Is Lexington code a Scam?


Check out this full review of Lexington code and see if their claims of $126,000 every month are valid.
Is Lexington code software a scam?
Read this revealing review of Lexington code and get the facts before you deposit.

One of the best ways to make money is by trading, but the presence of scams which are rife at the moment are ruining the reputation of the real ones used in binary trading. Lots of robots can help you with automated signals on binary trading. If you want to make money via the internet, then we highly recommend that you keep the following list of robots that are tested and are trusted.

One of the latest suspected scams making the rounds these days is the Lexington Code software.The Lexington Code software claims to make you win a lot of money, but the opposite seems to be the brutal case.

It is touted as the number 1 Autotrading robot which trades automatically on the binary trading floor, with regulated brokers. Users of the Lexington Code can use the software anywhere in the world. But then, let us critically examine the Lexington code software.

Lexington Code and How It Works

The owners of Lexington Code require the use of the software with TradeXtra Broker. But the shocking reality is that TradeXtra is an independent broker with no trading license and numerous bad reviews. According to the founders of the Lexington Code, they make the claim that the software makes crazy sums of money that range from $500 to $5000 every day for more than six months. This is quite incredible, and the claim is unbelievable. But curiously, the website on which this alleged ground-breaking binary trading software is sold was registered on the 11/10/2016, which makes it barely a month old. Now, if that is not a big, fat red flag, then what is it?

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Who Are The Creators of the Lexington Code?

Michael Lexington, who is believed to have a wealth of knowledge in business matters, is supposedly the co-founder and CEO of the Lexington Code. Barry Storyk is thought to be the other co-founder of this alleged revolutionary software. But the truth is that there is no one bearing the names ‘Michael Lexington,’ ‘Barry Storyk,’ or even, as a matter of fact, the ‘Lexington Code’ software. Our investigative team delved deep into the internet for the business profiles of these names and found that they were entirely fictitious. No trace of anyone bearing those names came up on social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

What does this tell you? How can someone who claims to have a ‘rich background in business’ not have any business profile found anywhere online? That looks rather absurd in this present era of social media and online credibility. The video review of the Lexington Code does not contain relevant information about the company behind the creation of the software or even supply details about how to use the software. One thing that was always hammered was that for anyone to make big money with the software they must first deposit the sum of $250. Often the people behind scam software have no interest in stringing you along with fake trading. Most of them just want to get a few thousand deposits then make a run for it. The fact that everything that the Lexington Code says and does fits the profile of all scam sites should give you cause for concern.

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The Promo Video: Is It False?

From the video clip promoting this scam software, the so-called ‘Michael Lexington’ has a British accent, and this fact indicates that the target of these scammers is to dupe people who are of British and Irish origins respectively. In fact, we suspect that the promotional clip was probably shot in the United Kingdom.

Secondly, the company selling this software is not licensed or even registered with the appropriate regulating bodies. As a matter of fact, there is neither a company nor an office address indicated anywhere on the website. The only prominent thing on the website is the window where you’re expected to enter your name and email, and it even appeared more than twice. Without a doubt, they want to get you on their database or list and spam you until you cave and make a deposit.

The Supposed Efficiency of Lexington Code

What about those testimonials? Did real people make them? Do such supporters of the scam software exist or were they hired to help in promoting the Lexington Code? Scammers can go a long way in covering their tracks and ensure that no loose ends are left uncovered. Every one of those fake testimonials was made by professional actors who were paid handsomely by the people behind the Lexington Code. Those testimonials were not made by real people. What kind of company uses fake people?

The Conclusion

We do not recommend the Lexington Code as binary trading software, and we strongly advise you against submitting any of your personal details to them for any reason. Lots of reputable and trusted companies offer real financial opportunities in the online trading industry. Our primary goal is to help you avoid falling in with a disreputable company; therefore we advise that you choose a well established Robot Trader with a proven track record. Trading online gives excitement and a second source of income to many, and for some even a chance to work from home full time. Get off to a good start and that could be you.

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  • Only requiring
  • Unconfirmed business license
  • No product specifications or history of development
  • Fake testimonials with outlandish and unrealistic claims
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