Is Dubai Lifestyle App a Scam?


Check out this review of Dubai Lifestyle.
Is Dubai Lifestyle software a scam?
Read this revealing review of Dubai Lifestyle and get the facts.

Would you turn down the opportunity to take home tens of thousands of dollars every month, 100% guaranteed and risk-free? Of course you would not…as would literally every other person on the face of the Earth. Which is precisely why binary options automated trading bots are becoming extremely popular among traders at all levels.

Even with little to no experience, a quality binary trading bot can take over the investment process and pave the way for success. The only problem being that for every reliable and trusted trading bot, there are a least a dozen fraudulent schemes and scam systems.

All of which of course means that it’s up to you to find out all you need to know about any given bot, before even thinking of handing over your cash. The reason being that to make the wrong decision is to effectively throw your money down the drain, never to be seen again. On the plus side, the average scam scheme is reasonably easy to detect.

SUMMARY: So in the case of Dubai Lifestyle App, is it a real or fake binary options trading system? According to our investigation, we cannot recommend the Dubai Lifestyle App as a safe trading solution. There are many inconsistencies between landing pages, suspicious reviews and unrealistic success rates to suggest it as a trustworthy system. Overall, your money could be in danger of disappearing after the evidence we found. If you are looking for more reliable alternatives, you might want to check our list of recommended trading robots:

Dubai Lifestyle App Review

It seems as though the Dubai Lifestyle system simply smacks of scam tactics in every way. According to the Scott Hathaway, he met with a couple of oil billionaires in Dubai, who were so impressed with his system they handed over $430,000 to him to further its development. And that’s how he was able to come up with the 99.8% successful formula.

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However, when we researched the founder online, we could not find his existence, which raised our eyebrows, to say the least. This alone outs the Dubai Lifestyle venture as something that resembles a hoax that cannot and probably won’t deliver on its promises.

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 About The Dubai Lifestyle App

Well, first of all, the way the Dubai Lifestyle system is presented seems a little confusing. If you head over to, you’ll be presented with a landing page that looks legit enough, if slightly amateurish. There appears to be inconsistency regarding the website images and content. The low-resolution background images immediately scream cheap development, while the written content leaves a lot to be desired in terms of quality.

There are links all over the page that take you to the actual signup page, but what we feel is really bizarre is the ad to the side that seems to be offering personal loans. It doesn’t make any sense at all or belong where it is, even though clicking it anywhere takes you to the Dubai Lifestyle app signup page. All very strange indeed.

The blurb you’re greeted with – “Be One Of 100 BETA TESTERS To Profit From The DUBAI LIFESTYLE APP!” – Which is enticing enough, aside from the fact that on the page before stated 1,000 beta testers. There’s obviously misinformation – is it 100 or 1,000 beta testers? Many times, these limited beta tester spots are usually just garbage. The fact that the Dubai Lifestyle website uses this tactic raises concerns but even more so with its changeable licenses offered.  It’s well-known that binary option scam systems use such ‘limited spot’ tactics as just a lie to motivate quicker and more abundant signups. There’s even a prominent countdown at the top of the page showing just how long you’ve got to make this crucial decision. This seems like total BS again – just hit the refresh button and it starts out again from the top.

Also interesting is the way in which it says “72 Spots Remaining in the UK” in the top corner. Every time you hit the refresh button, this jumps to an entirely different random number of no meaning whatsoever. This might not come across as the end of the world, but it is case-in-point evidence that the folks behind the Dubai Lifestyle software appear to be lying to you from the word go. And you have to ask yourself – would you hand your hard-earned money over to those you can’t trust?

Dubai Lifestyle App – Scam or Real?

The problem is that it appears this is really only the start of the deception taking place via the Dubai Lifestyle website. First of all, it took us all of about 5 minutes to exploit that the so-called CEO and founder Scott Hathaway appears to be just a stock image. According to online research, Mr. Scott Hathaway has never probably been anything close to a trader or had anything to do with investments. In the video, he talks of coming up with an incredible system he’s used from his parents’ basement to make huge profits online. Perhaps most ludicrously of all, he talks of a system that produces success rates as high as 99.8%. Talk to anyone with even a day’s experience in trading and they’ll tell you that Dubai Lifestyle’s success rate is fundamentally impossible.

