Is BinaBot App a Scam?


Check out this review of BinaBot App.
Is BinaBot App software a scam?
Read this revealing review of BinaBot App and get the facts.

Catchy name the BinaBot App, right? However, many are curious to find out if this new binary trading robot is genuine and it’s really the ultimate tool for successful trading. Is it really 92% accurate? Does BinaBot really offer the best trading possibilities or it is just another binary scam? You’re reading the right review to find out the answer.

The problem these days is that while trading robots can be incredibly helpful and profitable, the market is flooded with scammers. For every legit system out there, you’ll usually find at least one dishonest system looking to mislead customers. In fact, it’s come to a point where it’s natural to be skeptical about every trading bot you come across – even though there are some doing a great job.

A high-quality trading robot can make it easy for anyone, regardless of their experience, to enter the world of trading and investments. Bots use data from a variety of sources to make real-time trading decisions, minimizing the risk of losses and maximizing gains. Working with an elite trading bot has the potential to be life-changing, but with so many scams around, it can be difficult to know where to start.

BinaBot Scam Review

So, what’s the story with BinaBot software? After carrying out a fully impartial BinaBot review, is it legit or fake? And if it is the real deal, how does BinaBot work?

Well, first of all, we find ourselves drawn to the immediate promise from the founder Troy Everett in the video of 92% success rates. Anything above 50% statistically means profits long-term – 92% mean the opportunity to get rich in a heartbeat. If it’s really true that BinaBot results can be so impressive, it’s something we should all be diving into right now.

Back on Planet Earth, however, the reality of things just doesn’t quite add up. First of all, the promise of anything more than about 80% is nothing short of ludicrous – even the best trading bots on Earth can’t guarantee 90% and up. Not only this, but if it really was a guaranteed success right as high as this, the company’s owners would be able to make billions in no time at all. They certainly wouldn’t have any reason to sell what they’re doing to others, asking for a few hundred bucks each time.

Hard to deny, it just doesn’t make a great deal of sense.

BinaBot Software – Scam or Legit System?

The folks behind the BinaBot app have been in business for more than five years now and claim to have improved their services massively over the years. They still run a few platforms today including BinaBot and BinaDroid – why run more than one if it’s already a market-leader? The intro video is narrated by the supposed CEO Troy Everett, though it’s pretty clear after carrying out research that he could be just an actor since he lacks online presence. Whether or not Everett actually exists is by the by, but the use of actors never paints the most positive picture of a brand like this.


The landing page itself is relatively well put together, while signups are free of charge and easy to go about. But just as is the case with so many similar services, they go and seem to make the fatal mistake of diluting the whole thing with a bunch of what appear to be fake reviews at the bottom.

If BinaBot binary trading really was a stellar experience, there would be plenty of reviews from genuine customers to sing their praises. But it more seems that they’ve instead penned reviews which in some cases are poorly-spelled and presented. It would actually be more professional to feature no reviews at all, if you ask us.

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Should You Trust The BinaBot App?

One of the best ways sites like this could improve their services and reputation would be to offer a demo account. That, or at least some conclusive proof that the claims made with regard to profits and success were actually true. In the case of BinaBot software, you get nothing of the sort. Reviews from traders that cannot be verified, screenshots created using Photoshop and very little mention of how ‘guaranteed’ profits work. What’s more, there’s more than sufficient evidence to suggest that quite a few review sites that recommend BinaBot are owned by Mike Freeman – one of the owners of BinaBot.

BinaBot is a carbon copy of Binadroid2, right down to the intro video at the beginning. In fact, even though this is supposed to be BinaBot he’s talking about, he frequently references BinaDroid2 as if this is the site you’re looking at. Not exactly the most professional start to things, when you think about it.

How Much For The BinaBot Software?

Another of the common tactics used focuses, not on BinaBot features, but the outright lie that it is a limited-time offer. Pretty much every time you come across one of these questionable sites, they try to tell you that there are limited copies – or in this case ‘licenses’ – available. And if you want one after the free ones have gone, that’s $2,500 you’ll need to hand over. This could be total and utter fabrication – the software will never be for sale because it seems that the limited copies never run out. After refreshing the website page, the number of copies also renews.

One of the very best automated trading software on the web right now is accessible 100% free of charge, with absolutely no time restrictions. Long story short, don’t ever be fooled by common fraudulent tactics like the BinaBot.

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Is BinaBot an Authentic & Genuine System?

Something else highlighted in a number of BinaBot scam reviews is the fact that these guys claim to have been named the Most Advanced and Profitable Auto Trader for 2016. Which would be impressive, if it wasn’t for the fact that this badge of honor was displayed from the moment they went into business in August. How can a trading bot be named the year’s best after just one day in business? Of course, it cannot – this accolade was simply ripped from another of the brand’s sites and stuck here to impress unsuspecting newcomers.

Last but not least, it’s a little worrying how the BinaBot team seems to be pretty hell-bent on hiding behind the scenes. There’s no contact information whatsoever, no real names, company address or anything. Plus, while they talk about thousands scrambling for this unique opportunity, hosting records show that they actually pull in less than 200 visitors per day. Mike Freeman – as in the guy behind BinaBot – has been associated with more than one scam scheme in the past, so it’s hard not to be at least a little skeptical this time around.

The Final Conclusion

riskThe biggest problem with BinaBot is the fact that rather than focusing on things like special features, tools and so on, all the sales spiel centers on the kinds of promises that cannot be kept. If BinaBot really was the most remarkable piece of software the industry has ever seen, there’s no way they’d have recycled an existing video from a separate online property. WE think that doing so just screams laziness.

User reviews certainly do vary and there’s more than a handful of positive review suggesting that BinaBot is both trusted and reliable. But at the same time, these seem to come mostly from affiliates and lack any real detail when it comes to what really matters. We may not personally have been scammed by BinaBot, but this doesn’t mean it’s a trading robot that comes with our full recommendation.

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  • Mobile App for Trading on the Go
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Too Many Unfulfilled Promises
  • Not Genuine Website Reviews
  • Same Site and Video as Bina-Droid2
  • Growing Negative trend from client comments
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