Is Ivory Options a Scam?


Ivory Options are getting more online exposure, but it's not all good. Can you trust Ivory Options with you money or is it another clever scam? Read this review, note our conclusion, and see how they measure up to today's highest rated brokers.

One of the hardest things to spot these days is the way users of binary options platforms get scammed. It is not always evident that such platforms were set up to rob clients of their hard-earned money. Even the few ones that ended up robbing their clients usually strive to ensure that some of their clients get to win a few trades at the beginning. They cover up so well that unsuspecting traders will think they are genuine and will end up investing lots of money on the platform. They also do this to clear the air regarding any complaints about them ripping off anyone, and this is what makes it even harder to spot a scam broker.

Recently, good things have not been said about Ivory Options and we want to determine whether or not Ivory Options can be trusted as a broker.

The Trading tools and platform of Ivory Options

When you trade using Ivory Options as your broker, it implies that you are doing business using the same platform and tools that is available across the board. This means that if any one of those other platforms is regarded as a scam, then it could suggest that all the other platforms are unsafe for trading binary options as well.

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Highest Rated BrokerIvory Options follow the same style other scam sites follow by giving the impression that their prospective clients stand to gain a lot when they do business with them. They get their clients off to a great start, and down the line, things go awry. On the whole, reports from people who worked with Ivory Options as well as with its sibling websites touch on receiving assistance from experts or senior analysts when they got started and by so doing, were able to succeed with trading. Naturally when instances like this happens, customers trust in the brokers and themselves will be boosted and they will be convinced to invest more. That’s when things begin to go amiss and in the wrong direction.

It is basically the same tactic other scam brokers use to rob clients if their money. They impress customers with their performance until such customers are emboldened enough to place higher stakes while trading. If you want to know more about the bonuses they offer, there’s really nothing to write home about. The smallest requirement for trading such as 20X, 40X and sometimes 50X will, at all times, be applicable to any bonus that is given.

But when it comes to the strategies implemented by unsuspecting customers who think they have it made and believe they are trading and making good money before they shockingly get hit, there’s really nothing transparent or honorable about such occurrences.

Is Ivory Options trustworthy or not?

According to the wealth of evidence gathered from reputable sources, we cannot verify whether Ivory Options is operating dubiously or not since we were not able to ascertain any suspicious activity when we engaged them.

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Despite this fact, the evidence gathered against the broker is too iron-clad to be ignored. There are lots of businesses and brands that are carrying out dubious activities according to AMF. Therefore, if you are a trader and do not want your fingers to get burnt, then it is wise to do business with a broker that has lots of positive reviews within the industry. Please, go through the list of the TOP-rated brokers for 2017.


The evidence against Ivory Options is too much to be ignored. From the look of things as discovered from our research, Ivory Options did not inspire us to ignore the growing customer complaints. After thorough investigation, we have come to the conclusion that it is not going to be wise for anyone to make business with Ivory Options. That is to say, that Ivory Options is not recommended as a safe broker and should be avoided. The primary cause for concern has to do with overwhelming client comment about how they were dissatisfied with their services.

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  • Low Deposit
  • Excessive Online Customer Complaints
  • Negative client comments about the trading platform
  • complicated trading volume bonus requirements
  • Inexperienced account managers

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