Is The Daily Trader Club a Scam?


Check out this review of The Daily Trader Club.
Is The Daily Trader Club software a scam?
Read this revealing review of The Daily Trader Club and get the facts.

Curious about the new trading robot that’s out called Daily Trader Club? Well, if you’re looking for a trading tool obviously you know the benefits. These tools offer real-time signals and automated trade executions to ensure your trade successfully without prior binary options skills. It bothers us that scam trading tools are invading the market claiming to help traders, yet only make them lose!

Our reviews aim to save you your money and protect you from fraudulent systems. We are concerned that the Daily Club Trader system might now be a real binary trading software. The chances are high that you could lose your money according to our collected evidence.

You might run into some fake reviews related to the Daily Trader Club’s secret software. BUT our reviews are as real as they get – and the truth about the Daily Trader Club is here. We’ve put together the details and evidence to form a strong conclusion that the Daily Trader Club is not a reliable trading robot for traders to use.

The Daily Trader Club Scam Review

So is the Daily Trader Club is a big scam or not? At the moment, it’s not 100% sure but, there are some factors present that make it look like a fraudulent system. The Daily Trader Clubs claims to be an automated trading system that uses a secret formula to place successful trades for its users.

One of the major things that we notice is that there is not accuracy rate provided. The no ITM rate indicates that there is no prediction about the reliability of the trading signals being generated, nor that actual trades are profitable. The winning rate could be 20% for instance, but how are you to know what your success rate will be? Should you risk your investment and time in the Daily Trader Club system? Find out some shocking details that point the Daily Trader Club in the direction of a scam.

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The Daily Trader Club – Is It a Scam?

As soon as you land on the website, the first thing you will notice is the welcome video that begins to play automatically. There is nothing strange so far, as it’s common in many credible trading system websites to have a video play automatically. The founder, Stephen Gilbert’s voice begins playing, and he explains that he was capable of generating millions of dollars for beta-testers using the Daily Trader Club program. He further speaks about his family and past financial problems and does a pretty good job at trying to convince watchers that his story is legit. However, we did uncover some evidence to could prove that the founder’s story is not genuine.


Stephen Gilbert displays a photo of him and his wife in the video, but our search results show this appears fake. Google search results show the real names of the people in the picture are named Mike and Amanda and have nothing to do with the Daily Trader Club. You check it out for yourself here to see where the photos’s real source. These individuals probably don’t know their picture is being used or else it would probably wouldn’t be there anymore. Therefore we feel there is misrepresentation from the Daily Club Trader.

Furthermore, the Daily Trader Club claims to be featured in CNN Money finance blogs. For those unaware, CNN is a highly respectable news channel that talks about the most current events in the world. After adamantly searching high and low in CNN, we did not find any mentioning of the Daily Trader Club anywhere. It’s very common that scams use popular news channels and magazines to make themselves sound legit just like the Daily Trader Club did in this case.

Even the provided testimonials claiming that the Daily Trader Club earned money for many people doesn’t look real. These profiles names and earnings cannot be traced anywhere online. There is a very high possibility that these profit successes are just phony lies. Testimonials are another usual tactic many scams use to try to convince you that there are people out in the world making money with their trading robot. The profit amounts provided could be legit with a tested and proven trading robot we have carefully reviewed.

Does The Daily Trader Club Work?

First and foremost, the Daily Trader Club does not provide the ITM rate, otherwise known as the winning rate. It only promises that you will make millions due so a mysterious high percentage rate. How can a system work without providing real stats??!!! It doesn’t even provide an approximation, which would be much more accepted.

In some “secret” way, the Daily Trader Club offers binary options trading signals which are delivered real-time to its users. It claims that this is the big advantage traders’ benefit from, however, we disagree. For sure, real-time trading signals are a great benefit from credible trading robots to guarantee successful trading, but most systems provide signals (not every system is accurate though). The Daily Trader Club doesn’t offer anything special or unique for its users. Although, the fact it doesn’t provide a winning rate raises significant red flags and should cause some distrust.

Luckily for modern technology, you can have trading signals and successful automated trades, but make sure it’s a respectable system.

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What Will The Daily Trader Club Cost You?

According to the Daily Trader Club website, the system is free to access. The only thing you are required to do is open a trading account with one of the brokers they are working with and fund your account with a minimum deposit. This deposit is not a fee for the Daily Trader Club system; the deposit is the money you will be using to trade binary options. This procedure is standard when you decide to open a trading account to begin making a profit.

The overall registration process is no different than any other regular trading service provider. However, there is a drawback. The Daily Trader Club isn’t compatible with trusted nor regulated binary options brokers. The brokerage companies they work with are very new to the industry and lack reputation for their services. To find out which brokers they are using, you must first sign up. It’s worth noting for new traders that the brokers are the ones that will be the ones transferring your earnings to your bank account – not the trading robot. Thus, if you sign up with an unethical broker, you might never see those earnings in your bank account. This a disturbing thought as you may never access your profit earnings. So always be careful about the brokers you open a trading account with.

The Final Conclusion

riskScam binary options systems are invading the online market like the plague trying to steal your hard-earned money. The Daily Trader Club points in the direction of a scam according to our investigation. After careful review of the website, we found that the success stories appear completely falsified, and there are suspicions that the founder may be fake. The picture of Stephen Gilbert (founder) and his wife in the welcome video appears to be stolen from another website. Additionally, the testimonials cannot be traced and almost no trader is claiming to earn profits from the Daily Trader Club’s system. There is no mentioning of the winning rate even when you sign up. Therefore this appears to be a trick for you to deposit funds.

The website does a good job of trying to push you to sign up with the countdown ticker, but any experienced trader recognizes that a credible trading robot is not pushy. New traders are most likely to fall for the Daily Club Trader’s trap, only to be disappointed in their losses. So be careful and don’t always just look a the surface like big incomes, fancy cars, and limited spots.

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  • Web-Based
  • Mobile Devices & Tablets
  • No Accuracy Rate
  • Non-Regulated Brokers
  • Lacks Customer Feedback
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