Is Google Trader a Scam?


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Every binary options trader wants a trading tool they can trust when they walk away from the computer. Sometimes though, traders fall for robots because they have name they trust that has a good reputation. The Google Trader is one of the latest trading robots penetrating the binary options market and is getting much hype due to its name being associated with Google.

It’s a fact that Binary Options robots are very beneficial tools that increase profit for both new and pro traders, however, not all robots on the web are trustworthy. Many recent ones that have arisen just want a piece of the pie – and your money.

So does Google Trader hold a good standing reputation as a trading robot? Well, you’ve come to the right source for a real answer.
Although Google Trader promises big money returns in days, our investigation shows otherwise. After careful evaluation of the Google Trader software, we cannot say this is a safe profit-making robot for fellow traders. We advise you to choose a safer method or use Google Trader at Your Own Risk.

Google Trader Software Review

It’s every trader’s intention to generate great profit returns from his investment and it’s now much more possible with the help of automated trading software, or trading robots. A recent auto trading system that is gaining much attraction and many reviews is Google Trader. We know many traders are wondering if it’s a scam or not, since it entails the word “Google”.

As per our investigation, we have found that this trading system is misleading online users into thinking that the Google auto trader software has something to do with the infamous “Google” and its algorithms. We did find proof that Google Trader is completely independent of the search engine and does not use Google’s algorithms for trade signals. The website itself includes a strong marketing tactic with attractive income figures and Facebook testimonials from previous clients. After careful review and collected facts, keep reading to find out why Google Trader could be an online scam that could empty out the money in your account.

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What is The Google Trader System?

According to their website, Google Trader is the most amazing automated trading robot around. This software attempts to gain popularity by publishing Facebook testimonials and associating itself with Google trading. The trading system claims to determine which trades will be successful based on Google’s complex algorithms, and then it executes trades on your behalf. Google Trader runs on complete autopilot and as soon as you sign up and an open an account with their broker, you’ll access this tool. Just keep in mind, this is not Google stock trading.

Is Google Trader Software a Scam?

According to the website, there are a number of members achieving more than $14,500 every single day using the software’s signals. Furthermore, it states it can reach up to 97% profit per winning trade. Although this sounds very attractive, don’t get too excited just yet. Not even the exclusive trading robots used by leading financial analysts can perform at such a high success rate such as 97%. Therefore, we advise you to keep your guard up. Just because a trading system might use a popular name, like Google, for example, doesn’t mean that you should trust it. Our team has conducted many robot investigations, and have come across a number of scams that use famous names to gain a traders trust and lure them into their trap – so be careful!
It’s worth mentioning that binary options trading does generate a rewarding income, but you need a trusted binary robot that doesn’t sell you over glorified income figures. You might not make $14,500 in one day, but a few hundred or even a thousand dollars is definitely possible, depending on the amounts you deposit. In the trading world, higher deposits lead to higher profits. For instance, full-time binary options traders can generate $6,000 dollars in a day due to their experience and of course, trading robots.

Something that we found strange was that we were unable to trace the real users that claimed to have made real money using Google Trader. There is a possibility that these profiles are false or perhaps paid success stories. As we dug deeper into the investigation, we actually uncovered users complaining about being locked out of their account before being able to trade.

Does Google Trader Really Use “Google”?

Mr. William#s claims that the website is hosted by Google, which doesn’t make sense since Google is a search engine. Despite this sales tactic to gain your trust, there is no evidence that shows any relation between Google Trader and Google trading charts. But as we scrolled to the bottom of the site, we found proof that indicates the opposite in small fine print: “ … are not associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Google, Clickbank, eBay, Amazon, Yahoo or Bing”.

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With all these above false claims, we cannot state 100% Google Trader is a scam, but you should keep your distance. The behavior does resemble other scams we have investigated, thus it may be a risky endeavor for your hard-earned money. However, if you are looking for a safe software that already has an excellent reputation, check out our list of top performing robots.

Does Google Trader Actually Work?

The Google Trader is automated trading bot that is free to access as soon as you sign up. The only thing you need to do is open an account with their binary options broker, fund your account with $250 – and you should get access to the platform. The Founder of Google Trader app, Ben Williams, states on the website’s intro video that this system is supposed to deposit thousands of dollars into your bank account every week. Overall, the procedure sounds just like other standard systems and the deposit required is acceptable. But let’s see if there is anything else you should know.

As we went through the process, we found that Google Trader uses the binary options broker, Binary Book. After our thorough research, we inform you that Binary Book is neither regulated nor a highly reputable broker in the binary options industry. Based on the many reviews we researched, not only were users dissatisfied with the Google Trader software but there were numerous complaints regarding the associated broker. This further leads us to believe that Google Trader may not be the best trading tool for our readers.

It’s much encouraged you to stay away as this system resembles one of the many scam models on the web. If you’re looking to succeed in trading and achieve real profit results, you can check out better performing systems that rank high on our list of trusted binary options robots.

Google Trader Complaints

We searched various forums and online trading communities to find out what real users are saying about Google Trader. Coming across many negative comments, we found a very important one that stuck out from them all.  One of the biggest complaints traders are raging about is when they go to sign into the Google Trader platform, only to get locked out of their account as soon as they make a deposit. Whether this is a technical glitch or scam move, this has left many customers very angry and they’re sharing it online.

It’s unfortunate that such systems like Google Trader cause a bad name for online trading systems. We understand the difficulties traders face trying to distinguish a legit system from a fake one, but you need to know where to look. This is why we do the dirty work and have put a list together of real trading robots that actually work and we can safely suggest to fellow readers.

Final Overview

riskGoogle Trader system resembles scams that are a dime a dozen online. By using the search engine’s name “Google”, the company recognizes that they could potentially earn some handsome profits from traders who sign up. It’s a clever marketing tactic that could trick you to believe that this robot has something to do with Google’s complicated algorithm. This is not the case, the search engine and the trading bot are not partnered in any way, and proof exists in the fine print at the bottom of the website. Just so you know, Google’s engineers are paid big bucks not to reveal their algorithms anywhere, and they still remain a secret until this day. It’s also doubtful that Google would partner with a trading bot that has mostly negative reviews.

Further suspicion arises as the Facebook testimonials on the website appear fabricated, and there is no indication on Google Trader’s Facebook page that these success stories are true since these members cannot be traced. How can you trust a company you appears to lie about their software?

This is not uncommon, as many scam trading software try to convince potential traders that they are indeed profitable and popular on the web. A good trading robot speaks for itself, the free trading robots we recommend have a modest approach but, they have genuine positive reviews and are indeed safe for your money.

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