Is Signals365 a Scam?


Check out this review of Signals365.
Is Signals365 software a scam?
Read this revealing review of Signals365 and get the facts.

Does Signals365 give you accurate signals? It it a binary signals service or an auto trading robot? Signals 365 has raving reviews but, is it right on the money? If you have even an ounce of doubt, you’re on target.

One of the biggest problems with trading robots and signal systems these days is that for every quality software out there, you’ll find about a dozen quite to the contrary. This is true to such an extent that these days, it’s normal, natural and to some extent advisable to be skeptical about every such service you come across. Signals365 being no exception to the rule, which as a service promising daily profits with nothing to do on your behalf sounds a little too good to be true.

The simple fact of the matter is that an effective trading robot actually can open up the world of trading to just about anyone. By pulling together important data from all over the world in real-time, they use facts, evidence, and logic to help guide decisions. With the right bot, you could be on your way to something great. With the wrong bot, it’s a downward spiral that’s guaranteed to continue until you bail. If you’re looking for more reliable alternatives, you might want to check our list of the best trading robots in the industry.

Signals365 Review

So with this in mind, how does signals365 work? Or more importantly, does binary Signals365 work at all? Are we looking at an outright binary365 scam, or can we say with confidence that Signals365 software is the real deal?

Well, at first glance you get the impression that talk of a Signals365 scam scheme might be unfounded. The reason being that in most instances, the first and biggest giveaway of a fraudulent system is promises of making ridiculous sums of money overnight. Here, though, there are absolutely no such claims to be found – off to a good start. Therefore, as there isn’t a system on Earth that can guarantee these kinds of results, it’s reassuring to see a brand like this staying away from them. But, this is not the whole story.

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Along with this, confidence can also be taken from the fact that the company behind the software deem Signals365 reliable for a success rate of up to 70%. As you’ll no doubt be aware, those that ‘guarantee’ success rates in the region of 90%, 95% and even 97% immediately out themselves as frauds, as such success rates are simply impossible to guarantee. 70% is achievable and therefore believable, which again builds confidence in the system on offer. However, Signals365 accuracy rate is on the low side. 

What’s different about this system compared to the common scam is the way in which it can be used with any binary options broker. They claim to offer more than 100 quality signals per day for a nominal monthly fee, though free trials are available to see what’s on offer. On the whole, therefore, you find yourself thinking that talk of Signals365 fraud may be unfounded, but there are certain areas in which things begin to fall apart.

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Does signals365 Work?

First and foremost, there’s the fact that while ‘up to’ 70% ITM returns are achievable, they’re not really sufficient to turn much profit with binary options. You’d be much more likely to break even, which despite being better than suffering losses still isn’t particularly reassuring. Generally speaking, traders agree that somewhere in the region of 72% to 73% ITM represents a reasonable success rate for turning a profit – over and above the maximum offered via the Signals365 system.

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Which in turn means that even if they did live up to their promise, it would be tricky to make any real money anyway. Nevertheless, the team behind the system make it clear that Signals365 is created with newcomers in mind, so chances are most of those signing up will not realise this anyway. They want you to pay them a fee of $99 per month to get up and running with the Signals365 app, but don’t appear to be offering a great deal in returns.

Is Signals365 Legit?

Something else that never fails to paint the worst possible picture of a trading or signals bot of any kind is when they resort to using fake content to boost their profile. In this instance, therefore, something that leaps off the page as a sign of a possible Signals365 scam is the use of fake reviews. When asking the question ‘is Signals 365 legit?’, you also have to ask why they might feel the need to make up fake reviews.

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Fake reviews – same customers claiming the same story on other websites…

The testimonials from ‘customers’ of the Signals365 app may come across as legit, but the truth is that they’re anything but that. As is the case with so many other scams, the signals365 website seems to steal images from other sites and social media pages simply, to be paired with scripted reviews. Not the end of the world perhaps, but when questioning is Signals365 legit, why would they have to fake reviews? Is it because no genuine reviews of a positive nature exist? We can’t answer this for them, but it’s certain a little on the odd side.

