Is Gemini 2 a scam?


Check out this review of Gemini 2.
Is Gemini 2 software a scam?
Read this revealing review of Gemini 2 and get the facts.

So what’s the story? Is Gemini 2 a scam? Is it worth signing up for a Gemini 2 trial? Or should you trust the Gemini 2 scam reviews that paint a negative picture?

If you got excited about the Gemini 2 software, we suggest you hold back until you know the facts. The creator, Bandon Lewis, might be a smooth talker but if you’ve seen other scam systems before, you’ll recognize a thing or two.

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Gemini 2 System Review

Let’s face it – any opportunity to take home more than $12,000 a day while barely having to lift a finger is one that most of us would jump at. Heck, we’d probably be willing to work pretty hard for this kind of cash. So when you’re told there’s a limited-time opportunity to take home five figures every day guaranteed, you’d be crazy not to sign up…right?

Gemini 2 scam review

Well, that’s what Gemini 2 trading claims to offer – a fast-track solution for a life of wealth and happiness. However, with so much talk of a Gemini 2 scam going on, you’d be right to be cautious.

In this Gemini 2 software review, we’ll tell you all you need to know.

Is Gemini 2 Legit or Scam?

Working with a quality trading bot makes it possible to turn a great profit with minimal effort. Sadly, trading bots that actually work are in very short supply, while scam systems are far easier to come across. Which is why it’s important to be skeptical about any offers like the ones Gemini2 is promising, in order to realistically work out what you’re dealing with before getting started.

Regarding Gemini 2 trading, alarm bells begin ringing the very moment you load up the homepage and take a look at what’s published. The very first thing that catches your eye is the promise of at least $12,341 per day. If you know anything at all about binary trading, you’ll know that turning profits like these daily is impossible.

ADVICE: If you plan on starting out with a $250 deposit, then expect a few hundred dollars in profit. THIS is realistic. It is mathematically impossible to turn such a small amount into $12K overnight. Always remember, big promises and guarantees usually come from hoax systems. It’s their way of trying to convince you to invest money so they can take it from you with a white glove.

So already, suspicions of a Gemini 2 scam are intensified by the fundamental untruths we are sharing with you. There are definitley more disturbing facts. But, we thought we’d lay down the initial things that strike us as not practical.

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About Gemini 2 Software by Brandon Lewis

As for the video itself, it’s all put together pretty well and tells an appealing story. There’s the company owner, a guy called Brandon Lewis, driving a Lamborghini and living the high life. As CEO of Gemini Holdings, he’s apparently been working on these kinds of things for years, ultimately resulting in the loss-proof Gemini 2 app. The only problem here being that a) Gemini Holdings doesn’t exist regarding binary automated trading software and b) its appears neither does Brandon Lewis.

Gemini 2 scam review

Instead, he’s actually an actor by the name of Jeremy McLaughlin who was hired to play the role and read from a script. This immediately gives the impression that Gemini 2 is a scam – why would they not use the actual company owner?

Our research shows that instead, he’s actually an actor by the name of Jeremy McLaughlin who was hired to play the role and read from a script. This immediately gives the impression that Gemini 2 is a scam – why would they not use the actual company owner?

Is Gemini 2 Telling You The Truth?

Along with making totally unrealistic promises as to expected returns, you’ll also be told that there’s only ‘1 spot’ left in the country you happen to be in at the time. This is, of course, to try and rush new customers into signing up, though definitely 100% untrue. If you refresh the landing page after some time, all the spots renew! It’s another tactic that makes you question if Gemini 2 works or not. After all, if it were such a goldmine, why would they have to hurry new customers to get involved?

WARNING: Watch out for scam systems that use countdowns! It’s a popular pressure tactic that many naive traders fall for, unfortunately.

