Is Disrupt Trading a Scam?


Check out this review of Disrupt Trader.
Is Disrupt Trader software a scam?
Read this revealing review of Disrupt Trader and get the facts.

Is Disrupt Trading trying to convince you with lies that it works? Can you really make $12k a day with the Disrupt Trading 2.0 software? If you are wondering if the real truth is covered in false promises and exaggerated earning potential that cannot be met – you might be on to something.

To properly understand what the Disrupt Trading 2.0 software does, you should first understand how binary options systems work. Briefly speaking, a binary options software is a method created to help traders make profits from their small online investments. Many of these systems run automatically, which means all you have to do is specify your investment amount and wait for the returns. Auto traders find the loopholes in the market and take advantage of the possibilities. A reliable trading robot is a good tool to have if you are a beginning trader or a professional looking to maximize outcomes.

Although the Disrupt Trading system by Greg Hardman, claims to automate trades and reach high profitable outcomes, our investigation shows otherwise. If you think you can make between $12K and $15K with the Disrupt Trading App, you should READ this review before investing even $1 with the Disrupt Trading software. 

SCAM RESULTS: Our team fails to find anything fantastic or worthwhile about the Disrupt Trading system. We did not find it a worthy system to rely upon in the trading experience due to the vast promises and what appear to be fake reviews. It’s still too soon to say if it’s a 100% scam or not, however, the signs of fraudulent behavior are present. Avoid trading systems that make big promises of huge profits like Disrupt Trading. In reality, it’s unlikely it will even make you a pinch of that amount. Because Disrupt Trading may be a scam, we advise all traders to stay away and look for better binary trading solutions.

If you’re looking for more reliable alternatives, you might want to check our list of the best trading robots in the industry.

Disrupt Trading Review

There’s a new binary trading system that’s being added to the list of online scams. Fake trading bots are launching quite frequently the past couple months since the demand for binary options trading software is on the up rise. The developers are ruthless and their tactics are compelling in the attempt to take investors’ money. New traders must be careful since they are a main target for scams. Naturally, new traders are not experienced enough to distinguish the difference between legit and scam software.

disrupt trading scam software review

In today’s review, we’ll be sharing some facts about Disrupt Trading, founded by Greg Hardman. Learn why we believe the Disrupt Trading software is a binary trading system you should stay away from.

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How Does Disrupt Trading Software Work?

The founder of the Disrupt Trading 2.0 system is said to be a former Wall Street trader that found a crack in the trading system. Greg utilized this loophole for his own personal profit gains and then formerly created the trading software Disrupt Trading. The trading system operates entirely automatically and conducts market data analysis to ease the trader’s efforts.  After that, it notifies opportune investments in the form of generated signals. If a user, activates the autopilot option, the trading robot will take control and execute all the trades for the investor.

Something that didn’t sit right with us is that there is no specific indication about the success level in which the trading robot is not allowed to execute trades if on autopilot.  This means, that the system disguises the risk thus your money could be gambled away in minutes.  There is also no defining the winning rate or accuracy level of the trading robot on the website. The only information we are told is that you can make over $10,000 a day. Any experienced trader knows that a trading robot comes with an accuracy rate and that there is not such thing as a zero-loss formula, so what’s the real deal with the Disrupt Trading app? Well, it seems that they are withholding important details (or it’s just a fake system with no success rate).

TIP: It’s unrealistic to achieve such high-profit returns when you fund your account only with $250. Regardless of the offered return ratio, mathematically speaking, this is not possible.

For the above reasons, our team is hesitant to assume that Disrupt Trading is legit – it mimics a scam structure entirely. A better option would be to go with an approved trading robot that is legit and fully tested to help you profit.

Is Disrupt Trading System Another Scam?

Well, doubts start to arise as soon as the Disrupt Trading system claims it can make anyone $12,000 to $15,000 in a single day. It’s basically impossible in any auto trader. Even the most successful auto binary software generated less than $1K on a daily basis. So the founder’s bold statement did raise a red flag from the get-go. We’ve come across many fraudulent systems attempting to get people to join their program with big promises for loads of cash. We don’t see any difference with the Disrupt Trading software. It seems as though it falls in line with other corrupted binary auto traders, although we can’t conclude it’s a full-blown scam.

