Is Qbits Megaprofit System a Scam?


Check out this review of Qbits Megaprofits.
Is Qbits Megaprofits software a scam?
Read this revealing review of Qbits Megaprofits and get the facts.

WARNING: Do not join Qbits Megaprofit System until you read this review.  Our team just finished reviewing the Qbits Megaprofit System by Jeremy Hart, CEO of the “Rich Nerd Club”. A couple of weeks ago, one of our subscribers sent us an email requesting we take a good look at the App. Initially, we didn’t know what we were facing – a legit system or total scam.

Is the Qbits Megaprofit System a scam you should avoid? Well, if loud alarms are ringing in your mind about it, you’re right.

Trading binary options is a profitable business, hands down. Are professional traders making six-figure incomes and above from home? You better believe it. Especially nowadays with the innovation of automated trading systems. Never before were individuals with no trading skills able to make money trading binary options in less than a week. It used to be a time-consuming process where many got discouraged. But times have changed, and now anyone can start ASAP by using a good trading robot. There’s just one problem….binary scams have saturated the industry and it’s despicable, to say the least. Qbits Megaprofit App appears to share some of the standard features like other online scams we’ve reviewed such as the Quantum Code.

SCAM OVERVIEW: We cannot recommend the Qbits Megaprofit System to any fellow trader seeking a safe investment experience. There appears to be illicit activity going on in the back end and a tremendous amount of negative feedback about the app. All the Qbit’s website claims appear fake based on our investigation. You can read the details in this scam report and make sure you avoid other trading systems that do the same.

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Qbits Megaprofits System Review

Due to the competitive nature of the online trading world of binary options, you may meet scams during your search until you find a reputable trading system. Nowadays, some of these trading systems are so impressive, that it makes it hard for a trader to differentiate scams from the real thing. Fraudulent systems do a compelling job at trying to convince with that they are legit and proper working auto traders.

The Qbits Megaprofits System by Jeremy Hart has acquired much attention from the online world recently, and due to some email requests, we see it our duty to provide the facts. At first glance, when landing on the website, the video may be mesmerizing but, it just seems like a Holywood production on a tight budget. So don’t be impressed just yet until you get the real facts and shocking truths. Read our full review of the Qbits Megaprofits System and find out if the App fulfills its bold promises or if it’s just another sham trying to steal your money.

About Qbits Megaprofits System

The Qbits Megaprofits System was founded by Jeremy Hart who claims to offer a trading software that can reach up to 97.5% accuracy. This is a web-based software that claims to use the most advanced mathematical calculations to predict market conditions and ensure you make big profits on your trades. It also works completely automatically. Thus you are not required to do any trading work yourself – you just let it run in the background. The Qbits Megaprofits System compares its self to a “supercomputer,” further stating it works 3,600 times faster in predicting trades.

Qbits Megaprofits System Scam

Now all of this information sounds very exciting to naive binary options traders. It might even suck you in to give it a try, but count yourself lucky if you haven’t joined the Qbits Megaprofit program. The question stands: Is Qbits Megaprofit Software legit or a total fraud? Well, let’s start with the founder – Jeremy Hart. We looked up Mr. Hart on the web and guess what?!? We didn’t find any information on him. We filtered our results on Seatle, Washington as this is where he states to be according to the official website. Jeremy Hart seems not to exist. For all that is known, it is probable that it’s just a made up character and an actor in the video to make you fall for it and only discover later it was a fake name.

We cannot say this system is a complete scam, but we advise traders not to trust the Qbit’s system. How can we trust a trading software that appears to have a fake founder? You just can’t. No wonder there seems not to be enough evidence supporting its performance nor enough positive reviews from real users.

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How Does Qbits Megaprofits System Work?

The Qbits Megaprofits System claims to use quantum technology to predict the market conditions with qubits technology and then conducts appropriate trades. The founder, Jeremy Hart, promises that users are guaranteed profits due to the software performing up to 97.5% accurately. Also, he claims that anyone, whether a novice or professional, can trade binary options without any prior knowledge. Okay, let’s separate the truth from the lies.

Firstly, YES anyone can begin making a profit with binary options trading ONLY if they are using a top performing robot. Otherwise, you’ll have to invest in tons of educational resources to teach yourself, which isn’t a bad thing but may delay your making money potential. Secondly, there is no way Qbits Megaprofit App is 97.5% successful on its trading outcomes. There is no – we mean NO – available free software that can guarantee you to be that accurate. It’s impossible. So don’t believe it.

