Is LazyTrader a Scam?


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Scam-Rank have found great software tools for making online trading easier and more effective. LazyTrader is not one of them. Our investigation has led to some shocking discoveries that you really should know before even considering LazyTrader. Scam-Rank does not endorse LazyTrader as an effective Trading tool. If you’re looking for a legitimate tool for increasing your trading performance, you might want to check our list of recommended Robots.

Is LazyTrader a Scam?

Before we go into the verifiable red flags, let’s just think about the outlandish claim. Nine clicks of a mouse can make you $15,000 per day. No skills needed, no previous experience, and it’s completely free. Does that sound believable? Novice traders starting with a minimum account can easily make a few hundred dollars per week, and a legitimate trading bot can certainly increase that. Is there an algorithm or software that can make millionaires from $100 in 66 days? In our considerable experience, we say don’t be a word of it!

Identity is often a problem for scammers. Nobody wants to use their real name when being associated with a scam. LazyTrader does have a Facebook page, but the only posts are images copied from the single web page and made by the site itself. The likes are made from fake friendless accounts, and not a single real person has posted or commented. The testimonials featured on the site (page) recently changed since someone noticed that the images and comments were actually stolen from another scam site, but in their haste to make new ones, LazyTrader gave Stephanie L an image of a teenage boy.

Steven Hazel also has a fake identity and struggles to keep to his script by the end of his thank you message. Rick Daniels himself also doesn’t exist anywhere on the web. The typical hire car white label keychain of the Lamborghini was accidently left on the video… oops!

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What is LazyTrader?

LazyTrader claims to be a software that uses the latest cutting-edge technology to constantly monitor the world’s financial markets, 24/7. Seven days per week is somewhat odd since the world financial markets don’t operate on the weekends… anywhere. Another odd point is that this sophisticated software has a dashboard that looks like it was made on Excel in Office XP.

A video demonstration we found on Facebook shows John Stevenson, who explains that LazyTrader will find a guaranteed profit opportunity. The On-screen Apple option doesn’t change, but “John” acts as though something has just appeared. He places a trade of $100 with a countdown time (expiration?) of 11 seconds, and in 1 second makes a rather bizarre $387. What is Lazy Trader? We have no idea, but it’s highly unlikely that it is a legitimate software platform that accesses the trading markets.

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Final Overview

We were unable to verify many things. We couldn’t confirm the company’s history since there isn’t a company name attached to the product or service. We couldn’t investigate the CEO since the name provided is an alias. The testimonials are fake, the software is ridiculous, and the website that has just one shot to showcase its amazing product has no valued information that would entice or indicate a professional or even real product. We absolutely do not recommend LazyTrader, and urge you to choose a verified and legitimate robot that has an established identity and proven history.

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  • No bank details requested on the main page
  • Unconfirmed and questionable identities
  • No company identity
  • Outlandish claims that are disputed online
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