Is Fast Cash Biz a Scam?


Check out this review of Fast Cash Biz.
Is Fast Cash Biz software a scam?
Read this revealing review of Fast Cash Biz and get the facts.

Catchy name, right – FastCash Biz? But, are you going to really make ‘fast cash’ with this trading robot? Many traders searching for a reliable trading tool might crossroads with this system. It would be natural to think you might make quick income using the Fast Cash Biz software. However, don’t always fall for catchy names.

Before trading software was available, many investors were trading binary options manually – studying for hours, reading the news and analyzing charts. Times have changed for the better, but there’s one downside which is natural when there’s high demand – and that’s competition. While the number of home-based binary options traders is growing, so are trading robots. But unfortunately, more trading robot scams are emerging and targeting traders – especially new ones – left and right.

So if you’re wondering if Fast Cash Biz is truly a good system to boost profit speed, you’ll want to read this scam review.

Be Careful: Our investigation shows that there is no guarantee you will make money with Fast Cash Biz. There is much evidence to support that this system only offers high risk to traders. Our experts don’t recommend you try this system as you might just lose cash really fast.


Fast Cash Biz – What’s the Real Story?

Not that long ago, we bumped into the Fast Cash Biz software and had to learn more about this trading application since its promises were so attractive. Overall, it’s hard to come across a really reliable trading software in the money-making world of binary options. ‘Why’ are you wondering? Well, the fact binary options trading is one of the few things that anyone can learn to do makes it a very attractive market. People worldwide are making a few hundred or even a thousand dollars a day trading from home. For this reason, bad trading systems enter the market wanting to profit as well.

Fast Cash Biz operates as a binary options trading robot that has been developed by Madison Clark and David Graham. The developers of the FastCashBiz claim that the software can give real-time time market data updates to users in order to increase trading benefits. The more knowledge traders have, the better trading decisions they can make.

Besides trying to convince investors that Fast Cash Biz is a profitable software, there are few things you should know before depositing a dollar into this system. Read the results from our studies to find out if Fast Cash Biz will actually make your money or lose all you have.

FastCash.Biz Scam – Fastest Way To Lose Money?

Our team couldn’t find proof of users who became millionaires when they signed up with FastCash.Biz. The rich lifestyle that the creators, Madison and Clark, are presenting appear to have been provided by their money-making trading robot. But are they the only ones? This is a good question since there is not much information being shared about the system in online forums. Also, the system guarantees you that you will make mass profits when you make a deposit. Again, our team asks themselves, ‘why are there not many users sharing this software in the online trading communities?’ Obviously, there seems to be something shady going on for this trading robot not to rank on our list of recommended systems.

According to the website video, it isn’t a magical software that turns anybody into a millionaire overnight. It only promises that you’ll make a whole lot of money the first time you use Fast Cash Biz to trade binary options. That’s a bold promise for a trading software that doesn’t have enough online information about it. FastCash.Biz claims gather actual market data in order to help users invest correctly.

The website states that it is very likely that you can be a victorious trader in 60 seconds or 60 minutes, which is much faster than standard trading. Although this fact is correct regarding binary options trading, this is nothing knew as most binary options traders do exactly this.


Nonetheless, overall the Fast Cash Biz app doesn’t sit right with our team. When yachts and lavish things are constantly involved in a website video such as Fast Cash Biz, be very cautious.  It’s usually just a pushy marketing tactic that plays with hopes and dreams of new traders. For this reason, our team thinks you probably won’t earn money at the rate this trading software promises.

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Is FastCash Biz a Scam Or Not?

We admit, the introduction video is pretty impressive with all the luxury products and tons of cash in mentioned in the founders’ bank accounts. The video presenters Graham and Clark, state that they made their $55 million in just 3 years using the FastCashBiz trading system.

As mentioned before, too many flashy cars and plans being advertised in the video seem like a pushy marketing trick to lure you in. It speaks little about how the trading software works and only talks about a rich lifestyle. But in order to get to that lifestyle, you need to make sure that the software works properly. Or else how can you be sure you’ll actually make money? This video doesn’t offer informative insight about the actual software, so it might not be a legit system. Also, $55 million seems a bit exaggerated to be achieved in such a short time frame of 3 years. The couple should have at least explained strategies to use in order to achieve such high-profit goals, but they didn’t, so something appears shady.  Honestly, our team sees some major red flags of a potential scam with Fast Cash Biz. 