EXPERT ADVICE:  It’s worth mentioning that a free trading software cannot reach a high accuracy rate of over 90%. The market just won’t let it be due to its nature of ups and downs. The majority of average trading systems offer approximately 83% to 88% at most. There are only a few excellent auto trading systems that have reached top performance, and Qbits Megaprofits is NOT one of them.

qbits megaprofit system scam review

Furthermore, in the introduction video, Jeremy seems to be doing a strong sales pitch (almost pressuring) rather than being informative. The only thing he rambles about is how amazing the Qbits Megaprofit App is and shoves a whole bunch of what we found to be fake testimonials to try to prove its worth. It appears that’s all you see in the promotional video on the Qbits Megaprofit website – one testimonial after another that don’t have credibility. Every single so-called Rih Nerd Club member has the same theme and sales pitch in every instance with cheap backgrounds. Thus we have our suspicions.

Additionally, the software itself doesn’t seem to do anything different than an average trading robot after you login.  The founder just appears to throw around fancy jargon to try to either impress or confuse you rather than real informative or understandable criteria about the system. When you hear him speak, you don’t even know what he’s talking about if your a  new trader. Okay, maybe some experts with technology knowledge might catch on, but this is supposed to be for anyone.

We have our doubts about the Qbits Megaprofit System, and we believe you should have second thoughts about using this system.

Is Qbits Megaprofits System a Scam?

As per our investigation, there was no substantial evidence that the Qbits Megaprofit App actually works. Because it’s brand new to the industry (not even a year on the market) there is not enough information to verify that it’s trustworthy. We also have our doubts about the accuracy rate being 97.5% not only because it’s only been recently launched BUT, the fact that it’s impossible.

The mathematical calculations that are used in trading robots are based on historical market conditions – not just recent trends. Good trading robots take historical market patterns and more recent trends to derive their predictions on the asset’s fluctuation. HOW can a system not even a year old be this accurate? How is it collecting all past market conditions? These are concerns that cannot be answered. Thus Qbits Megaprofit system does not have the credibility to be recognized as a legit software.

qbits megaprofit system scam review

Avoid by CEO & Rich Nerd Club Founder, Jeremy Hart.

When viewing the introduction video, it is worth mentioning that Qbit’s does a great job inserting testimonials about Rich Nerd Club members who have made tons of money with this system. Unfortunately, we researched these members online and were unable to find any of these individuals. More or less, they’re probably just fake or paid actors on Fiverr. Putting the cherry on the cake, there is no proof of real bank statements provided for any of these testimonials – it’s all words.

RED FLAG: Can you make $2,125.76 in just a day with Qbits Megaprofit System? We didn’t, and we couldn’t any real user who has. So keep your wallets closed because the guaranteed profit appears ingenuine.

It’s also worth mentioning that their customer support is missing in action. After we attempted to automate trades with the Qbits Megaprofit App, we report that we had a very unsuccessful trading experience – nowhere the claimed success rate. It’s more like 30% if you were to ask our experts. So, we decided to email Qbits customer support asking them if they had proof of their accuracy rate. Guess what? We never received a reply. There are also many customer complaints that vouch the same – no response to their emails. Should you put your money in trading system like Qbits Megaprofit that has an unresponsive customer support? It’s highly advised not to unless you want to be left hanging and with an empty account.

Therefore, we highly recommend you stay away from such scam models that could misuse your money.  Opt for more promising and trustworthy auto trading robots that have a proven performance record.

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Qbits Megaprofit System Complaints

If you do some online research, you will see a big number of complaints from binary options traders. Many users are posting loads of comments about the disappointing trading results and how they lost their investment within minutes. According to users, the trading robot was very inaccurate in its signals and when it began executing trades automatically money was lost. Customers said to have complained to customer support, but they never received a response.

Should you sign up for an auto trading software that has unresponsive customer support? Absolutely not.

We completely understand the frustration and thus advise fellow traders to sign up with a more reputable trading robot. It’s not worth the risk to invest in trading systems that have these types of complaints.

Final Overview


There’s no denying that binary options software systems are great tools to help traders improve their strategy. It is also necessary to educate yourself about how the market functions and develop your trading skills further if you are looking to reap the maximal profit benefits of investing in binary options.

In the case of the automated binary trading software, Qbits Megaprofit System fails to prove as a reliable and profit-making software for secure trading. There appears to be a fake founder, loads of negative feedback, and absent customer support system. All the evidence our seasoned researchers uncovered only reveals disturbing conclusions in reference to the Qbits Megaprofit’s performance and authenticity.

Due to the high amount of suspicious activity, we cannot recommend Qbits Megaprofit Software as a legit trading system to fellow readers. Turn the other way and don’t give Qbits a second thought.

We encourage you to carry on securely and stay safe by choosing a reputable auto trading robot that has proven over and over again to outperform many other trading systems on the market.

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  • Web-Based Software
  • No Download Needed
  • Fails in Performance
  • Fake Founder
  • Loads of Customer Complaints
  • Unresponsive Customer Support
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