Is PlusOption a Scam?


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Is PlusOption a scam?
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Since the introduction of PlusOption, it has been able to gain tremendous popularity in the binary broker industry. While PlusOption offers many staggering claims and has gradually began its ascendancy towards becoming one of the foremost names in this line of business, it still remains imperative and an absolute necessity to verify the credibility of the company as well as the efficacy of its various schemes.

When it comes to binary option scams, it is becoming increasingly difficult to identify the scam form the credible and authentic ones. Before now, most shams would defraud clients form the very beginning which makes their charade very conspicuous. However, the binary option landscape has changed as most shams would create a good impression by doing great jobs for a few clients at first which would inevitably stimulate a rapid influx of clients and then the scam happens. This new strategy makes identifying scams very challenging. While this may be the case in the binary option industry, here is a comprehensive review of PlusOption. We intend to find out the authenticity of the company, the trustworthiness of its claims or whether the opposite is obtainable.

Is it credible or is it a rip-off?

Typically, the credibility and integrity of any company would be measured against the backdrop of their promises, the authenticity of their goods and services, and whether it meets up to their claims is also a very significant consideration. Most importantly, there is the issue of customer satisfaction as this is the number one parameter to judge the integrity of a company.

If clients are not satisfied then it is obviously not a good service. PlusOption claims to be a contemporary company with an inventive dimension to improve accessibility while creating a worthwhile and gratifying involvement for traders.

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PlusOption Trading Platform

When you consider all of the aforesaid, it becomes increasingly apparent that when you trade with PlusOption, you are in the same racket as people trading with the other companies that have been identified as fraud.

This technically implies that you are trading with a company that is potentially dangerous. When considering the way Plus operation operates, it becomes apparent that they adopt a technique similar to most charades of this kind. They kick off by being very credible which earns the trust of clients and building a laudable reputation then it suddenly goes terribly bad. There have been reports from people who have engaged in PlusOption and their subsidiaries about getting unwavering support from professionals at the beginning which assisted them in making tremendous success on the platform which was very instrumental in gaining their trust of clients.

PlusOption Services

When you closely examine the way the business works against the backdrop of all that has been said in this exposition, it becomes very easy to discern that the general approach is to provide unequivocal support that earns the trust of customers which ultimately leads customers to put down their money.  For people who are still willing to verify their bonuses and remuneration scheme, I would like to state emphatically that it is not particularly exceptional.  Basic trading requirements are applicable to all additions. However, when business operations involves misleading and deceptive practices that urges customers on, until you pummel them with a sudden loss cannot be considered honest or credible.

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While all of the details and proofs contained in this exposition are taken from other sources, we are therefore unable to state categorically that PlusOption is in fact a scam, as we have not been able to determine that through our personal undertakings with PlusOption. However, there is a great deal of overwhelming evidence that strongly indicates that it could be volatile, thus making it highly recommended that you keep your guard up. The most effective way to maneuver this situation would be to get a broker with an unassailable reputation. We have a list of top-rated brokers you can trust.


Like we stated at the beginning, it is imperative that you take precautions when deciding on whether or not to engage in a business such as this, largely because there are many allegations and insurmountable evidence against PlusOption. Using all of the information that we have been able to gather as a measure, it becomes increasingly apparent that engaging in PlusOption could be an unsavory experience. While we came across a significant number of negative remarks, we scrutinized the information to ensure that they were all genuine.

We do not recommend PlusOption to traders.  Bottom line, we do not endorse PlusOptions as their activities and operations are fraught with shenanigans which is buttressed by a growing number of disgruntled customers.

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  • Low Deposit
  • Excessive Online Customer Complaints
  • Negative client comments about the trading platform
  • complicated trading volume bonus requirements
  • Inexperienced account managers

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