But then again, given the fact that the CEO appears to be fictional, why not everything else? The kind of business you want to trust with your money? Not likely.

If you actually bother to take the time to consult the Dubai Lifestyle’s video reviews and endorsements…well, let’s just say that you’re probably wasting your time. Even if you’re won over by their content, you might be put off to know that these guys appear to be all paid actors that have endorsed any number of dodgy scam binary options systems and services before.

WARNING: We found a few of these user reviews to have scripted the same stuff under different names for other trading bots. One of which was Trader Revenge – one of the dodgiest ever busted.

It’s believed the same also goes for the written positive reviews featured on the signup page, which are supposed to look as if they were penned by real customers. In reality, they were probably written by the Dubai Lifestyle software (quite badly too).

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Does the Dubai Lifestyle Software Work?

As far as the Dubai Lifestyle App user reviews seem to suggest, people all over the world have been making enormous sums of money with the Dubai Lifestyle binary software since as far back as early April 2016. Which would be reassuring for new customers, if it wasn’t for the fact that the company/website wasn’t even founded as far back as then. Which means that unless they’ve mastered the art of time travel in some respect, you can pretty much believe all these reviews are bogus.

Not that this comes as any huge surprise.

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How much Dubai Lifestyle can make you? They’ve well and truly topped the promising traders up to $7,000 per day. Or more specifically, $7,183.80 and the hugely annoying popup screams when you finally decide to bail on the site. The simple fact of the matter is that there isn’t a piece of trading software on the planet with the ability to generate these kinds of profits like $7,000 in such a short time. It cannot happen and therefore isn’t going to happen. These are just more lies and misleading information that scam systems try to make traders believe. This is exactly the tactic some systems like the Dubai Lifestyle App use to dupe people into signing up, along with handing over cash they’ll never see again

Even the most tried and trusted trading bots on the market wouldn’t be able to generate these high amounts – especially with an initial investment of $250. You should realistically expect up to $500 in profit based on such a small investment amount (if you are a new trader) which is still great.

Dubai Lifestyle Software Results

Realistically, you only need to look at a few genuine Dubai Lifestyle reviews posted by actual customers, to know what’s going on. While you might find the occasional contrived Dubai Lifestyle review from an affiliate of some description, those that have actually signed up, downloaded the software, and handed money over are generally pretty let down by what’s been offered. Disappearing money, terrible success rates, the inability to get hold of anyone for information or to register complaints.

Our investigation results show that there appears not to be a single Dubai Lifestyle review suggesting anything close to $7,000 per day has ever happened. Well, none that were written by actual customers, anyway.

The Final Verdict  

riskWhile we’d hesitate to declare a proven Dubai Lifestyle scam taking place, there’s no disputing the warning signs of a dishonest system. We didn’t stick around long enough to be fully scammed but experienced disappointing results when we attempted to test the app. We feel right from the get-go, there was suspicious activity: limited beta tester spots, website founding date, controversial user reviews and undiscoverable CEO. Therefore, our experts believed there was a risk from the beginning and wouldn’t take long before we would lose our investment. That being said, we can put together a pretty accurate picture of how they do business, given the way they present themselves and their offer online.

For example, when a trading bot or automated system makes far-fetched profit promises to its customers, it cannot be trusted. When the website’s traders reviews cannot be found legit and look like stolen photographs with fake background information, you can’t really take the claims seriously. And when the vast majority of genuine customer reviews tell you that something’s not quite right, it’s probably safe to assume that something really isn’t right.

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  • Mobile-Friendly App
  • Professional Looking Website
  • CEO is Non-Existent Online with
  • Unproven Success Rate
  • $7,000 per day is equally impossible
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