Is Signals365 a Scam or Real Service?

Next up, there’s the way in which they proclaim that the signals365 software system took home the prestigious award for ‘Best Signal Service 2106’. Impressive enough, apart from the fact that if you care to look up this award, you’ll find the award doesn’t exist. And if you do manage to find something similar, you’ll also find that it isn’t Signals365 that picked up the award. Again, this doesn’t directly confirm that Signals365 is a scam, but it nonetheless raises any number of questions.

Still on the same subject, more evidence of apparent Signals365 hoax can be found in the ‘As Featured On’ part of the page. It certainly breeds confidence – has apparently been featured in Yahoo Finance, Forex Magnates,, and more influential publications. The only problem being, IT HASN’T – not one of them. Carry out a search, and you’ll find nothing about on any of these sites, which once again highlights the possibility of a Signals365 fraudulent system.

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Signals365 – Is It a Scam?

There are two additional red flag warning signs, which likewise suggest that a Signals365 hoax could be likely. First of all, when it comes to the claim of providing ‘100+ Signals Every Day’, this is way more than any seasoned trader would ever want or need. Not to mention, as soon as our team activated the signals, we were overflowing with too many signals that apparently had a 50/50 chance of being right. We followed along with a reliable trading robot to check the accuracy of the Signals365 indicators. Well, Signals365 seemed not to be in the money. They were generated at random according to our research. Also, the fact many signals are coming at you doesn’t allow enough time to trade, thereby missing out on the opportunity to place trades on your own.

Instead, focusing on quality over quantity represents rule-number-one for those in the know, casting further doubt on this part of the Signals365 website. It’s better to maximize your trading potential by using a good robot trading system because you get the signals for free and they software executes them for you. This ensures you don’t miss a trade and you can customize your settings to be notified of assets that are worth your while – not just random ones.

Signals365 Customer Reviews

Along with this, there’s the way in which virtually every Signals365 review you’ll come across from an actual customer paints a less-than-ideal picture of what’s going on. While Signals365 scam reviews aren’t rare, positive Signals365 reviews seem to be much harder to come by. And in many instances, the Signals365 reviews that speak highly of what’s on offer appear to be overly weighted on the positive side of things, with a distinct paid-marketing vibe.

It seems as though Signals365 is trying too hard to compel investors to pay for their monthly subscription. Perhaps it’s because they want to take a traders money only to give them random signals with less than perfect accuracy. Therefore resulting in lost opportunities – and no profits.

The Final Conclusion 

riskOverall, we cannot recommend Signals365 software as a reliable or credible trading tool to fellow readers. There appears to be some fraudulent activity underneath the service after our experts went deeper into the matter. Bringing it all together, it’s a bit of a tricky one with Signals365. On the one hand, promises of a Signals365 free trial, ITM success rates that are achievable and no promises of overnight riches seem to paint a positive picture of what’s on offer. With free Signals365 access and realistic claims, talk of a signals365 scam system appears to be unfounded. After the free trial period has ended, you’ll be paying a $99 subscription fee which will be charged over and over again every month. And worst yet, the signals aren’t even in the money plus, no automated trades.

However, the more critically you begin to look at the Signals365 website, the more it all starts to unravel. The simple fact of the matter is that no site or system that could genuinely offer outstanding results would need to publish fake content or reviews. And as there’s a whole bunch of Signals365 scam reviews right there in front of you – what are you expected to think? Especially when there are so many reputable and reliable trading bots out there on the market that tell it exactly how it is.

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  • Realist ITM Promises
  • No Unrealistic Guarantees
  • Attractive Website
  • Lies About Awards Won And Media Features
  • Fake Reviews Posted On The Website
  • Customer Reviews Suggest Poor Success Rates
  • Below 60% Accuracy
  • Monthly Subscription Fee
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