Is Lucrosa Software a Scam?


Check out this review of Lucrosa Trading.
Is Lucrosa Trading software a scam?
Read this revealing review of Lucrosa Trading and get the facts.

Have you received an email from the Lucrosa software by John Lucrosa? Are you wondering if you can make up to $14,000 per day? Well, if you’re skeptical about the Lucrosa’s app abilities, you may be right or know a thing or two about binary options trading.

These days, it takes something really special to stand out from the crowd as an impressive and legit trading bot. The reason being that unfortunate as it is, the vast majority of trading systems you’re likely to come across are outright scams and most of them follow the same scam formula which can be useful, given the way in which it makes them so easy to spot. And excluding those 100% scams, many are second-rate trading bots actively trying to rip you off and will bring you nothing but losses.

A quality trading bot can make trading at an advanced level accessible and enjoyable for pretty much everyone. By making decisions based on market movements, real-time events, and data gathered from all over the world, trading software has the potential to minimise risk and maximise profits. Suffice to say therefore; the key lies in gaining access to a quality bot in the first place. It can be a challenge, but just as long as you know what to look out for, it doesn’t have to be too difficult.

SCAM OVERVIEW: Lucrosa App is recognized for promising very high earnings in an unheard of time frame to new traders who sign up. However based on our investigation results and suspicious evidence, we cannot recommend the Lucrosa software as a safe Binary Robot. If you plan on trusting this system that seems dodgy, it’s at Your Own Risk!

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Lucrosa Software Review

So what’s the story with Lucrosa? How does Lucrosa work? How much can Lucrosa make for its customers? Well, as far as the folks behind the software are concerned, the answer is relatively simple:


Now, if you’ve read any of our reviews before, you’ll know that the one thing we dislike more than anything else is fraudulent guarantees. While we may not have been scammed by the Lucrosa system to the degree as other users claim, we can promise you in no uncertain terms that this guarantee is bogus – no doubt about it based on the accepted facts about binary options trading.

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How can we be sure? For a number of reasons – the first of which being that there isn’t a trading system on Earth that can guarantee $210,000 every month. If there was, we’d all be using it day in and day out. Not only this, but do you really think the folks behind the Lucrosa app would be recruiting for customers if they could make this kind of money for themselves? The answer – of course not.

On top of all this, it’s pretty low to use words like ‘guaranteed’ only to then state in your terms and conditions that there are no guarantees in this kind of trading. Which in turn means that the initial promise is worth precisely jack – 100% worthless. They talk up a guarantee only to immediately go back on their word. This means that if you’re looking for a trustworthy start, you won’t find one with the Lucrosa system.

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About Lucrosa System by John Lucrosa

One thing that certainly works in favour of the website is how comparatively polished it is, in terms of presentation. More often than not, scam sites give themselves away with a whole host of careless and amateurish mistakes, the make the whole thing hard to take seriously. In the case of Lucrosa, they have at least gone to the effort to make sure the content featured is accurate enough. The same also applies to the overall design of the home page, which paints a reasonably positive picture of things.

As for that staple of most trading bot sites – the introductory video – you can’t help but feel as if you’re being advised by a genuine professional. Going by the name of John Lucrosa, the alleged creator of the system talks about his past as a high-flying trader right at the top of his game in the City of London. It’s a well-made video and he has a kind of self-assured smugness about him that makes you buy into what he’s saying.

Or at least it would if it wasn’t for the fact that it appears he’s lying to you. Trust us when we say you can carry out all the research in the world, but you will find no information at all about any trader or financial genius by the name of John Lucrosa. He puts on a far more convincing performance than some, but he’s probably still nothing more than an actor – plain and simple.

Many auto trading systems that are emerging nowadays are getting clever and go the extra few steps to gain your trust. However, can you trust a trading software in which the founder is nowhere to be found? Or could be just an actor?

We’d advise you that it’s not a good idea to join a software that appears to have a missing founder. If you’re looking for an automated binary trading system that is credible, check out the latest approved robot.

Is Lucrosa a Scam or Not?

The thing is though; all credibility immediately falls apart when this unknown character starts throwing numbers at you. “Do you want to make over $7,000 a day?” Of course, we do, but we also know it’s almost impossible through this particular method of making money! And we do mean impossible – deposit (or should we say donate) $250 to be pumped into investments and there is no way on Earth it can be transformed into a profit of $7k in a single day. The founder talks of $600 per day, millions of dollars every year and up to $14,000 per day in some instances. The one thing all of these figures have in common is that they are elaborate works of fiction – you can forget about any of them coming true.

