Is Profit Maximizer a Scam?


Profit Maximizer is recognized for pledging very high and fast returns to traders. However, does this Binary Option Robot hold its reputation for its promised performance?

On the web, traders will find thousands of trading robots that promise huge profits in a short amount of time. One of the newest released is the Profit Maximizer trading software, which also incorporates a betting system in its platform. Did this raise your eyebrows? It raised ours!

Binary options robots are actually helpful tools that are designed to make trading an effortless and profitable experience because they do all the hard work for you. It’s no doubt that binary options trading can be very rewarding in profits. Since there is a high demand for robots as more and more people begin trading for passive income, many scam systems are trying to take advantage of traders.

So what’s the story about Profit Maximizer? Well, the fact it’s not an authentic trading robot for just binary options trading makes it rank low on our list. For this reason, we are unable to recommend it to traders looking for a reliable tool.

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Profit Maximizer by Mike Cruickshank

First off, in order to see trading systems popularity, we looked at Profit Maximizer in Google Trends and found that there is not rating, as you can see for yourself on the graph below. Although this might now always mean a trading robot is a scam, this could indicate that users are not fond of using the Profit Maximizer system. There are few reasons we reasoned based on our investigation as to why it lacks popularity in the trading community.

Firstly, it involves bookie sign ups which is not ideal for those seeking to trade binary options with an exclusive trading tool. A trading system should not resemble a betting system, because you could be putting your money at risk and lose all of it. People who trade binary options are not risk-takers, there are occasional losses but they are capable of winning them back. You just have to stick to a strategy and also have the right trading tool to help you get the profit results you want. If this is what you’re looking for, then feel free to look at our Top Binary Robots that have been reviewed as safe and secure for all level traders.


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Profit Maximizer System Review

What we dug up about the Profit Maximizer (or Maximiser) trading system by Mike Cruickshank, may alarm you as it shocked our team of experts. Initially, this trading system was brought about with Bonus Bagging (also known as a type of betting), and has raised many eyebrows and questions about its reliability. Just after 3 days after being launched, the Profit Maximizer system was forced to shut down. The brokers of the website claim that this software is completely legitimate and risk-free, but the back ground check doesn’t support the real story.
We have uncovered a number of reviews from real traders about Profit Maximizer acting scandalously and suspiciously with its user’s money. It claims it can generate £1,175 per day for its users, but our findings show otherwise. Keep reading to find out if Profit Maximiser is a scam or if it really generates actual profit or nothing at all.

Does The Profit Maximizer Work?

Incorporated in the ProfitMaximiser are bookie sign ups, which you notice as soon as you download the software. This is not traditional in typical trading robots, and probably won’t help you get profitable results from binary options trades. Our analysis of the software shows that traders will experience limited profit earnings if they trade binary options using the Profit Maximiser system due to the bookie sign ups, or betting, involved. Because bookie signups are a form of betting, you are mostly risking your money rather than making a wise investment.

Reliable trading systems, do not involve betting or gambling within the system, so there is possibly some underhanded scheme involved in the Profit Maximizer software. For these reasons, it makes the software is not highly qualified for helping traders to achieve maximal and profitable earnings from trading.


What to Expect With the Profit Maximizer System?

When users login, Profit Maximiser promises access to a private members area for assistance, and to other popular social networking sites to comfort the new member in their trading experience. Furthermore, Mike Cruickshank claims that you will receive emails with various helpful guidelines and binary option insights directly from him to help you along the way. However, when our team tested the system, we found that these emails were just automatically generated and not very helpful in doing actual trades. Not to mention, they were sent to our Junk box, which means its spam mail.

Nonetheless, you could experience that these claims are just unfulfilled promises in the end. Based on just this review of ProfitMaximizer, consider trustworthy and safer trading systems that will surely amplify your profits.

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ProfitMaximizer System – Scam or Legit?

Based on our experts’ analysis, and other genuine reviews, ProfitMaximiser shares the same traits with other scam binary options trading robots. Additionally, although the website claims that the software is compatible with other binary options brokers, this is not the case. This is another false claim from the ProfitMaximizer website that you should know about. It’s very common that binary options robots usually partner with brokers and you are to choose from their broker list. However, it would be more respectable if Profit Maximizer did not state that you can use any broker, as they are being misleading to potential users.

Be careful when it comes to your investment because you wouldn’t want to be throwing your hard-earned money into a scam system. It’s hard to tell the difference nowadays between scam and legit trading systems with so many flooding the web and giving you misleading information. But if you come across a software that involves bookie signups, chances are you are being misled. If you are looking to steer clear and keep your money safe, you need to make sure you choose a legitimate and approved trading system.


The Final Verdict

riskThe Scam-Rank team conducted a detailed investigation on Profit Maximizer to find out if traders should trust this trading robot. Our results show that we cannot guarantee traders that they will actually achieve profits with Profit Maximizer.

Naïve traders who signed up with for this trading robot were unaware of the disadvantages as the website is misleading with the information it provides. We advise you not to be a naïve trader and make sure you know what you are getting into. Additionally, because the Profit Maximizer system includes a betting system in it, it’s unlikely you will benefit in any way.
This trading robot appears to be misleading people and until there is evidence provided that real profits can be made, we cannot recommend it to our readers.

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  • Private Members Area
  • Not Compatible With All Brokers
  • No Proven Winning Rate
  • Required Bookie Sign Ups
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