Is Lie Detector Millionaire a Scam?


What’s the Lie Detector Millionaire?
Is it Safe or is The LDMSoftware a Scam?
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Lie Detector Millionaire appears to be an entirely deceptive trading system. It may not be operational now as the number of scam reports caused a shut down in the Lie Detector Millionaire posing as a real binary software.If you’re looking for more reliable alternatives, you might want to check our list of recommended trading robots.

Lie Detector Millionaire Scam Review

A new system has been recently available to online traders known as the Lie Detector Millionaire (LDM) software. It’s a method that was developed by Trade X and is presented by a man referred to as Daniel Wilkins.  Jonas Kane. Supposedly this new binary options trading formula is becoming popular amongst traders, so our team of experts thought this would be a great new topic to discuss and report back to potentially interested traders. The LDM system attracted our attention after we received various requests from online traders to review if this system was a steadfast one.


Through careful analysis and reviews of the Lie Detector Millionaire software, we do not believe this auto trading system is optimal for investment. Find out what shocking information our team at Scam-Rank has uncovered about this system!

What Is The Lie Detector Millionaire App?

The LDM software claims to work like most trading systems do, offering to execute trades for you in order to cut out your workload. First, make sure you have a good anti-virus software because this website is not protected. We copied the website URL into our anti-virus software and we were prompted that we were about to enter an UNSAFE website. That’s a very high indication that Lie Detector Millionaire is a scam and your investment is for sure at risk.

As we have mentioned, any site that has a countdown is usually one to be suspicious of and Lie Detector Millionaire is no exception. These guys are doing what other scams do – pressure you into joining the program. You’ll notice that there are 50 spots to be filled, but it’s just a widget that starts its countdown and refreshes after you come back to the site again.

Scam-Rank has the latest cutting-edge anti-virus, so we proceeded opening an account just to validate if this system would fulfill its promise. According to our test runs and ex-client reviews on the Lie Detector Millionaire app, it locks as soon as you make a deposit. There have been frequent complaints that after depositing $250, the system locks – we had to validate this. We performed this action several times when we would sign into Lie Detector Millionaire, and the system kept locking as soon as we would fund our account. Furthermore, customer support was nowhere to be found when we contacted them in regards to this emergency. We can only image how many people have lost their investment as soon as they funded their account.

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Is Lie Detector Millionaire a Scam?

This software has quite a unique story behind it. According to the Lie Detector Millionaire website, the story goes that a lie detection test was conducted on a guy by a military general to confirm that he actually earned $5 million in 2015 using the Lie Detector Millionaire system. Although this a creative story, don’t be fooled.

Effective and credible trading apps are developed by individuals who are ahead of the game in the world of economics and finance. The story should come off as realistic, not something out of a movie. After looking more into this story, we found that there was no lie detector actually involved, so be careful what you believe.


Furthermore, we researched the business’s address to validate that it actually exists, but we did not find the Lie Detector Millionaire listed in California, as claimed by the presenter. Actually, the business name doesn’t exist at all, and it is not registered with the Better Business Bureau! Moreover, the actual individual, Daniel Wilkins, himself DOES NOT exist anywhere on the web after researching his profile.

We warn fellow traders that presenters who are untraceable and have no reputation should have sirens going off in your mind. Should you trust a binary trading software that has a missing founder? The answer should be obvious – NO! We wouldn’t advise you to trust this system that promises you to get rich in no time from a non-existent presenter and business.

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The Final Verdict

riskScam-Rank understands the frustration investors come across when trying to seek a good auto trading tool. As mentioned before, numerous scams on the market bombard traders all the time claiming that they work. Unfortunately many have fallen for these systems and are left dry of funds.

After our scam investigation of the Lie Detector Millionaire, we strictly suggest you turn your back and pick a reliable automated binary system that will make your money flourish (not diminish like LDM app). We have concluded that the Lie Detector Millionaire software is unsafe for serious traders. We highly advise you to choose a better performing robot that will help attribute to your success.

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  • Min. Deposit Is Standard $250
  • Creative Story Behind It
  • Software Virus Warning
  • Untrustworthy Affiliated Brokers
  • Unregistered Business
  • CEO is Non-Existent, No Profile
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