Proceeding along, our research indicates there is no proof to confirm anything Greg Hardman says in the Disrupt Trading review video. He only mentions he worked on Wall Street and did something with technology. But, he never says the name of the company he worked for  – why? Well, if you claims to have taken the formula and made a product of his own, it’s therefore, a crime. Perhaps he doesn’t want to get caught by the organization for a criminal offense. Should you trust a criminal? Who would?! No matter which angle you look at, the signs of danger are there.

People that have been around in the binary options industry are usually familiar with the Trend Trader App, which ended up being a scam. In order to verify the Disrupt Trading 2.0 software, we signed up with a fake email we use for investigation purposes and got a video pop-up with the Disrupt Trading logo on it. After carefully looking at it, the speaker talking is actually the same one from the Trend Trader scam! So we have two theories in mind: 1. Greg Hardman didn’t have time to make a welcome video or 2. The Disrupt Trading software is a re-packaged version of the Trend Trader hoax.

It just seems that all the evidence is pointing to one direction – that Disrupt Trader may not have the best intentions for its users. We strongly suggest you don’t risk your investment with this software.  Serious traders should opt for trusted auto traders on the market that make realistic promises and have a good development team on the backend.

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Is The Disrupt Trading App Software Free?

So how much does the Disrupt Trading system cost? The Disrupt Trading software is accessible free-of-charge. This is not a surprise, as most binary options systems don’t charge anything for the software itself. There is the usual scenario that you have to open a trading account and fund the minimum amount to begin trading. The binary options brokers that work with Disrupt Trading are not thought to be legit and safe for investors. Various customer reviews have posted dissatisfied experiences with the brokers after they opened their trading account.

disrupt trading scam software review

It’s extremely important that when seeking binary option trading systems, you opt for one that has legit brokers. Most of the times, they determine if you can withdraw your earnings or not. There are some great trading robots that do work with great brokers and you should try systems such as these – rather than systems like Disrupt Trading.

Are There Any Benefits With Disrupt Trading?

Our team fails to find anything fantastic or worthwhile about the Disrupt Trading system. We did not find it a worthy system to rely upon in the trading experience. It’s still too soon to say if it’s a 100% scam or not, however, the signs of fraudulent behavior are present. Avoid trading systems that make big promises of huge profits and offer 100% succes rates like Disrupt Trading. In reality, it’s unlikely it will even make you a pinch of that amount.

While binary options have the potential to make traders wealth, you should expect to earn $10,000 overnight. If you do not have the time or energy to learn binary trading strategies and would like to use the help of an automated trading software, there are other much better alternatives.

The Final Verdict


It is pretty evident that the Disrupt Trading software is not a trustworthy solution to grow your investment. It’s more likely to take money out of your wallet and give you nothing in return according to our investigation. The founder, Greg Hardman, just appears to sell big money-making promises without backing how the system works or even providing a success rate. After thoroughly examining the Disrupt Trading software, the final verdict shows it is not an ideal profit amplifying solution for binary options trading. There are no real customer reviews to verify it’s safety since most reviews are negative on the web. Thus, be very cautious or avoid Disrupt Trading altogether.

Just to be clear and not to discourage anyone that is taking up binary options trading, not all online binary trading software are scams. There are methods that do work and are highly capable of generating profits. We’ve reviewed a ton of auto traders but only a few great auto trading systems have been approved to work in an investors favor. We only advise you be careful of lurking scams or even scam look-alikes such as Disrupt Trading.

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  • 100% Automated Trading Software
  • Simple Sign Up Procedure
  • Minimum Investment $250
  • No Success Rate or Win-Rate Listed
  • Inability To Manage Risk Levels
  • Works With Unsafe Binary Option Brokers
  • Makes OTT Claims And Fails to Meet $15K Promises
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