Is Option Robot a Scam?


Check out this review of The OptionRobot.
Is The OptionRobot software a scam?
Read this revealing review of The OptionRobot and get the facts.

Option Robot looks like a fancy and well performing binary trading system, but will you be impressed? We’ve received a load of questions about Option Robot: “Is it legit? Does it perform above average? Is it a scam or real system?”However, the evidence exposed in this investigation may have you thinking twice before using Option Robot for your trading needs.

Trading in binary options can be a very lucrative experience. However, do you really have the time or patience to sit at your computer making one by one trades and neglecting the other many responsibilities you have on your agenda? Many of us don’t have all the time to learn about the market and read up on upcoming trends. That’s why automated trading systems have gained extreme popularity. Not to mention, anyone can begin using a trading binary robot even with only a smudge of finance knowledge. However, although some trading software appear to be legit and easy to use, many times you’re coming across a scam.

Not only to new traders fall victim to online scams, but so do professionals – depending on how cleverly devious the system is. Underhanded fraudulent systems will do just about anything to take your money and appear ‘good’ in the spotlight – paid reviews is the most popular form. So don’t always believe what you research because if a system is so amazing in performance, we would all be millionaires. Right?

OptionRobot Review

optionrobot softwareDue to the prominence of binary options trading benefiting many individuals worldwide, the presence of scam automated trading systems has flooded the market. It’s tough for traders to identify real systems with so many available online. Option Robot does an impressive job at attempting to gain a traders confidence with all the hype surrounding it in other review sites (which are paid), but is there any truth in these positive reviews?

We’ve been meaning to review OptionRobot for quite some time now as it has been accessible to anyone seeking an easy solution to automate their trades. Although everything about Option Robot might look legit on the surface, when you dive deeper in the auto trading robot – there’s more than what meets the eye.  If you’re interested in signing up and using the Options Robot, do read our thorough review before opening an account. You could be throwing your money into a black hole.

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Is the Option Robot a Scam?

According to our research, the OptionRobot has many controversial reviews based on traders’ experience. claims to produce accurate signals to help an investor make better decisions in binary options trading. There are two modes to choose from: autopilot and manual mode, which is no different than any decent binary robot on the market. Furthermore, all trading activities are carried out 100% by the robot itself reducing the need for a trader to execute trades. It also includes various expiration times from 60 seconds all the way up to 60 minutes, but all brokers do not support it. Up until now, Option Robot doesn’t appear to offer anything different than a second-rate trading robot on the market with it’s framewok. But this is just scratching the surface.


Moreover, OptionRobot secretly claims to its clients an accuracy rate of 83%, but our findings differ according to our test run. After signing up and using the Option Robo platform, we faced a few random signals that hindered our profit making potential. Thus the wrong trades were placed when we let it run on auto-pilot mode. To make sure that are test run was as accurate as possible, we placed 57 trades. Guess the outcome – ONLY 33 trades were executed correctly. That’s a 57.8% accuracy!!! Which is nowhere near the promised claim of 83% or more.  Perhaps if we opted to trade manually, our profit losses could have been avoided. But then again, what’s the point of using a trading robot in manual mode? You can do all the hard work without the Option Robot if manual trading is the case. It appears as though Option Robot just appears as a legit platform, yet does an excellent job losing money. If you’re wondering if you should trust OptionRobot, we’d advise you not to.

Option Robot Demo Account

Although OptionRobot shows in its demo account significant profits, when you actually use your own money, profits are much less. It’s not uncommon nowadays that scam binary options robots offer demo accounts to lure the trader into its platform and make them think they’ll make money. Then, after making a deposit with real money, they lose it all within minutes. It’s nerve breaking to see how fraudulent scam systems steal traders’ money.  Unfortunately, as mentioned this a popular marketing strategy that works very well until the trader invests his/her money. Basically, in regards to Option Robot, we’re not saying it’s a 100% scam, but as soon as the robot is accessed, profits don’t resemble that of the demo account.

Moreover, we’ve uncovered numerous Option Robot complaints in private investment forums reported by online traders that much of their initial investment was lost as soon as they funded their account. Our team does not agree with companies practicing such marketing tactics, and OptionRobot seems to be one of them. Ex-clients complain that their accounts empty out in a matter of minutes after linking it to their broker’s account and when they activate the auto pilot mode. We encourage you to look beyond the profits on a demo account and always read trading forums that provide real performance feedback regarding a particular bot.

We urge you to look beyond the profit on a demo account and always read trading forums that provide real performance feedback relating to a particular bot. Many trading robots have positive and negative reviews; just make sure the positive outweigh the negative. In the Option Robot’s case, real customers are offering disappointing feedback.

However, don’t get discouraged just yet. If you’re looking for a reliable trading system, see our top ranking alternatives.

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How Much Does OptionRobot Cost?

The OptionRobot automated trading software costs nothing, according to the website. Accessing the Option Robot trading system is free. The only thing a trader must do is invest the minimum amount of $250, which is the assigned broker’s requirement. After that has been validated, the trader can access the tool and manage the settings. This is a standard process to activate a trading software and enable it to place automatic trades for you.

As already stated, the trader can either manually trade binary options or automate the system to trade on their behalf. During the month of our investigation, we came across numerous customers complaining that they had lost money with Option Robot. In our attempt to get to the bottom of why they were losing money, we realized that Option Robot never shows any proof of ITM percentage. In fact, they don’t even offer a predicted IMT percentage.  Furthermore, there appears to lack genuine positive reviews showing real traders being successful. Not to mention, they fail to show any real trading results. Combining these troubling facts with online feedback, it could be possible that Option Robot is a scam.

Does the OptionRobot Work?

Of course, our team had a test run of the OptionRobot system. Unfortunately, our results were not as great as promised by this high-tech software. OptionRobot claims a winning rate of 83%, but our winning trading statistics are much different. We placed 57 total trades, came out with 33 winning trades and 24 losses. That is a 57.8% (let’s say 58%) winning rate according to our calculations (?!).


Our team does not deem this acceptable for options such as 60 seconds or any software that does automated trading. The payouts are also not optimal compared to other platforms – it’s only 70%. So the winning rate needs to be much higher than 58% to say that OptionRobot is worth it.

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Any Unique Features in OptionRobot?

The OptionRobot system offers a few different options compared to other bots in the industry. A trader can choose one of the three methods:

  1. Classic – the normal classic strategy
  2. Martingale – this allows you to double up every next investment you earn if you lose the prior trade. This highly not recommended, because in a matter of minutes your money can vanish.
  3. Fibonacci – this some sort of method based on the Fibonacci numbers.

Although having such options looks promising, we have not found a lot of real evidence that any of them work. The real testimonials and success stories we found in industry blogs were actually paid affiliates, so we cannot provide you with results from real people. But comments being posted by real users are saying that Option Robot is bogus and there are not profits to be earned. 

 The Final Conclusion

riskThe OptionRobot is highly sought after due to very good advertisements and paid testimonials. But, actual results show that OptionsRobot isn’t as effective as it should be and the payouts are quite low.Our team failed to achieve an 83% win rate as claimed by the site; we only reached about 58%. 

We believe that using the autopilot mode in the OptionsRobot software is a bit risky and not recommended for anyone seeking to maximize their earnings. We would suggest manual trading with this bot, although it defeats the purpose of downloading it. So there is obviously no reason to use Option Robot if you are to trade on your own.  We cannot say that   OptionsRobot is a 100% scam, but based on the negative feedback, no ITM rate and insufficient trading outcomes – we suggest you move on to a more reliable trading system.

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