Is Insured Trading a Scam?


Check out this review of Insured Trading.
Is Insured Trading software a scam?
Read this revealing review of Insured Trading and get the facts.

Have you received an “invitation” from Insured Trading to join the best trading software on the planet? The founder Oliver Breitner claims that his trading software will change your financial status for the better. So is he telling the truth or is Insured Trading just another scam wanting to take your money?

Only recently have binary options robots been available for public access. Before, just top investment firms were using advanced algorithms to predict the forecast of the market precisely. The popularity of binary options trading and its income generating results has opened the doors to anyone in need of an extra paycheck or a career change. Individuals with no financial or business background are now earning additional income without having to work very hard with the help of a reliable trading robot.

So, is Insured Trading a binary robot the most successful trading tool on the market? For those who have visited the official website, new traders might have been impressed while expert traders find something shady.


Insured Trading by Oliver Breitner Review

The latest binary options trading software, Insured Trading by Oliver Breitner has been released and is accessible in the online market. Initially looking at the software, it appears impressive and offers investors the reassurance that this is the ultimate trading solution that could earn them $750 in an hour. It claims to use a company patented algorithm the company calls “Insure Outcome Protocol” that analyzes billions of market data in 1 millionth of a second and then places trades automatically. Oliver Breitner even guarantees that there is no risk in binary options trading when enabling the Insured Trading Protocol. If a losing trade is about to happen, the auto trader goes the opposite way to offset the loss.

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However, should you believe you believe that you can make $725 hour? This scam report will expose the facts surrounding the software and if Oliver Breitner’s bold claims are truly legit. After this thoroughly informative scam review, you should have a good idea whether you should join or not – and if it is 100% a scam.

About the Insured Trading Software

The founder Oliver Breitner appears to be more of an actor than the actual developer. We searched Mr. Breitner on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other social networks and the results were negative. He seems to be missing in the online world, which raises much suspicion. The only information we uncovered is that he was the also the founder of a software many have blacklisted called the Insured Outcome.

Additionally, there is not enough data available about the Insured Outcome Protocol’s abilities to generate the promised profits on the site. It claims to be a patented algorithm that operates at 1 millionth of a second to retrieve data but, there is not proof that it works. We researched high and low, all over the web and even contacted Insure Trading customer support to find out the details. The support team told us exactly what the website video says – nothing more. It seems as though either there’s a scam behind this trading software or Insured Trading just wants to keep everything a secret.

However, isn’t it important that you know where you are putting your money? How can a trader trust a software like Insured Trading that does not explain the software’s framework? These are important questions you should ask yourself before signing up with a trading software like Insured Trading.

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Can Insured Trading Make You $18K?

This carefully put trading software has not been long on the market, and luckily we encountered Insured Trading rather quickly. Before we even begin, seasoned binary options traders would have noticed something very suspicious as soon as they land on the website: The promise that you will make $18,000 in a day. The mathematical probability of you profiting such a huge amount is bizarre if not unrealistic. A miracle would need to happen to generate that promised amount just for a small initial start-up deposit of $250. Additionally, Insured Trading video doesn’t appear to explain how it makes its mass profit numbers and keeps it a safeguarded secret. This is a warning for new traders, do not fall for massive fortune promises.

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Is The Insured Trading Software a Scam?

This might come as a shocker to some of you, but Oliver Breitner is the same founder who developed another so-called scam binary trading software called Insured Outcome. When comparing both the Insured Trading and Insured Outcome software, it’s obvious that the presentation videos are almost identically the same. So does that mean the Insured Trading software will perform the same as the Insured Outcome?

Insured Trading Scam

Mr. Oliver Breitner presenting his previous software Insured Outcome

If so, then your money could be in danger, if not cleared out of your trading account. The Insured Outcome is negatively looked up in the trading community since its release. So perhaps this also justifies the negative feedback users are reporting lately in the trading forums that we research.

Moreover, there is something more that we find untrustworthy from the Insured Trading website video. Mr. Oliver Breitner claims he’s been using the software since 2014, and in the last 3 months, over 15 people have become millionaires. However, after checking the domain, we found out the site has only been running for a month (SEE BELOW)! So how has the Insured Trading software made millionaires? This leaves a big question mark and something that cannot be answered.

Insured Trading Scam

Although we cannot fully conclude it is a complete scam, Insured Trader does share traits of other scams we have reviewed. Due to the popularity of binary options trading, it’s only natural that many scams want a piece of the pie. Luckily, there are still reputable trading robots out there, so don’t worry. We found a great alternative that we’ve recently tested, and this trading robot offers an excellent success rate for new and professional traders.

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Does The Insured Trading App Work?

Just to get the facts straight, making $750 every hour or even $18,000 per day is not possible! In the binary options industry, or even in the global financial market, no one can generate this astronomical amount of money in such a short time-frame, not even professional traders who are trading for years now, and not even beginner traders who trade with a top recommended auto trader from a legit and registered company!

Now that we offered you some insight lets us examine the Insured Trading software works. The formula uses algorithms that are calculated and collected from a vast amount of market data. The interpreted data then generates signals to traders for the proper trading executions. Insured Trading claims its success rate to be 100%. However, we have our doubts. Since the app places trades automatically, there is no need for users to conduct investments manually. The Insured Trading app executes the trades according to its algorithmic calculations. Users can check back at the end of the trading day to see their profit results – if any.

Although it’s obvious we could not generate $18K in a day; we can inform you that the success rate is also not 100% (nor is even the best trading software in this world entirely accurate). After testing the software, we can report that our experience offered a 30% success rate. Regardless, this should be rather embarrassing for any trading software that makes such big promises to users.

Unfortunately, the Insured Trading software still has longs ways to go until it can positively rank in our list of trusted trading robots.

Should You Sign Up?

From a protective standpoint, our team of trading experts cannot recommend that Insured Trading is an optimal or safe option for readers. However, we’ll inform you regardless on how the sign-up procedure goes.

The Insured Trading software is available free of charge. You can get access to the app once you sign up on the Insured Trading website. You will be allowed to download and then login to access the platform. The creator of the app will put you in touch with a designated broker, and you will have to open an account and make a deposit with the broker before you can activate Insured Trading. From a general perspective, the sign-up process appears legit just like in any other trading system and the initial deposit to begin trading is also acceptable. But, the fact that the success rate is well below industry average does not make the software worth suggesting for successful outcomes.

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Final Overview

riskIn conclusion, the Insured Trading software appears as an imitation of its previous version, the Insured Outcome app created by Oliver Breitner as well. Many other scam reviewers have blacklisted the Insured Outcome app. Thus there may be some relation to the new version now marketed as the Insured Trading software.

We cannot guarantee this is not a scam, but we feel as though the founder is dishonest in the software’s abilities.  Despite these exploitations, our investigation and trading results cannot permit us to suggest Insured Trading as an optimal trading tool for new or expert traders. There appear to be too many flaws and suspicious behavior behind the trading platform to be considered safe for traders. Until proven otherwise or if there is ever more genuine positive reviews about its performance, we cannot recommend Insured Trader is a suitable binary options robot. Be careful and stay in the safe zone by turning your back on Insured Trader and looking at more legit systems.

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  • Mobile-Friendly
  • Automated Trading
  • Founder Cannot Be Traced
  • Not 100% Successful
  • No Proof About Algorithm Used
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