Is VirtNext App a Scam?


Check out this review of VirtNext App.
Is VirtNext App software a scam?
Read this revealing review of VirtNext App and get the facts.

Currently, we are not able to deem the VirtNext app as a safe Binary Robot. We highly advise you a safer method or use VirtNext at Your Own Risk! For more security and better performance, select our highly-trusted system or browse the list of other popular systems.

VirtNext App Review

VirtNext is a binary options auto trader that is using a big name in order to ensure software credibility and to attract traders. The welcome video on the website states that the infamous French industrialist Vincent Bollore, created the robot and is the owner of the VirtNext. This comes across very reliable since a well respected businessman has developed this software. Such a strong influence wouldn’t put his name at risk of being associated with something like a scam right? We would like to believe this is the case.

The Scam-Rank experts decided to take up reviewing and checking the validity of this robot to make sure you are not being lied to. Upon our investigative research, we are confident to share our findings with you so you know the truth about the VirtNext system.

VirtNext Scam is Selling You Lies!

What we discovered is that Mr. Bollore is not one bit involved with the software. This is a completely illegitimate statement. This scam company has gone the distance to have some of their advertisers, who get nice commissions, create phony pictures on Photoshop of Bollore and include them in bogus articles. Supposedly, Forbes even provided an article about the VirtNext app and Mr. Bollore, but this is completely false. This article is non-existent. Forbes has never included the VirtNext app on their website as you can view it right here. We have exposed this lie, what other ones will we find next? Keep reading.

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 VirtNext Is Tricking You!

You are initially drawn to the introduction video that showcases the VirtNext app download and talks about the exclusive members’ area. The majority of the video covers talk about investing and the insights you need to make profitable trading decisions. Although they speak about the strategy Wall Street investors use, there is no information given how the VirtNext auto trader operates nor the advantages. The only thing it explains is that it performs some hard tasks that are not understandable to the viewer. This software is advertised as an answer to a trader’s wishes and dilemmas.


As you scroll further down, you will encounter a timer. This timer is there to promote this app as an exclusive free access opportunity for those who landed on the page. This timer widget starts the countdown at about 11 minutes and this is the remaining time you have to get this tool for free. We let the counter run out of time and absolutely nothing happened. Many scammers use this urgency strategy to make you sign up and make you think you’ll miss out. This is just a trick.

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VirtNext Is Plain Fake!

So does the app work? The VirtNext website has gone as far as claiming that in 4 years, only 1 wrong trade has been made. Our team is wondering how this is so (and you should be wondering too).So when you sign in to the VirtNext via the login page and connect it to your account, you should reap big profits right from the get-go right? Not at all.  After all, they only released this app in 2015! Don’t buy into their sales tactic and false facts.

This is not the only fabricated data we found. Looking at the website’s testimonials and commentary, you want to think this is all legit. Well, we found that their Facebook page is completely bogus as it is owned by a VirtNext broker. If you look at the search bar’s website field, the broker’s name is right there.virtnext_fake_testimonials

It does not end there. Our team’s findings show that the pictures are also not real – just some random Google images as you can see:


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Looking further down the landing page, there are some video reviews provided. If you listen carefully and you’ll pick up the falseness. We also found that one of their female candidate’s also was a part of the Amissio Formula scam, see below the snap shot for proof. Scammers are doing less of a good job covering up their mess as they choose actors and actresses that have been featured in other binary options robot scams.


Also, we don’t want to talk about how much of a scam the VirtNext customer support team is. It appears as if they are there when you want to sign up, but soon enough all support vanishes when you lose. As you have gotten this far reading this review, we don’t see it necessary to further tell you that their website’s badges of high recognition are also fake. You have probably suspected this yourself about them right now.

Final Results

riskIf you are still not convinced, our team can assure you that there is plenty of fabricated reviews online, posted by paid critics. Avoid falling for scam trading software that resembles anything like VirtNext. Many scammers have a few things in common such as fake testimonials, countdown widgets that do nothing and untraceable profit figures. The biggest fib of them all that they promise is making hundred of thousands within a day – completely unrealistic.

Binary options trading is profitable and there are well performing trading software on the market, but you need to be able to distinguish the real ones from the scams. We hope you found this review helpful and advise you to look at more trusted robots to achieve success.

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