Is Cashimprove a scam?


Is Cash Improve a Scam?
Can you trust Cashimprove with your money?
Scam-Rank is dedicated to finding trustworthy robots and outing the scams. Read this review and see what Scam-Rank discovered about Cashimprove.

Scam-Rank has a wealth of experience reviewing trading robots, and our keen eye for spotting a scam has never been sharper. There are plenty of trusted and legitimate Robots to choose from, but Cashimprove is likely not one of them. An in-depth look at Cashimprove reveal some very obvious and disturbing indicators that you really need to know before signing up or even considering them. Read this review before you do anything.

The Cashimprove Review

The first thing we at Scam-Rank do when targeting a service or product for review is hold off on being blinded by the sales pitch on the site, and investigate the company behind the scenes. This means checking where they are based, where they bank, what reputation they have, and who founded the company. In the case of Cashimprove, it is impossible to either verify or discredit, since the company simply doesn’t exist. There is literally zero information available that could confirm the robot and its performance, no offices, no real CEO, no registration or license. Not a very good start.

So is Cashimprove a Scam?

According to the web page claim, Cashimprove is a proven and verified method of making money. The question is, who is actually making the money? You can learn a lot about a company by their main page, and Cashimprove has plenty of interesting points worth mentioning from their rather limited site.

Let’s ignore the darkened background full of professional images that were clearly ripped from a modeling directory and instead focus on the opening video. This welcome message starts with a testimonial from a Cashimprove trader claiming to have made thousands of dollars per day from just 30 minutes of time and effort. Such a claim is not impossible, and many people consistently make such money, but consider the source of the claim.

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The problem is, he’s not a trader called Marc. He’s actually an actor called Bob, and that magnificent apartment in the background is an image that was ripped from the Architecture Art Design image catalog.

This is a classic tactic for scam sites that can seem convincing to someone new to trading. We at Scam-Rank have seen it all. We know all their tricks and spot them in a matter of seconds. Only the best of the best get a green light from us, and Cashimprove’s hopes are fading fast. We urge caution at this point.

The Cashimprove App

Sadly, we can’t go into the details of the Cashimprove App since it cannot be found or downloaded from Chrome web store, Apple store, windows or any other reputable app provider. There is zero information about the software specs, compatibility, or any of the other standard info-dumps that every legitimate company provides to entice you into trying their software.

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Final Overview

Let’s cut to the chase. The site has no compelling or professional content. The people featured are all actors using fake names in their fake testimonials, and the so-called super-software has no features, compatibility, or performance data. The “product” isn’t affiliated with any legitimate company, and there are no official owners. We at Scam-Rank absolutely do not recommend Cashimprove and strongly suggest you stick to verified Robots that follow the standard practices of legitimate products and services.

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  • Doesn’t require bank details immediately



  • Doesn’t have any verified company or business license
  • Doesn’t have real people on the site
  • Doesn’t have real testimonials
  • Doesn’t provide any specifications of the software
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