He even claims you’ll get $600 just for sticking around to watch the full 25-minute video. Suffice to say; it’s 25 minutes of your life you’d be better off investing elsewhere as this $600 just doesn’t happen.

Noticing a pattern here? Before you go reading too much into the customer reviews shared on the Lucrosa website, you might want to take something into account.

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Take Alice Smithers, for example (above)– an image search carried out will immediately return a bunch of additional sites where the same image has been used with a different name. She’s supposedly a satisfied customer of Cloud Trader and 98Success too, though for some reason has an entirely different name in both instances. Long story short, nothing is appearing legit.

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Does Lucrosa Trading Software Work?

Worse still, if you take note of the graph on the introductory page, you’ll see just how the profits earned by Lucrosa system users have been ramping up massively since January. Throughout the first six months of the year, incredible progress was made with regard to the profits customers were taking home. Encouraging? Possibly, until you take note of the fact that the company wasn’t founded until July (not January) and didn’t open its doors until August. All of which amounts to the kind of deception and fabrication we’d quite like to see driven out of the industry once and for all – absolutely unacceptable.

So how exactly does the Lucrosa software work? We wish we could answer this question, and if this was a trusted auto trader we probably would have been able to explain the details.  The only thing we are told is that you will make a six-figure income due to it’s automated trading abilities. But if you know anything about binary trading robots then you are aware that all trading software conduct automatic trades. So where’s the benefit with the Lucrosa system? Based on our trial runs, there is nothing special except the fact that it does not perform as promised. Our team of professionals failed to make even $1,000 from this system. Not to mention, many other users online are also complaining about its inadequacy.

Should You Sign Up for Lucrosa Software?

The thing is, if you do a little research of your own, you’ll easily come across more than a few reviews that sing the praises of Lucrosa. The only problem being that you’ll also find most are crudely written and lack any real information as to what it’s all about, having been written by paid affiliates and partners. We’re not saying that every positive Lucrosa review is necessarily fraudulent, but it’s pretty easy to spot the ones that are. And when factoring just how many reviews suggest an outright Lucrosa scam is taking place, it’s hard to ignore the evidence.

Last but not least, we’ve also come across dozens of reports from those who entered their email addresses to obtain more information and went on to regret ever having done so. The reason being that once your information is in their hands, they’re apparently rather inclined to sell it on far and wide to those who like bombarding you with spam. Worse still, phishing emails in worrying volumes have been reported by a number of those giving Lucrosa their email addresses.

EXPERT ADVICE: Choose a binary options robot that won’t spam your inbox and won’t abuse your personal details. If you are unsure which trading software is safe, check out our recent review of this reliable trading system that impressed our professionals.

Speaking of addresses, the company itself appears to have no actual address whatsoever and no contact telephone number for customers. Given the fact that they’re supposedly handing out millions of dollars every month to lucky customers worldwide, you’d think they’d make a point of keeping in touch. But no – they instead have just one generic email address, which in our experience at least doesn’t seem to prompt a reply, regardless of what you ask.

The Final Verdict

riskAs per our investigation regarding the Lucrosa software, we don’t believe this a genuine or safe trading system for those seeking a profitable experience. We cannot claim or confirm that Lucrosa is a scam or fraudulent system of any kind. We don’t throw accusations around if we haven’t experienced the alleged ‘offense’ ourselves – we simply make judgements in accordance with the evidence available. And when it comes to the evidence available in the case of the Lucrosa system, pretty much every red flag warning sign is right there in front of you.

The primary hallmarks of a dishonest system are false promises, fraudulent characters pretending to be company bosses, fabricated backstories, a lack of any contact details, figures that don’t add up and seemingly endless negative reviews from customers. And in the case of the Lucrosa app, every one of these boxes is ticked with gusto.

In a nutshell, therefore, there are other superior trading bots out there that there’s really no sense taking unnecessary risks with less-than-reputable alternatives.

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  • Relatively well-presented website
  • Fake Reviews And Actors Used
  • Ridiculous Guarantees Of High Profits
  • Backstory Completely Fabricated
  • No Address Or Contact Details
  • Fraudulent Annual Profit Information
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