in three months. Such outlandish claims are enough to clarify exactly who and what Compound Trader is, but let’s push on and see what else is raising red flags so you can see a pattern. Next up is the Scam-site-favorite, the IP generated map announcing that traders in your area are making X money. This was the same no matter which IP mask we tried. All in all, a very transparent attempt using false info with one goal in mind, to trick you into entering your name and email. Next up, yet another scam-favorite. The NOT-SO live trading list that scrolls random assets with arbitrary payouts… not fooling anyone.

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Then comes the identities of the people on the site. First, let’s talk about Doctor Albert Henderson himself. Would you be surprised to hear that he doesn’t exist?

Once again another actor reading a teleprompter in front of a green screen. The only online presence you’ll find for Albert includes the words scam and beware. Compound Trader does have a LinkedIn page, but this is empty, without followers, and created by a Fake person who works for another fake company. Then there are the very interesting testimonials. Some (but not all) of the people making positive remarks about the company actually exist, but strangely they make no mention of trading on their personal Facebook pages, no comments about the markets, or signals, or the amazing software that should be making them around $4 Million per year. The images and posts on their respective Walls suggest they know nothing about their involvement with a scam site… yet!

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What is Compound Trader?

Such an incredible breakthrough software able to predict the financial market movements must have an abundance of product details and boasting rights. The one site or rather page that should promote with pride such an accomplishment has nothing whatsoever. The sales page simply claims the auto-pilot software can make guaranteed winning trades per hour and compound trading technics to ensure high profits on every trade. That’s it? They do mention that it is user-friendly and compatible with Mac, PC, tablet or mobile device. Not a very impressive end to the ridiculously obvious Compound Trader page.

Final Overview

It probably goes without saying that Scam-Rank is not going to endorse Compound Trader in any way. Yet another actor promoting a non-existent company with fake testimonials, no product details or specifications, and ridiculous claims of millionaire status within a few months. The site reads:

“Compound Trader WILL Generate $770 per HOUR Trading on AutoPilot Free today.”

There is nothing on the Compound trader site that gives a single legitimate reason to want to invest in their “product.” We at Scam-Rank advise you to steer clear and stick to trusted and tested Robots that actually have a license to do business, an Address, a CEO, and employees who answer queries and support new traders.

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  • No immediate Deposit needed
  • Fake Presenter making unrealistic guarantees
  • No software information and specifications
  • False testimonials
  • No licensed company or official place of business
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