Is Tradorax a Scam?


Is Tradorax the real deal or is it just another scam cleverly disguised behind a slick website? Read this review and get the facts before you invest with Tradorax.

We are aware that choosing the right product when there are so many scams may be a herculean task. However, our investigations will give you insightful knowledge of which brand is legitimate and which is not. For this reason, there should not be a reason why you fall prey to a scam. There is important information that should be watched out for. Do not just hire the services of any broker that comes your way, promised incentives do not always take priority.

What is most important is getting the best service and staying safe from scams. Tradorax is a typical example of why we should meticulously make research before taking a crucial decision. When taking a closer look at Tradorax, everything appears perfect from its website to the experience acquired.

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The first noticed flaw of Tradorax is in its system performance, this system often appears slow and frequently freezes which is absurd for brokers that are trading with a lot of funds. It is also known for being extremely slow when it is time to make withdrawals. Tradorax lacks good customer service, they claim to be available 24/7 but the feedbacks posted by unsatisfied customers obviously show us their loopholes.

Due to awful customer reviews, and comprehensive analysis of the problem being faced by Tradorax, an overhaul of the previous service was thought to be the best option to revive the system. A complete change in team management was presumed to bring about an awesome turnaround in the service it offers.  In the recent past, just before this plan was executed, it was known that the old team management ran Tradorax in a terrible way. When the management was changed, customers had high hopes, believing there will be positive significant changes.

Tradorax – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Here are instructions that should be strongly adhered to in order to save ourselves from a precarious situation. We decided to share this with you, so you can completely stay away from Tradorax.

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The latest warning sign concerns an investor was said to be attracted by the promise of ‘risk-free trading,’ and ‘high profits.’ After investing $5,000 in cash and $23,000 via credit cards, he was told he couldn’t withdraw any money until he’d placed a minimum $1,000,000 in trades. Based on similar prior incidences, it is unlikely that any of the investment will be recoverable.”

The agency implored everyone to be far more cautious when signing up and we second that. Scams can very convincing and the first glance can be very misleading. Tradorax is a great example of how a professional website fully loaded with content can give the misleading impression of a well-established company with years of operational experience.

The Final Verdict

In conclusion, we do not endorse Tradorax as a trusted broker. They offer questionable binary options services which are shrouded in negative customer reviews. This is a sound warning to our readers, this company may come up with promises of fixing the anomalies in their operations. If you are in search for trusted brokers, try one of the well-established brokers on our 2017 Best Brokers list, otherwise, make concrete research and be on the watch for the red flags that are common for scams.

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  • Easily accessible educational materials for beginners
  • Complicated Trading Platform
  • negative online presence full of traders accusing them of scam activities
  • unlicensed

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