Is QuickOption a Scam?


Before you invest your money, we suggest you do a little homework.
Check out this review of QuickOption.
Is QuickOption a scam?
Read this revealing review of QuickOption and get the facts.


In 2008, the Chicago Board Options Exchange was key to the birth of the binary options industry, and since then we have witnessed the start and collapse of several hundred brokerages. Scammers and incompetents have no place in this business. That’s why QuickOptions is recognized as one of the leaders in the industry. Are they deserving of this level of respect? Here are a few reasons why we think they do:

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Trading Platform

Everyone in the industry knows that the broker, QuickOption provides a trading experience that’s top class in every respect. Its top-of-the-line trading platform is the reason QuickOption earns a reputation for excellence, asides its outstanding customer service and excellent educational tools. It offers best-in-class trading opportunities as well as types that suit any trader no matter what level they are. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that they are labelled the one of the world’s most acclaimed binary options trading environment.

It has a properly designed trading platform with features that were meant to be functional for whatever age-group that uses its platform. You won’t find loud colors on the platform neither would you find unnecessary use of pictures. With neatly laid out menus with distinguishable fonts and contrasting backgrounds that sensibly blends in, it’s so neatly done that a user has everything laid out clearly and well labelled. The world’s financial markets are laid out for traders in live feeds represented on charts and graphs. We can comfortably say that QuickOption trading platform has it all figured out when it comes to including all the options that technology has to offer. Rest assured that you get all it takes to trade successfully with the quality this web platform has to offer.


Currencies and commodities, world stocks, including indexes of the world’s main financial markets, name it and you’ll find it on QuickOption menu of assets. It’s by far the most comprehensive list of variety available to trade binary options contracts.

Sign Up

The QuickOption account signup process can be done using a phone or like in most cases online. Seems like the minimum 250 USD/EUR/GBP/AUD signup amount has come to stay with most top brokers and QuickOption isn’t left out. QuickOption takes account administration seriously in terms of its compliance with the law and the financial services sector’s regulatory requirements. They do this in order to prevent criminal activities such as money laundering and fraud. Declaration of Deposits (DOD) that is duly completed and signed issued by the company.

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Banking & Deposits/Withdrawals

Compared to other brokers, QuickOption’s banking policies are one of the easiest we’ve come across. They allow for traders to deposit and withdraw funds using different options – one more reason they make their clients feel secure. The ‘request withdrawal’ facility can be easily accessed online, with QuickOption, clients can feel confident that their money is only a few clicks away. Five business days is the typical time frame required to process a withdrawal.

Types of accounts

With QuickOption, every client is taken into consideration so that they receive a service that suits their needs perfectly. This is why unlike other binary options services, rather than giving you a menu that displays different account packages, the website offers you a package that is designed to guide you into profitable trading. Standard accounts are issued to small investors and beginners, but the best part is that they still enjoy the full features that an account holder with a large bank account enjoys. QuickOption assigns a financial analyst that is solely dedicated to you as you increase your bank by becoming more successful at trading. This analyst is there to work with you so you achieve better success levels.

Learning Tools

By making its training academy available and providing clients’ online access to its free resources, a client’s chance for success with QuickOption is better. QuickOption is at the forefront of providing excellent training resources and educational materials whether the client is a novice or an experienced trader. Practical and theoretical training materials on binary options profit making are made available to clients in a simple and easy-to-use format 24/7. Even a trader considered a complete novice will benefit greatly from the educational courses trading Academy offers, so much so that the once inexperienced trader can become an expert in binary options. Quick Option’s training resources remain stellar as always.


We highlighted how QuickOptions operate because it is a very popular player in the industry. To understand how popular QuickOptions is, all you need do is look at the reviews on binary options brokers’ performance rating websites. In conclusion, evidence suggests that they are genuinely worth every accolade in terms of industry standard technical professionalism and customer service commitment.

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  • US traders aren’t accepted

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