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Looking for a legitimate and efficient broker is somewhat demanding, in the search for the right broker, people fall victim of tricksters. However, we have made all accurate findings that will help you secure your time and investment. This concrete and unprejudiced scam review would give you insightful information about trading platforms, customer plights and withdrawal guidelines that will enable you make the right choice on which broker is the best. PWRTRADE is the contention, this scam review will tell us more about the genuineness of PWRTRADE and if it is worth your investment and time.

Please note. At the time of our investigation, both testimonials on the website were false, one even misspelled an alleged female trader’s name giving her an African mans name. In addition, none of the names could be verfied as having any social media account… a highly unlikely situation. Regardless of any other evidence available, this oversight on the main page make them either incompetent or dishonest. Whichever it is, PWRTRADE are not a broker we would ever endorse.

PWRTRADE is a non-registered company which has been operational since 2015. Every vital information pertaining its genuine existence is available and proven to be true, It has an active customer support team that answers enquires from the hour of 8am – 6pm AEST/ADST every Monday to Friday.

The PWRTRADE Trading Platform

PWRTRADE compel users to open an account as soon the site is visited. The fund to be deposited to begin trade is ridiculously low, which makes us suspect their authenticity. $10 deposit is a tricky strategy that a lot of naive people might fall for, especially since the trading platform looks very much like most of the certified professional platforms.

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Here are noticeable facts that prove PWRTRADE unreliable and incompetent. Our first observation was its negligence in improving its clients’ performance. PWRTRADE, unlike other brokers whose utmost aim is to satisfy their clients, are deficient in educational materials. They lack e-guides, e-books and webinars which ought to drive their traders in trading perfectly well.  This is actually a measure of how good a broker is. Another observation is the lack of intriguing features on their main page.

We earlier stated that the performance of an online broker should not be solely dependent on people’s feedback, but when such complaints are so often mentioned, then it is perhaps true. It is known that most of the sincere plights of customers were centered on the incompetency of their customer support team and delay in the execution of services. Withdrawal difficulties and lack of good customer service were also reiterating complaints from recently joined customers.


Good marketing in the business of online trading is a crucial tactic in becoming a successful broker. It helps build good reputation in a short period of time and also fortifies your reputation and prevents it against bad recommendations. Regardless of the fact that PWRTRADE has been operational for about six years, their system is yet to become stable offering only a limited amount of currency pairs.

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The Final Verdict

PWRTRADE does not seem to us as a scam, however their system of operation lacks professionalism and is indicative of an online trading platform which shows no interest in the utmost satisfaction of their clients. Brokers with awesome reputation have exciting features on their site which facilitates the performances of clients. PWRTRADE site do not offer some services and lack intriguing tools and features that can be of great help to traders.

Based on our integrated investigation, we can conclusively say that this online trading platform does not meet the adequate standards of prominent and trusted brokers. For this reason, we strongly do not recommend this broker and implore you to meticulously research another brokers before making your investment.

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  • Mobile App Available
  • Falsified identities on the homepage
  • Trending negative comments on trading forums
  • Reported bugs on trading platform
  • Excessively complicated Terms for trading clients to meet
  • Account managers reported only caring about deposits

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