Is Elite Trading Club a Scam?


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Is Elite Trading software a scam?
Read this revealing review of Elite Trading and get the facts.

CAUTION: The Elite Trader Club software is claiming you can make $15,000 every day according to Oliver Grünwald. Is the Elite Trader Club legit? Or another scam system you should avoid?

If you’re searching for a binary trading robot and stumbled upon the Elite Trader Club app, you’re lucky you found this scam review. Word on the street is claiming this an upcoming scam and based on the website, we have reasons to think interested traders could be in trouble.

There is no shortage on the market for binary options robots, but it’s hard to tell which ones will help you reap profits. It’s worth mentioning that not all binary bots have the best intentions, and you shouldn’t believe the ones saying that they can make you an insane amount of money overnight. It’s just not possible with the nature of the market conditions and its fluctuations.

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The burning question: Is the Elite Club Trading system a scam? Or an auto trader you should use?

SCAM RESULTS: Based on the evaluation of the Elite Club Trading software, we find that this method does not have enough data to support its claims. The website design may look credible, but the facts show otherwise. The published testimonials appear not to have any genuine credibility, and there the badge stamps on the site are probably there just for décor. We dug very deep into the investigation of the Elite Club Trader and can report it is not a safe binary robot for anyone looking to make profits.

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Elite Club Trading Review

The Elite Club Trading method is designed to automate the binary trading process. It supposedly finds the right time to trade for assets that show a profitable return. According to the website, you can expect a 6-digit income in less than a month’s time. This sounds very appealing, but after dissecting the Elite Club Trading app and experimenting with its performance, the results were not what you’d expect.

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The Elite Club Trading system promised you access to a secret club once you join. There you will join others and begin enabling the auto trader to place trades for you. However appealing this may sound, there a few factors that make it very suspicious compared to other better auto trading systems we know. Read this full review to get the details of why the Elite Trading Club app may be a scam and why you should think twice before joining.

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Does the Elite Club Trading App Work?

According to the website video speaker Oliver Grünwald – sure it does. The Elite Club Trading app makes all the decisions on your behalf based on binary signals it retrieves from the markets. This may sound like a solid framework, but that’s what many binary options robots do. So what makes the Elite Club Trading software unique?

Apparently nothing and we found this out by signing up and trying the software ourselves. After accessing the free Elite Club Trading software, we were welcomed to a dashboard to arrange our settings. Well, we weren’t that surprised with what we found. There were no customizable settings that would help us in our trading decisions and no risk-management. For beginners, there’s apparently no benefit in using a trading solution that lacks the proper parameters for trying to get the best trades and the least losses. Professionals wouldn’t understand the purpose of this app as it would be more beneficial to trade without it. The question is: Where is the win-win situation? We are unable to answer this question.

Maybe the Elite Trading Club app has nothing to offer and just wants you to sign up with some off-shore unregistered brokers. This seems to be the case, and we’re against anyone making such an unwise move unless you don’t ever want to withdraw your earnings.

Elite Trading Club – Fake or Real References?

While on the page, your eyes may catch the badges that say “CNN” or “NBC News,” but there is a problem. These approval stamps appear to lack any reliability since they don’t link to anywhere. Anyone can just post an image on a site and say they have accreditation. So who gave Elite Trading Club the approval? And where are the articles claiming it’s a real system? Nowhere. So, don’t believe what you see and it’s apparent here on the site.

2-2-2Additionally, the claim that George Soros used the Elite Trading Club system is very dubious. We don’t think Mr. Soros would invest in a system like the Elite Trading Club even if he had money to burn. It’s a new trading software that does not have any current credibility. Just know, that it’s a very common tactic for scam systems to use famous investors to compel traders into thinking they’re legit. However, it’s a devious technique, and something that we feel is very misleading.

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Elite Trading Club – Is it a Scam or Real System?

There many visible signs that the Elite Trading Club system is trouble. Just to start off, the fact that there are misspelled words is not something to make you believe this a million dollar method. Take for instance the head which “5stellig” as “5-digit”. It may be in German, but it’s a grammar mistake, and it’s in bold.

Also, right underneath the presentation video, you’ll see a quote from a professor named Dr. Maximilian Wagenbauer. Well, the search results show no name found in the first 50 pages. So does Dr. Wagenbaur exist? We have our doubts. Even if it were a real professor, there is no explanation about his expertise in the financial sector. Once again, the Elite Trading Club system fails in earning a trader’s trust by not providing information and a credible figure to back up its claims.

There is also the exaggerated promise of making large amounts of money in a day – $15,000 as the founder claims. This number supposedly compounds until you become a multimillionaire within a year. Sounds like an entirely bogus promise, if you ask any expert trader. It’s unrealistic and impossible that anyone could make $15K in a day’s worth of trading. If you’ve read any of our previous scam reviews or checkpoints on how to spot fraud systems – this is one trait all fraudulent systems have. Also, just to build more on this matter, there is no viable explanation on how the system can generate large sums of money. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Therefore, we strongly suggest you don’t buy into the marketing tactics of the Elite Trading Club system’s promises. It may sound like it can give you financial freedom, but it may lead you to a bit financial downfall instead.

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The Final Conclusion

riskIt appears that the Elite Trading Club app is practicing shady business. We’ve uncovered a series of fabrications on the website which destroy its credibility and creates tremendous doubts. Also, the fact there are a number of misspellings makes it seem like an inadequate system that shows they can’t afford a proofreader. These are just a couple examples of why the Elite Trading club method could be another scam on the loose.

The heart of the matter is that the website itself may appear well-designed, but the badges, performance, and testimonials are not what they seem. Even the social media icons do not take you to the appropriate pages – they just link back to the homepage. It’s just all very strange. Overall, the Elite Trading Club system seems to share the identical traits of many scam binary software available, and we do not feel comfortable recommending it to any of our readers.

So, don’t fall for auto traders that promise you thousands of dollars in a day as the Elite Trading Club system. It’s not possible and won’t happen anytime soon. Therefore, we strongly advise you keep your money away from the Elite Trading Club program and opt for better trading solutions for success.

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