It’s also untrue that you can try out Gemini 2 for free. In reality, it might cost nothing to submit your email address and get started, but you’ll actually need to hand over at least $250 to get things up and running. We’ll first say that to access a trading robot is usually free. The only required capital necessary is when you open a broker’s account and start trading. However, we feel the website did not explain this, thus it could surprise users. And judging by the vast majority of Gemini 2 reviews we’ve come across to date, the likelihood of getting anything back in return isn’t great.

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Does Gemini 2 Software Work?

There have been sufficient Gemini 2 complaints voiced by jaded customers to reach the conclusion that the system doesn’t work. Either that or there’s no Gemini 2 system at all to speak of, and it’s all one big Gemini 2 scam. But there are also far too many discrepancies across the Gemini 2 website itself and the promotions video – all of which make you question whether Gemini 2 is a scam or legit.

First of all, there are a couple of clear errors with those who apparently decided to join Gemini 2 and began making good money. If you take a look at those giant cheques, you’ll note that the only thing more head-scratching is the date of one of them. It is dated December 5, 2015 – impressive given the fact that Gemini 2 only came into existence in May 2016! There’s no way someone could have made money in 2015 if Gemini has only been accessible since 2016! So unless they’ve also mastered the art of time travel, something is definitely wrong here.

Another similar example of trickery can be seen when the Gemini 2 video shares an apparent screenshot of one of their customers’ live results statements. You’ll see at the top they’ve earned almost a million dollars, despite starting with just $250 in the bank. (Why would it need to remind you what you started with?) But it’s the fact that it states a full 100% win rate at the top, which is something anyone should easily be able to finger as pure fraud. The Gemini 2 system cannot and will not offer a 100% win rate – no binary trading system on the planet can come close to such a figure.

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Gemini 2 Complaints

Despite the fact that these promised Gemini 2 results simply cannot be delivered, it is no uncommon to come across a handful of positive Gemini 2 reviews here and there. The only problem here being that when you actually consider their content, you realise how contrived they tend to be. Nowhere will you find a Gemini 2 review that goes into detail as to how exactly the system works. What’s more, upon contacting the reviewers themselves, you’ll find they either don’t exist or have never used the Gemini 2 app for themselves. They’ve simply been commissioned to write positive Gemini 2 feedback.

Come to think of it, the Gemini 2 video itself doesn’t actually reveal anything of interest as to how Gemini 2 works. There isn’t a single thing about the video and its content that add up – nor about the promises made regarding returns. The simple fact of the matter is that when you come across fake reviews, contrived stories and actors being used instead of real employees, you have to ask yourself what on Earth is really going on.

The Final Conclusion

riskSo, the big question about Gemini 2: Is it a scam?

We have to be careful when it comes to pointing the finger as we never, ever allow ourselves to be scammed by dodgy dealers since we exploit them beforehand. As such, we cannot say with 100% confidence that Gemini 2 is a scam. But at the same time, the general consensus on the Gemini 2 results to expect after signing up does not paint the prettiest picture. The Gemini 2 software appears to sell more promises than bring actual results. 

When you take a good look at the Gemini 2 website, the video and all the other information on offer, you get the feeling they’ve pulled every standard trick out of the book and rehashed it once again. Sure it’s well put together, and there’s some solid Gemini 2 feedback out there, but you just have to remember one thing – the company and the CEO don’t exist. Gemini 2 by Brandon Lewis doesn’t exist – hence the constant talk of a Brandon Lewis scam.

It is ultimately up to you who you choose to do business with, and there are indeed some outstanding binary bots out there doing the rounds. The general advice, therefore, being to proceed with caution, using your gut, logic, and judgment to guide your decisions in the right direction. And remember – when something seems too good to be true, it almost definitely is!

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  • Website Content Is Reasonably Scripted
  • The Video Looks Professionally
  • The Company And CEO Do Not Exist
  • Completely Unrealistic And Fabricated Promises
  • Fake Reviews And Contrived Information
  • Conflicting Dates
  • Far Too Many Complaints
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