Is Real Profits a Scam?


Real Profits is recognized for pledging very high and fast returns to traders. However, does this Binary Option Robot hold its reputation for its promised performance?

Is Real Profits a scam you should avoid at all costs? Can you generate up to $14.5K per day?  If you want to be safe, you might want to shy away from Real Profits Binary System.

It is well recognized in the industry that there is no easier way to trade but with the help of a reliable trading tool. They’re automated, which means all trades are placed without your supervision according to your preferred settings. You can manage your strategy all within the robot. The only problem is, sometimes the auto trader that appears legit – is actually a scam. Some users have seen their money completely vanish within hours because they used the wrong robot.

Real Profits Software System Review

A brand new binary options trading software has been released this year called the Real Profits system. Sounds pretty straightforward and catchy. The founder, Anthony di Franco, who has studied and invested somewhat in binary options has designed supposedly one of the easiest to use trading software for binary options traders. Does his statement hold true regarding the guarantee win rate of 97%? We have our doubts as there is no trading software on the market that can achieve this high of success.

Although the Real Profits website pitch claims to minimize risks while maximizing profits is a tale many auto trading systems tell. We examined to see if it’s a tool of its word or if it’s just another scam. The Real Profits trading bot has two options: Manual and auto trade trading modes. Traders have a choice when they would like to trade manually or have the bot trade for them. Account holders on the platform also get secret strategies and are show various ways to make more money. Unfortunately, we didn’t find real evidence that this tool does all the claimed work above. So keep your wallets closed and read our honest review to find more proof how Real Profits could work against you.

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How Does Real Profits App Work?

Anthony DiFranco claims his software has a 97% success rate. Our team finds this a bit too high, considering that the actual software is free. And that there is no software on the market that can achieve such a high win-rate to date. Hmm, doesn’t DiFranco sound kind of shady? We think so.

Supposedly, if there is a potential trade to be made, the trader gets a notification about it and the bot then executes a trade on the user’s behalf. The correct terminology for the options is referred to as a Call or Put. If the value of an option is on the rise, the software will notify you that this is a Call. If the value is on the decrease, you will be notified that this is a Put. All options include expiration times which are deemed by the trader himself. They can begin at 30 seconds and go up to a year in expiration. The claimed payout is 89-98%, which we’ll admit is favorable.

However, our results show that the Real Profits software did not respect our settings and signals were generated at random. The Real Profits robot would not follow through on the expiration times set, thus resulting in many losses. For instance, we would arrange for a trade to be done in 60 seconds and Real Profits would apply it at the 30-second expiry. It’s as if the robot had a mind of its own and lost on purpose. Therefore, we cannot say Real Profits offers any profits whatsoever. The claimed payout seems impossible as well since Real Profits system keeps losing.

Overall after testing the Real Profits platform, the 97% success rate seem bogus and the trading software fails performance. We advise you check out our list of top-notch auto traders that we have tested countless times and have found profitable results.

Is The Real Profits System a Scam?

Real Profits software system by Anthony di Franco claims a winning rate of 97% – and it’s free. Sounds great, huh? If an auto trading platform has that high of a winning rate and is free, you should be wondering why. Our team hasn’t experienced a software that claims that high of a rating to cost nothing. Here’s the catch: Unless you create an account and pick one of Real Profits’ brokers, you won’t access the Real Profits software. There appears to be dishonest on the Real Profits’ behalf, because they never speak about using a broker. Be aware, that you can’t access a software without having a trading account. It would have been more acceptable if they had mentioned the process to access the Real Profits software rather than just feeding you with dreams and thoughts of wealth. The only claim that seems to have some truth is that it’s free and no download is necessary.

Something that caught your attention is that Anthony di Franco appears just to be another paid actor reading a script and promoting a scam. We found that even the name “Anthony di Franco” isn’t real and as per our research no such perosn exists in regards to the software. If the founder is probably fake from the start, why trust the Real Profits software system? Well, you shouldn’t if you ask our experts. We don’t thinks it’s wise to trade with an auto trader who has a fake founder in general. And Real Profits is not exception,

There are many questions about making money with the Real Profits app – up to $14,500 per day? Not in your sweetest dreams. Sorry to pop anyone’s bubble, but these types of earnings are almost impossible. An honest trading system would suggest $300 – $500 a day with automated binary trading; that’s realistic. The Real Profits misrepresentation of information doesn’t confirm that it’s a scam but does make bubbles in the trading waters.

Should You Try Trading With Real Profits?

The Real Profits auto trading tool itself is free according to website. There is only a deposit requirement from one of their affiliate brokers in order to access this tool. As long as you meet the broker’s deposit requirement, the tool will be given to as soon as your account is activated. This is a very normal process when signing up to access the trading robot, however, you need to make sure the broker is legit.

Here’s the entire process: So once you create your account, you will need to choose one of their recommended brokers, and make a required deposit in order to begin using the Real Profits bot. Real Profits’ brokers are determined by country; some brokers apply to one and not the other. As soon as you enter your details you will be able to choose and find out what the minimum deposit is in order to gain access to this auto trading bot. All of this sounds like a legit process in the binary options industry. Pretty straightforward, right?

There is a major concern, though. 

In the Real Profits system, we cannot confirm these are safe and legit brokers that you should trust your money with. Our research shows that the working brokers do not have a good reputation in the industry and are unlicensed. That’s a sign of sure trouble.  There are also speculations based on customer reviews that the partnered brokers are frauds. So should you instill an ounce of trust with Real Profits auto trader that works with untrustworthy brokers? We think it’s a very bad idea.

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Real Profits Complaints & Feedback

We didn’t discover loads of complaints regarding the Real Profits trading bot. The only thing leaving traders disappointed is that the bot doesn’t meet the promises they set out for themselves. The success rate is much lower than 97% according to not only our experience but, other real users’ as well.  An auto software that is free with this kind of claimed winning rate doesn’t surprise us with the amount of complaints being posted about poor profit performance. Perhaps, many users found out about the fraudulent behavior and therefore people strayed away from trying the Real Profits system. This is the best explanation for the lack of positive feedback and the number of negative customer reviews.

The Final Verdict

riskAfter a thorough examination, we have concluded that Real Profits software system may not be 100% safe and secure for interested traders. There are too many questions floating around about Real Profits being a scam in which causes some alarm. It would be different if a trading software had some flaws but, if it’s being called a scam – beware.

Also, the fact the founder Anthony di Franco appears to be non-existent and not related to the software screams “danger”. The unrealistic 97% success rate is something you should not believe. Generally speaking, such a high success rate is not only claimed by Real Profits, but in many scam auto traders out there. Additionally, the Real Profits’ brokers are not respected companies in the binary options industry, thus your investment could be at risk – POOF and your money vanishes in minutes.

Overall, Real Profits software system provides misrepresentation, and no profits could be earned based on our detailed tests. Unless a miracle happens, we cannot recommend Real Profits as a safe trading method.

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  • Up to 98% payout (never happened in history)
  • Web-based Platform
  • Completely Automatic
  • Unachievable Success Rate
  • Random Trading Signals
  • Assigned Broker Not a Trusted Brand
  • Non-Existent Founder
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