Is The Copy Buffett Software a Scam?


Check out this review of The Copy Buffett.
Is The Copy Buffett software a scam?
Read this revealing review of The Copy Buffett and get the facts.

Copy Buffett sounds credible enough, so it seems. It uses a multi-millionaire investor’s name – Warren Buffett – which means is must be legit. Well, don’t fall for it just yet. If you’ve had your doubts. The alarms going off in your head are probably right.

There’s no denying that the ultimate goal of binary options trading is to earn excellent profits. More specifically,  traders would like to do so with the least amount of effort possible. Presently on the market, there are more than a hundred binary options trading software available on the web. However, not all of these are legit. Those who’ve fallen for scams know this first hand. Automated trading systems can appear legit with their enormous profit promises, nicely designed website, and loads of testimonials. But, many of times there are totally fake.

The most respected trading systems aren’t always in the public eye. Think of top binary robots as diamonds. There is only a limited supply online, and they aren’t always talked about since there are many more scams than legitimate performing systems.

Copy Buffett Software Scam Review

Landing on the website, you are immediately welcomed by an introduction video and an email subscription form to fill out. As soon as you provide your email account, instant access is granted to log in to Copy Buffet Software. As straight out as this procedure seems, this software utilizes the same tactic as Google Trader – trying to earn your trust with a well-known name. buffett-sreen

It backs its system credibility with a finance guru, and in this case Warren Buffet. Well-seasoned traders will automatically notice that there isn’t anything unique about the website that associates with the respected investor, Warren Buffet. Unfortunately, we find it a shame that companies like Copy Buffett use respectable names to advertise a trading software that is not worthy. We have come across other Copy Buffett Software reviews agreeing with our opinion as well. Online customer reviews are complaining and saying the software’s results are disappointing – “4 wins, 17 losses…9 wins, 10 losses.” Keep reading to find out the if the Copy Buffett software is a total scam or not.

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About The Copy Buffet Software

In the website’s welcome video you are presented the Copy Buffett software by the inventor himself, Jeremy Fin. The creator explains the story behind inventing the auto trading software and speaks about himself being a former software developer and so on. The downfall about this video is that it doesn’t go into explicit detail about how the software works exactly. The only things we are given is that it can copy Warren Buffet’s strategy and that there is a 30 day trial period. Further online research indicates there isn’t enough information about how the system operates either. The video is based on a hard core marketing strategy rather than providing real data about the results of the product itself.


Although Jeremy Fin does a great job selling you the idea behind this automated trading software, he is unable to sell you on its real success. Probably because there isn’t anything, which is evident on the web. Furthermore, inventing and marketing such software with so many awards should have his achievements posted all over the web, right? Well, we were unable to backtrack or find who gave these awards to Copy Buffett. For all we know, they could be fake and just penned on the website to appear legit. Additionally, our team found it suspicious that Jeremy does not provide any social media links and this makes his claimed identity quite doubtful.

How Much Does the Copy Buffett System Cost?

The Copy Buffett software offers a 30 day free trial period to test out the product for you to see how it can copy Warren Buffet. In order to get this free period, you have to sign up with one of the Copy Buffett brokers which are randomly generating and not to mention appear unregulated and unlicensed. In order to access the tool, a $300 initial deposit is needed. The free-trial period may sound very attractive, but deposting $300 in a trading account with brokers that don’t have the best repuation should have you hesitant.

TIP: The standard minimum deposit is usually only between $200 – $250 in good trading systems. We feel $300 is a bit high for a software that doesn’t have proven results and works with unapproved brokers.

All in all, we find the Copy Buffett system resembles other scammers establishing fake services. Initially, you are given something for free, but it’s unknown how much it will cost after the month trial period is over. We feel the website is also being dishonest since it states you will not need to provide any financial info to access a free trial. But as you can see, a minimum fund of $300 is necessary to begin. Copy Buffet should have at least mentioned that a deposit is required to apply the robot. The website’s information is very misleading; thus we advise you not to trust this trading system.

 Copy Buffett Software Trading Results

Jeremy says that this app is completely risk-free, but it’s really not according to our research results. As soon as you proceed funding your broker’s account with the minimum amount of $300, your chances of losing all of it are very high. According to our online research and real customer reviews about the CopyBuffet software, our findings show many traders have lost their investment. A few customers were furious at the fact they lost 9 out of 10 trades – that’s a 90% loss.  The worst part is that customers are unable to file or address their complaints because the customer support system seems to be absent.

We found out the brokers working with the Copy Buffett software are unregulated – Tradorax, Porter Finance, and so on. Many only broker reviews are claiming there are total scams.  This is very dangerous. Opening an account with an unknown, and not to mention scam broker, puts you in the face of harm and will definitely have you losing your investment.

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Copy Buffett – Is It a Scam?

With such mixed reviews floating around the web, it’s difficult to know who is telling the truth about the Copy Buffett auto trading app. Examining our online results, our findings show that there are reviewers positively ranking the Copy Buffett system. Remember, though, most of these reviewers are paid and are not objective because they receive a kickback for their referral. Make sure you read unbiased and honest reviews that cover all aspects of a trading software.

Analyzing this system’s website, we notice the many awards and badges are given to the Copy Buffett system. This looks great and makes the company seem credible BUT, there is a flaw. The logos and icons on the site are not clickable; they’re just images that were placed there to look like Copy Buffett is legit. The award winning software badges are just there for decoration according to our investigation. Searching for the websites that awarded the software with these badges, we were not able to come up with one result regarding the Copy Buffett system. This makes this trading app look a bit dodgy and a system not to be trusted.


Our team also took the responsibility to research the success rate of the software and its testimonies. As per our review, there is no proven success rate and the client testimonials are also fake. The success stories provided are just paid actors rehearsing given script lines. Keep in mind, if the testimonials are paid, that should indicate to you that the company is ready to steal your money.

Don’t be a victim of the Copy Buffett system. There are definitely great robots out on the market, but you have to know where to look for honest reviews. We can suggest some of the very best trading systems that do offer a high success rate.

The Final Conclusion

riskWe do not advise the Copy Buffett system to fellow traders as it appears as a marketing scam to steal your investment. This trading app will not make you wealthy in a day’s time – and probably never. You are very likely to lose your hard earned money in an instant if you decided to sign up with this system. It’s a big disappointment that such software is associated with the famous investor, Warren Buffet. The award-winning badges and news article claims also cannot be verified. There are no online sources that have recognized Copy Buffett as a reputable trading system. The fact it also works with blacklisted brokers is also very troubling because any deposit or withdrawal challenges you face will remain unaddressed. Your money goes down the black tunnel and you cannot report it to any authority.

If you’ve fallen victim to the Copy Buffett system, we wish we could help you earn back your money. If you are a new trader, we suggest you read unbiased reviews on a daily basis, or you are well read on how to detect a scam system. Just because as trading software is associated with a famous individual or there are big profit figures listen, does not mean it’s real.

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  • 30 Days Free Trial
  • Copies Trades
  • No Real Awards or Accreditations
  • Too Many Customer Complaints
  • Unregulated Brokers
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