There are many Fast Cash Biz reviews pointing out that this is a scam. As soon as you sign in to the member’s areas there appear to be problems from the start. The member’s area seems fake and just has a simple interface with no helpful tool. Also, there are customers reporting they lost their deposits as soon as they made them. So you may want to avoid taking your chances. It would be better to go for a trading system that gives real profit results in a realistic time frame.

There are many Fast Cash Biz reviews pointing that this is a scam. As soon as they sign in to the member’s areas there seems to problems from the start. The accuracy rate is way below than what is promised, thus many users are complaining about the framework of the system.

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Fast Cash Biz Trading Results 

The creator, Madison Clark states that she was a binary options trader for a number of years before she came up with this software. Clark developed the Fast Cash Biz trading robot to ensure her trades were accurate and keep up to date with the financial markets. She doesn’t take all the credit, though, as she also recruited some of the best traders to help her develop this system to help others begin trading. However, there are no names given about the developers, which struck as odd.

Unfortunately, this binary options trading bot falls very short of being profitable as soon as you login to FastCash Biz. After our team’s test run and attempts to create profits, we only experienced poor trades. We attempted numerous times to use this software, only to find that the system would freeze. The information that is given to users to assist them in their trading executions is very helpful in trading binary options.

It appears as though a trader would be better off not using Fast Cash Biz trading robot, and just to do manual trades themselves. Instead of making binary options trading a difficult experience (which it isn’t), traders just need to gain access to the right trading robot in order to make sure they make profitable decisions.

Is the FastCash Biz Real or Fake?

In the FastCash Biz video, there are many reviews and stories of clients who have made over $1 million in about 3 months. Some of these traders go by the names of Mary Wright, Gordon Powers, Joan Kowalowski, Darrin Alexander, and the list goes on. Yet when we attempted to look online for these people to validate that they are real profiles that earned money from this system, we were unable to find them. Does this look a bit suspicious to you? Well, it does to us.

Also, when we try to search the founders of Fast Cash Biz, Madison Clark, and David Graham, our search results are empty. WARNING: There is information online about how they created the FastCash Biz software, no information about the founders nor about the company. This is a sure sign of danger. If the founders and the software are legitimate there should be some published information about them or at least a LinkedIn page – but we found nothing. Our team strongly recommends more reputable binary trading robots as opposed to Fast Cash Biz, which can disappear instantly once it makes its money.

Fast Cash Biz promises that you will make incredible earnings with their winning rate of 80%. The truth is that these claims are uncertain since we cannot find real evidence. There have been other previous users complaining about the winning rate being much lower – no more than 25 – 30%. That means maybe 2 or 3 out of 10 trades were successful! That’s very poor performance.

We remain at a standstill as we wait for further positive feedback from real investors so we recommend the reliability as well as the safety this software. Till then, out team recommends that it’s better you stay away and check out trusted binary options trading robots.

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 The Pros & Cons of Fast Cash Biz 

Some of the advantages that the Fast Cash Biz system offers is that this software is accessible from your home and is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. In addition, the software is also smartphone and tablet friendly. However, there appear to be more cons than pros for this software.

Moving on from the benefits, we find that there are many important problems regarding the software. First off, the Fast Cash Biz phone number doesn’t seem to work all the time. When we attempted to contact their customer support team, we couldn’t find anyone available. Our team is unable to conclude if the Fast Cash Biz is legit and dependable enough for traders to use. The only thing we can conclude is that software could be a potential risk. It is much safer to seek higher quality and better recognized binary options trading robots offered by other reputable companies.

The Final Verdict


After a thorough examination, we have concluded that Fast Cash Biz may not be 100% safe and secure for interested traders. Our findings indicate that the website does not offer enough information regarding the software itself and how it works for you. It appears just to be selling a lifestyle and not actual facts about how it goes about making accurate trades. Furthermore, the success rate has not been proven to be 80%, but more like 25%. This means traders may experience faster losses rather than cash.

Due to the lack of evidence about the FastCash Biz software, we feel it as a potential risk to our readers. Binary options trading is a profitable experience but, with the Fast Cash Biz system, it’s highly possible your chances of losing may be much higher. It would be probably better if you just traded blindly than to download the Fast Cash Biz app.

All-in-all, the claimed profits of millions are not realistic based on our results and this doesn’t seem optimal to make ‘fast cash’. Until we are provided positive feedback from traders, we cannot fully confirm this software is suitable as a Binary Robot.

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  • Compatible With Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Mobile App
  • Unregistered Company
  • Risky Trading Experience
  • Poor Success Rate
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