Is Binary Uno a Scam?


So, is Binary Uno a legit broker? Is your money safe with Binary Uno? [So, how safe is your money with Binary Uno? Is the binary broker, Binary Uno, honest and truthful in dealing with its users?

We have reasons to believe that the so-called binary broker, Binary Uno, is not what it says it is. This is as a result of a comprehensive investigation that was carried out by our team of investigators to determine the authenticity of Binary Uno. If you want more information regarding this, then you’ve just landed in the right place.

Read on to find out more about the investigation into the scamming activities of Binary Uno, or pass over this review and head straight to the highly recommended brokers to use for your binary trading activities.

Can You Trust Binary Uno?

Binary Uno is not regulated but claims to be a reputable binary broker. How reliable or trustworthy is Binary Uno as a binary options trader? Should you invest your hard-earned money with them? Our advice is for you to tread cautiously. We recommend dealing with a more dependable or reliable broker that offers quality trading as well as high values. You can go through our list of highly respectable binary options brokers who have been tried, tested and trusted.

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Trading With Binary Uno

According to Binary Uno, they claim to offer an innovative trading platform along with extraordinary tools and complementary features that will be of great help to any trader online.


When you sign up with Binary Uno, you can access a demo account for you to try your hand. Bear in mind. However, that demo accounts can be rigged to always give positive outcomes when trading activities are carried out therein. Such cases are not uncommon among brokers, so be careful when conducting trades with real money for the first time. The platform looks intimidating to newbies or first-time users. This is our assessment when we gained access to the interface of the platform. Proficient traders may find it a bit easier to navigate as a result of years of experience spent on trading platforms, but the Binary Uno interface is not newbie-friendly at all.

What Binary Uno Traders are Saying

Despite the fact that Binary Uno has managed to keep its business profile clean, our investigations into the broker’s activities has revealed some appalling information which makes them unsuitable for anyone to use as a trading platform. By examining the numerous customer reviews we came across online, we discovered that some transactions were not ethical or straightforward.

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Lots of users complained of technical glitches. Such an occurrence is not something one would expect from a supposedly reputable and ‘reliable’ broker. Another common complaint was about the extremely high account levels. Scam companies are often interested in taking the deposit and running, which is why so many companies still keep the deposits to a friendly £€$250.

Other complaints included several occurrences of additional charges made on credit cards as well as automatic acceptances of bonuses without the consent of the clients. Moreover, new traders that sign up on the platform are automatically awarded with bonuses, even without their consent. Therefore, ensure that you check your account with a sharp eye before you start trading, just to be sure it’s your deposit you are about to use and not the amount the organization adds on top.

The Conclusion

The scandalous information about the operations of Binary Uno has therefore caused us to conclude that it is not a reliable trading platform for any trader to use. Other information reaching us is that Binary Uno almost never values its customers and their trading support is inadequate as well. In conclusion, we do not recommend this platform for anyone to use as there are better ones out there who hold their clients in high esteem and on which trading can be carried out with peace of mind.

Binary Uno, when compared to other more reputable binary brokers in the industry, appear to have a distinct questionable reputation. Too many negative reviews about the authenticity of this trading platform are more than enough for you to be wary. Lastly, other binary brokers offer more variability, as against the limited range of assets available on the Binary Uno trading platform.

In general, traders have not found it easy to navigate around the Binary Uno platform due to its complexities. What is more, the trades carried out on the platform are tailored to short-term trading as against long-term. With all the reasons outlined above, it is our sincere belief that Binary Uno is not the best platform for anyone who wants to get a sizable return on investment and that challenges will no doubt continue to erupt for both new and experienced traders on the platform.

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