Is Instant Cash Club a Scam?


Check out this review of Instant Cash Club.
Is Instant Cash Club software a scam?
Read this revealing review of Instant Cash Club and get the facts.

Does Instant Cash Club equal instant losses? Are there real results with the Instant Cash Club App? If these questions are on your mind, you’ve come to the right place for a thorough review. If you lost money using the Instant Cash Club software, all the details ‘why’ are in this article.

If it’s possible for a  to help you make healthy profits, why would you not use one? The answer…well, it actually comes down to the fact that finding a quality trading bot these days is harder than it sounds. You come across something like Instant Cash Club, you read into a world of incredible promises, and you find yourself compelled to sign up. The only problem being, all that talk of an Instant Cash Club scam has you worried.

So what’s the truth with the Instant Cash Club system? How does Instant Cash Club work? Or are we talking a full-scale Instant Cash Club hoax?

If you’ve been looking for an entirely factual and honest Instant Cash Club review, you’ll find it right here!


Instant Cash Club Review

One of the most important Instant Cash Club questions of all is of course – what does it do? How does Instant Cash Club work? The answer is a little blurry to be honest, as if you take the time to watch the promo video, you’ll find they don’t really go into a great amount of detail. They say that the Instant Cash Club software uses a unique algorithm to predict trades between major currency pairs, ensuring flawless results and huge returns. In fact, they talk about the prospect of raking in around $5,000 every eight hours, amounting to more than $15,000 per day. Can you really expect Instant Cash Club results like these? Common sense should answer…of course you can’t!

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The Instant Cash Club video tells the same old story yet again – one that includes Wall Street traders, rags-to-riches transitions and how you could be next. The narrator talking about the Instant Cash Club video is said to be one Jim Robinson, while a further two people by the names of Thomas Jordan and Andrew Haines are mentioned as the creators of the system. The thing is though, you can search as long and hard as you like, but you will not find a single thing about any of these people. The reason being, they appear to be made up. They don’t exist. Fabrication. These are the thoughts based on our online search results.

So already, the possibility of an Instant Cash Club scam is made stronger by a number of glaring untruths.

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Is Instant Cash Club Software Legit or Scam?

Mr. Robinson does his best to tell the world that this unique system is making ordinary people all over the world into millionaires in no time at all. They talk of average monthly profits when using the Instant Cash Club app of around $250,000. That’s a million every four months for doing next to nothing at all. Too good to be true? Absolutely – if there was a way of getting as rich as this as quick as this, it would already be in use by way more people and would not be up for grabs free of charge.

ADVICE: If you plan on starting out with a $250 deposit, then expect a few hundred dollars in profit. THIS is realistic. It is mathematically impossible to turn such a small amount into $10K overnight. Always remember, big promises and guarantees usually come from hoax systems. It’s their way of trying to convince you to invest money so they can take it from you with a white glove.

Speaking of which, while they give the impression that an Instant Cash Club account is free, you’ll actually need to deposit at least $250 to get started. The investment amount is not the problem; it’s the fact Instant Cash Club isn’t transparent about the process.

Unanswered Instant Cash Club Questions

Along with the use of actors which is always troubling with these kinds of things, Instant Cash Club’s Jim Robinson never actually goes into any real detail as to how the algorithm works. Not that we’d expect a billion-dollar secret like this to be divulged in full, but he gives us nothing to go on and nothing to trust. When combined with the fact the profits of up to $30,000 per day are mentioned, it all adds up to a possible Instant Cash Club hoax. Shouldn’t you know how a system is able to generate so much cash? It’s very questionable naturally. Unfortunately, Jim Robinson doesn’t care to reveal any details, which we find rather odd.

As for the screens that appear to show the algorithm in motion, what’s actually used in nothing more than a random number generator, engineered to produce impressive-looking results. You can find rest assured that this, along with most of the information on the Instant Cash Club website, appears to be misleading, to say the least.

And then, of course, there’s the way they use the common tactic of trying to make you believe you’re running out of time to sign up. If Instant Cash Club access could generate these kinds of profits, there’s no way they’d need to rush new customers to sign up. Not only this, but you wouldn’t find yourself in a situation where there are more Instant Cash Club complaints out there than there positive reviews or praise. Take a quick look online for Instant Cash Club reviews, and you’ll see what we mean with this one.

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Instant Cash Club App a Real App?

Looking behind the scenes, there seems to be even more evidence to suggest that allegations of Instant Cash Club deceit are in fact valid. In the video, you’ll hear the presenter talking about the website and the system having been up and running since February 2016, which meant that as of March 2016 he was making a ton of money. But if you care to check up on this, you’ll find that the website itself – has only existed since late-September 2016. So once again, we appear to have a tale of a so-called binary trading genius that can also time-travel.

A small point but an important point nonetheless, you might notice that the Instant Cash Club website features logos for the Apple App Store and Google Play. You might also notice that these aren’t actually links…they aren’t, in fact, anything at all. So why on Earth are they there? The answer…simply to fill space and make the Instant Cash Club home page look better. There’s no Instant Cash Club app available via Apple or Google – another example of pure deceit and Instant Cash Club trickery.

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Instant Cash Club Dishonest Scheme?

The final ‘smoking gun’ in terms of evidence of an Instant Cash Club bogus system is the most common and easy to spot scam tactic of all. Once again, rather than having actual customers or at least real people write and submit reviews, it seems they’ve gone the route of stealing images and writing positive reviews themselves.

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You really only need to do a reverse image search via Google to find that those who have supposedly written positive reviews about Instant Cash Club are people that don’t exist. Or at least, their pictures have also graced dozens of other sites and reviews with different names every time. Add it all together and you have to question – are we looking at one too many Instant Cash Club gimmicks?

The Final Conclusion 

riskOur team has concluded that the Instant Cash Club software by Thomas Jordan, Andrew Haines and Jim Robinson appears to be an investment hoax that could lose your money in a snap. We never allow ourselves to be scammed personally, which is why we have to be careful not to confirm an Instant Cash Club fraudulent scheme directly. We’re committed simply to posting as much honest, impartial and factual information as possible, in order to allow customers to make up their own minds concerning what’s on offer. In the case of the Instant Cash Club system, there are just far too many discrepancies for it to be given a full recommendation.

If you are serious about binary options trading, you’ll find a number of outstanding bots up and running right that we’ve reviewed as aces. For the time being, if Instant Cash Club is a scam, there’s no need to fall for it. It’s simply a case of taking the evidence available to you and going with your instincts. Just be careful when it comes to false promises of overnight riches and a free ride – you’ll only ever come out disappointed.

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