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BinaryBotMaster is great news for the generation of traders on the hunt for a reliable auto trading system. The BinaryBotMaster software is not another gambling system, but a genuinely REAL binary robot that yields results as soon as you put it in action.

We understand that traders are tired of being disappointed by trading systems that have flashy names and promise big results yet fail to deliver. Many claim to be unique and try very hard to compel you to believe they’re the best binary options trading robot around.  They use bombarding tactics that can be annoying and undertake aggressive marketing strategies to gain your trust. This stands opposite in the case of a reliable trading robot – the software speaks for itself.


SCAM RESULTS: At times it may be hard to believe that an accurate tool for binary options trading exists. Out of the 95% of robots that we’ve reviewed, merely 5% have made our list of top performers. The newest addition to the family – BinaryBotMaster. It’s capabilities of improving trading results with trading signals that are 77% accurate really has outdone many other trading bots on the market. We highly recommend BinaryBotMaster to serious traders in need of a serious tool that optimizes profits. 

BinaryBotMaster Review

BinaryBotMaster has been winning the trust of many online traders the last few months. After witnessing positive reviews about the profit outcomes, we deemed it our responsibility to investigate the trading platform in depth and report our findings. It offers automated, and manual trading for binary options plus includes free trading signals. There is immense flexibility designed for all level traders that allows you to improve your strategy and cut any potential losses.

Overall, BinaryBotMaster presents itself as a very user-friendly software in which traders can customize its parameters according to their investment criteria. This enables a quick learning process for trading strategies and allows investors to earn profits immediately. The website claims a 77% success rate which we find fair and very realistic. However, if a trader decides to trade manually, he can expect 80% and above (we tested it ourselves). If we were promised 95% or above, we would have our doubts and think it was another scam.


The fact the BinaryBotMaster has made achievable claims and offers the right features to ensure a positive trading experience has lead it to be a favorable trading robot worth your time and investment.

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How Does BinaryBotMaster Work?

Many trading robots claim to be 100% automated, which is true. However, the game changer in the BinaryBotMaster lies not only in the fact that it’s entirely automated but, that it provides an attainable success ratio. We’ve tried many trading robots that make bold statements about their zero loss formula, yet fail disastrously. BinanryBotMaster offers a realistic win-rate that stays true to its promise.

BinaryBotMaster is modest in its marketing approach since it doesn’t force you to sign up or throw luxury images in your face. It showcases that binary options trading is a profitable way of making money if you have realistic expectations. The claimed 77% success ratio is an excellent win-rate for the industry and something you should be looking for. Seasoned traders already know that this is a practical win-rate, thus is being used to convenience them while helping them earn more profit without monitoring the robot’s action.

Additionally, the trading platform provides an easy-to-navigate interface and a dynamic design that can be used both manually and on autopilot. We also tested BinaryBotMaster on various operating systems and can inform you that it runs smoothly on all devices, so you can expect it to work for you.

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Now, you’re probably wondering how does the software operate and how can it ensure you that it’ll reel you in profits. Well, the team behind the BinaryBotMaster has developed a sophisticated system that gives a precise toolset and analytics to boost binary option trading strategies. The trading software is based on customizable algorithms and places opportune trades at lightning speed. The trading signals are  derived from over 100 financial analysts that are always stalking the financial markets and interpreting outcomes. This type of infrastructure can eliminate computer error as humans may interpret a trading result much more efficiently – especially with over 100+ experts on board. If the team was comprised of fewer people, we’d have our doubts. When 100+ financial professionals are analyzing the markets and producing signals, this equals the speed of a supercomputer.

Nowadays, it’s of utmost importance that a legitimate auto trader emphasizes speed and enhanced performance due the changing nature of the financial markets. The faster the auto trading system can perform – the better the chances of winning. BinaryBotMaster produces signals and executes as promised at the speed of light – which is why it stands out from the crowd.

EXPERT ADVICE: What makes a big difference between a profit or loss is the speed of execution and accuracy from the trading robot.

Is BinaryBotMaster a Scam?

Our team of experts were unable to uncover evidence to suggest that BinaryBotmaster is anything other than a legit binary auto trader. The company and team uphold a high degree of transparency if one takes the time to contact them for a free consultation. They really exist unlike scams that just tell you sign up and then have a missing customer support team when you are in need.

BinaryBotMaster is comprised of a huge team of some of the best financial analysts located worldwide. The idea behind this was to have access to as accurate predictions as possible and to find as many loopholes in the markets to ensure that the generated signals are precise indicators. If over 100 analysts agree of a prediction, then there is truth and exact forecasts. In any other case, like some auto traders that only have a handful of analysts collecting data – there is much room for error.

There are also no false promises or claims made about the abilities of the BinaryBotMaster. The website shows the live trading signals which we double and tripled check to ensure they are up to speed. Additionally, the website is straightforward with no guarantees of wealth overnight but does explain in simple terms how the auto trader works while also providing a free consultation phone call. Not only does this indicate there is a real team behind the software, but they are willing to assist you. This is something not offered by many trading systems on the market.

