Is Instant Cash App a Scam?


Check out this review of Instant Cash App.
Is Instant Cash App software a scam?
Read this revealing review of Instant Cash App and get the facts.

Who doesn’t dream of bringing in an easy monthly income making profits online without doing much work? Some remain dreamers, while others have found that binary options trading has helped them achieve the ‘easy working’ lifestyle. Of course, switching careers doesn’t happen so fast. But, the right trading robot can help anyone earn a few hundred dollars daily in the beginning(careful, we didn’t say thousands, as this is impossible.)

These past couple weeks, we’ve received numerous requests to find out the truth about the Instant Cash App. It’s frustrating when you get led in the wrong direction or you’re unsure if a trading robot is a scam or not. Our team did a full scam review of the Instant Cash App with the facts and evidence to support this review.


What is the Instant Cash App?

The Instant Cash App is designed and presented by Mark Davis, who claims this system has been around for 5 years. It is an automated trading software that supposedly executes asset trades for at the right opportunity. Everything is done automatically, so you don’t have to put in an ounce of work when trading binary options.

Every year the Instant Cash App website offers 50 new licenses to new people who want to join the program and trade binary options without hard work. The website guarantees that you’ll make $2,000 every single day, except if you like in a few specific countries (Australia, South Africa, United States, UAE and the UK), you’ll make double the amounts. Why these 5 countries? According to Mark Davis, these countries have a special advantage regarding the timing and accuracy in the app, resulting in higher profits.


Can the Instant Cash App really earn your cash instantly? We’ll conclude whether Instant Cash App is worth your investment or if you should completely stay away from it. Make sure to read our honest review to find out if this is just another scam that wants to suck away your well-earned money.

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Does Instant Cash App Work?

The Instant Cash App website and intro video do a pretty good job trying to gain a trader’s trust. Perhaps, this is why many new traders are signing up and yet come out disappointed according to their reviews. Any trader with some experience already recognizes there is something not right about the Instant Cash App – the big promise of huge profits. The creator is right in stating you can’t become a millionaire overnight, but our team has their reservations about some of his claims. Although we cannot say Instant Cash App is a complete scam, the profit numbers seem much exaggerated. It’s almost impossible to achieve $2,000 in a day when starting out with just a $250 deposit.

Also, the claimed 93% winning rate is almost impossible since there is no trading robot that can be that accurate due to the fluctuation of market trends. This is worth mentioning that stock prices do change due to certain world events, however depending on the algorithms a trading robot uses will determine its accuracy. The Instant Cash App doesn’t mention anything about what it uses to find the time gap glitches in the markets to get those money-making trades. So how does it execute the right trades? The Instant Cash App doesn’t appear to tell us.

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Instant Cash App – Legit or Not?

If you are new to binary options trading, making thousands from a small deposit on your first day is completely unrealistic. The math probabilities don’t calculate correctly in order to reach a few thousand just from a $200 to $300 investment. Don’t get discouraged and think it won’t ever happen. For sure after some trading experience, you can invest more which will lead to higher profit returns (yes, thousands eventually can be earned). Nonetheless, we find that the Instant Cash App appears to be making false promise and claims in order to attract naïve binary traders.

During our trading sessions on the Instant Cash App platform, we could never achieve $2,000 profits that the creator guarantees. It seems as though it generates random numbers and then fails to automatically place the trades. The problem is that it is not 93% accurate because it seems as though the software doesn’t really exist. So if you are looking for an accurate auto trading tool, Instant Cash App may not be a good choice.

Is Instant Cash App a Scam?

Every year 50 new members are given free access to download the Instant Cash app program to help them trade binary options. Supposedly, it’s been around for 5 years, however, our team of binary options traders has never heard about this software. With so many software released every month, it’s hard to keep track but if it’s a reliable trading robot, we usually are the first to know about it. Also, if Instant Cash App was so well-known and gave really profitable results, online traders would be giving positive feedback, right? Well, in the online binary trading forums, the word is getting around but they’re negative comments – and they’re not new. There are customer complaints about the software freezing and trades not being automatically executed. These are major issues on the Instant Cash App, which we tested ourselves and found these complaints are legit.

Another thing worth mentioning is the number of licenses available per year. There is a timing widget on the website which does a countdown and claims spots are filling up. Many scams these days use a pressure tactic to force you to sign up and make you feel that time is running out. Guess what? We returned back to the Instant Cash App website 3 days later and the countdown was back to the beginning. It seems as though Instant Cash App is tricking people to sign up, therefore we cannot say this a trustworthy system.

Instant Cash App Software Review

After you sign up, you are redirected to another landing page with another video that gives you some insight. This video shows you a quick demo of the software generating profits (but still doesn’t explain how). Our team finds this tactic is done in a very convincing manner, however, when you are about to trade, it’s a different story. It’s as if the actual Instant Cash App framework doesn’t really work – or even real. When our team got to the platform, we were permanently stuck at a loading page as you can see below.


There appears to be nothing about the software on this page. So how are traders supposed to invest in a software that apparently doesn’t exist? Therefore, after numerous attempts, we could not pass the frozen loading screen. This could be very dangerous for traders, as there are no guaranteed profits with the Instant Cash App software for these reasons. We highly suggest you don’t waste your time trying or hoping for $2,000 in your first trade attempt with the Instant Cash App. You’re much better off relying on proven trading software that loads very fast and offers real profits.

The Final Verdict

riskOverall, it appears that Instant Cash App doesn’t really have anything beneficial to offer investors. You shouldn’t rush into joining the program since the countdown timer seems to just reset right after your leave the page. Furthermore, proceeding to access the Instant Cash App software itself may leave you very disappointed as the screen remains frozen. For a trading software to be on the market for the past 5 years, it has many problems. The general layout of the website could make any new trader believe the Instant Cash App is legit, but for those with a well-trained eye – you know what it looks like.

Based on our investigation, we cannot say the Instant Cash App is a safe nor reliable trading software. You probably won’t get any benefits by using the software and the likelihood of achieving huge earnings are very far-fetched. Therefore, the $2,000 or $4,000 guarantee appears to be a false promise only to trick you. The way Instant Cash App presents itself on the market makes it look like just another new scam that just emerged. Be very careful where you choose to join because you wouldn’t want to risk losing your investment.

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