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Nowadays, there is really no reason for anyone to become a scammed victim of binary options. Carry out research, do your due diligence to find the brokers with the best reputations, and then make informed decisions based on your findings. It is not a wise move to just go and start doing business with the first broker you come across without finding out its background and how reputable they are in the industry. Don’t be taken in by their gigantic bonuses or other stuff they use to distract unsuspecting people from the real objective, which is trading successfully and making money legitimately. The most important thing to take note of and to do is to steer clear of the brokers that have been given negative reviews by their clients.

Review: Option Stars

This review about Option Stars will help you to know the importance of doing your due diligence before doing business with any binary options broker. Now when you visit the official website of Option stars, there is no indication of any form of scamming. As a matter of fact, you will immediately be impressed with the layout of the website for the content therein looks rich and well put together by professional designers. But remember, not all that shines is gold.

Option stars has changed ownership more than once, even though they have only been around for a few years… not the best sign. On signing up with the platform, you will be presented with a demo account and a lengthy asset list, round-the-clock customer support, trading instruments, etc. Bonus offers ranges between 20% and 40%, and the requirements for trading vary from one account type to the other. Our investigative team also checked out the mobile application of Option stars and found that it worked across a range of mobile devices.

Everything appears to be in place with Option stars and it would very difficult to even think they could be involved in any shady deals. But thorough investigation has revealed a few points which are rather unfortunate and seem to overshadow the positive sides of Option stars.

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The Proficiency of Option stars

This is where you begin to spot the anomalies on the Option stars platform.

To begin with, if you don’t like people who are forceful or aggressive when it comes to sales, then it is a wise move on your part to stay away from Options stars. Once you make the mistake of registering on their site, they will begin to come after you with mails and calls, badgering you left, right and center to invest more money into the platform. The truth of the matter is that a professional broker has no cause to beg or cajole anyone into deposit more money for trading. That is exactly what Option stars does, and we are not the only ones who experienced such pushy treatments.

In addition, several times during the day or at night, the platform suddenly becomes sluggish, freezing intermittently, laggy and jumpy. This is not a good phenomenon, and nothing much has changed in the running of the platform. It seems unlike to be upgraded in the near future.

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All things considered, it is not possible for us to put in a good word for Option stars as a trustworthy binary options broker. This consensus was arrived at by both the authorities as well as their customers, and when you read the official warnings released to the general public regarding the activities of this broker as well as other publications, there is no way we would recommend any if our readers  do business with them. It may seem that the new leaders of Option stars are desperately trying to fix things for business to move on as before. All the same, numerous clients are still being badgered by aggressive sales people, who seem to be bent on convincing them to make more deposits for better trading even against the clients’ wills, and when they reluctantly make those deposits, it invariably leads to heavy financial losses. Option stars is definitely not a broker we would recommend.

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  • Professional Website
  • Good list of assets
  • Slow and buggy platform
  • Pushy Contact managers
  • Slow customer service response
  • High Trading volume requirements for bonus

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