Moreover, there are no caveats in using BinaryBotMaster. The only thing you must do is set up a trading account with one of the affiliate brokers that works with this program. Then as a standard procedure, a small investment of only $200 is necessary to apply BinaryBotMaster to your account. That’s an attractive investment amount and one of the lowest requirements around. If you’ve done your research you are aware this amount is little compared to others that require $300 or more and only suck money out of your account. As previously mentioned, the brokers are also highly rated and recognized as provided honest and ethical services to their clients – so rest assured.

How Can You Benefit From BinaryBotMaster?

BinaryBotMaster is a 100% auto trading software that places trades at the blink of an eye. As a user, you can invest in dozens of tradeable assets like currencies, commodities, and indices. However, most importantly BinaryBotMaster affiliates with regulated and trustworthy brokers – some of the best names in the industry. When a binary robot works with trusted brokers, this ensures that you will be able to withdraw your earnings without any challenges. Your investment is safe and secure since they are authorized by governmental bodies and higher authorities. We have used a few of these top-notch brokers in the past; therefore we can vouch that their services are one of the best around.

To say the least, BinaryBotmaster has combined a systematic approach to trading along with a powerful software in regards to spotting market trends. It’s able to calculate and find winning trades, which is founded on years of collected data, financial news, economic reports, and world events. A trading robot that can tap into various data streams is one that you should be opting for. Why? Because this almost guarantees that the generated signals and trade executions will be on the money. In the case of the BinaryBotMaster, it does exactly this – finding the most profitable opportunities and placing trades that instant.

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How’s the BinaryBotMaster Performance?

BinaryBotMaster leaves no room to chance as you can see on their website: “We analyze everything.” The trading bot offers a 77% win-rate which is highly acceptable and achievable. If you feel this might be low – it’s not. This is a great performing rate in the industry, and BinaryBotMaster’s winning rate improves as more users join the platform. Not only that, the winning rate can go above 77% if you place trades manually. We tested the software by trading manually based on the signal services provided and achieved 83% success. Therefore, the binary signals alone are just as accurate if you are a private investor that has a passion for placing trades on your own.

After contacting the developers (they are a real team that responds to emails) we found out that the growing number of users will boost the success rate higher. However, they explained that of course, they could only reach up to 85% due to the binary options market volatility.

Obviously, they’re honest because if they were to say something like expecting a 100% accuracy, we know they would be lying. However, we respect software that is honest and is able to give you realistic results. Unlike scams that promise you 100% accuracy and try to sell you lies that you’ll make thousands of dollars in a day. Don’t ever believe binary software that play on your emotions. Legitimate automated trading systems are more informative in their approach allowing traders to choose when they are ready to sign up and begin trading. They also offer achievable expectations, so there is no misunderstanding. We believe BinaryBotMaster is one of those genuinely good trading systems all the way around.

Legitimate automated trading systems are more informative in their approach allowing traders to choose when they are ready to sign up and begin trading. They also offer achievable expectations, so there is no misunderstanding. New traders can take advantage of the free consultation if they visit the website – which is something totally unique. We believe BinaryBotMaster is one of those genuinely good trading systems all the way around.

The Final Verdict

We’d like to bring to your attention some particular details about the BinaryBotMaster before wrapping up this investigation. They provide a vast selection of currency pairs to trade which is a major plus. Our team trades USD/EUR and GBP/YEN and gained significant profits without supervising the software. There are free signals included in BinaryBotMaster and we can confidently say that they were on the money. Our team received the notifications, and the trades were executed at the speed of light which lead to $400 in profits that day. BinaryBotMaster includes all the right features of what a reputable auto trading software should be.

BinaryBotmaster offers a very dynamic platform that is user-friendly and gives you meticulously selected indicators and risk management controls better than many systems in the industry. They have over 100 analysts generating trading signals 24/7 which have proven to outdo even some algo-trading systems. The success rate promised of 77% has been achieved which is incredibly important for performance. Not only this, but trading manually can lead to over 80% win-rate for those who have previous experience in binary trading. The customer reviews are building up with positive feedback as BinaryBotMaster grows to earn a distinguished name as a recommended robot for proper investment.

To sum it up, our experts feel BinaryBotMaster is a great tool to make profits for those that do not have in-depth knowledge or a binary trading background. But also for professionals that are seeking a reliable tool that they can leave on autopilot.

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  • 77% Win-Rate For Automatic Trades
  • 80% Win-Rate For Manual Trading With Signal Indicators
  • Trades Are Placed Within Seconds Of Signaling
  • Works With Big Name Legit Brokers
  • Free Consultation With Professional Analyst
  • Customizable Features And Risk Management Control
  • Internet Connection is Necessary For Trades
  • Currently, Only PC Based, Mobile Coming Soon
  • No Demo Account (Not needed, based on tested results)
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